The Twitter Diaries: October, 2008, part 2

@rosso well, damn, you couldn’t have waited for me? ; )

“…open source is on a run away adoption curve and will relegate companies relying on software licensing revenues to history’s scrap heap.”

caricature artist in action

@missbhavens that would be way worse if there were flies already on them

Looking for cupcakes and Wiis. Don’t ask.

@alanc actually, I was just wondering whether there’s any beer left in the lab fridge over here at BRM…

Does anybody really care about politicians’ sex lives? So bored of the panting hypocrisy around these things.

came home to find flowers had arrived from my dad. Very sweet.

@jowyang your equation would need to take into account the many countries where there are few pianos and very few tuners

@billstreeter almost as scary as the larger version

@Cinegage I have rarely seen anyone as vapid-looking as that Bachmann

looking forward to chatting with my vlogger buds in 12 hours. hope I can wind down enough to sleep tonight. beer wore off

“Republicans Rain Negative Automated Calls on Voters in Swing States” – glad I don’t have a home phone! only the Obama campaign has my #

The Streets of Colorado

just back from videotaping people about why they’re working for the Obama campaign. Powerful stuff

wow, I’d be cringeing if I were from Johnstown PA This is not the America I want to be part of

my Obama volunteers video is compressing now.

“Why I’m Volunteering for Obama”

@ThinGuy I am SOOOO jealous. Saw him in Austin and embarrassing number of years ago

@jowyang probably basic salaries for wait staff are actually enough to live on in Japan. Also helps when businesses are family-owned.

if I ever watched TV with ads, I wouldn’t right now:…

I hardly need to look at Google News anymore, let alone TV. I get all the important stuff, including good links, from my Twitter buds.

“…all towns have values, not just small towns…” – Why isn’t Colin Powell running for president?

some actual data on votes:

I got the band I wanted for the SC08 party: yay!

it’s warm enough tonight to have the windows open, so I can hear coyotes yipping down by the lake. American wildlife amazes me

@DavidHowell Americans’ Phobia of Socialized Medicine

@Cinegage botched healthcare happens everywhere, regardless of system. No system is perfect, but some are fairer than others.

Jon Stewart, my hero: (born the same day as me, too)

@DavidHowell gee, I had no idea I was so divisive. ; ) for anyone who’s wondering, here’s the URL Americans’ Phobia of Socialized Medicine: 

@DavidHowell it would be more interesting if @edubya put a comment on my article

@Cinegage for the value of “better” where better= “available to all”, yes, it’s better

@Cinegage why shouldn’t health care be a universal right? Clean water is. Police and fire protection are.

@cristianconti mh, potrebbe sempre cambiare in peggio. E’ questo che vorrei evitare.

@Cinegage so that should only be available to some people? it ain’t easy, but other countries manage to share that wealth of skill

supportive working environment = your boss provides whiskey (the good stuff) and chocolate on request

@Cinegage again: no system is perfect, but this system could be a lot more equitable

just had a thought: constitutionally, what would happen if McCain dropped dead before election day?

@deirdresm yes, but who then gets the position? The VP-elect?

@lbridenne76 in reference to the whiskey? dunno about the best job (tho I love it), but certainly one of the better bosses

the kids gunning down the road are probably in the same van I noted earlier with a grenade sticker on the back window. American yobs.

I feel sick:

why expats go to a lot of trouble to vote:

contemplating an escape to an island

@trine Nope, someplace warm, where I can drink vanilla rum on a beach and sleep a lot

@Chuckumentary does anyone ever ask these people (a) define socialism and (b) why is it so scary?

ugh. Apple hold music is a really smarmy version of “Forever Young”. Some songs just don’t need to be redone, ever.

I need a Halloween party to go to so I don’t have to spend all night giving candy to kids. Yes, I am the Halloween scrooge

crunching video of Bill Moore talking about SSDs

came home early for a rest, last-ditch attempt to shake this cold. I can’t be sick now!

“Are we like getting closer and closer to like socialism and stuff?”

are any of my followers TCKs? http://www.beginningwithi.c…

(actually, can think of two off the top of my head – Tim Bray and Rick Ramsey aka BigAdmin)

the Google news thumbnails showing Palin are starting to look like the ones I used to see for Hillary: strident, ugly, aggressive…

@dfugate I assume you meant INcompetent beauty queen…? ; ) yeah. I don’t like her, but this treatment looks misogynist to me

video: The Solid State Storage Revolution, Andy Bechtolsheim:

revisiting very old pages as I (slowly, painfully) move my site, here’s a classic

@markramsey wow, that’s amazing. My dad, 69, ran the (failed) campaign to try to elect a black mayor in Beaumont, TX ~1965

looking at very complicated travel arrangements, but worth it if we can make it work

tired of everyone claiming to be or know or speak for the “real” anywhere. There is no single reality, or viewpoint, anywhere in the world.

In the office, trying to believe I’m not really that sick. Have to fly to Minneapolis this afternoon.

today’s vids on – ZFS Boot in Solaris 10 Update 6, Flash Performance in Storage Systems

Twittamici italiani: figlia cerca forum dove italiani discutono l’elezione americana. Lasciate un messaggio…

comment on my site: “you say litrally WAY TO MUCH it annoys me so yea just thought id let you no” Uh, honey: writing about TRANSLATION

just got a call from the Obama campaign in Alaska. We Colorado voters are certainly getting a lot of attention.

Always pleased when I put friends together and they really click. Two martinis make me very mellow too

geez, I’m missing all the fun in CO – could have gone to a “Women for Obama” house party with Kevin Costner Monday. And missed Hillary yday

rebuttal to Palin’s fruit fly remarks

@Cinegage given the hysteria over the label “socialist” in the US, neither side can admit that their proposals and actions are, in fact…

@italylogue for many years Castroni was the only place in Italy to get exotic spices, that’s far from true anymore

the smells of a Minnesota hot dish lunch are overwhelming

feeling like crap. Maybe I can take a day off and sleep on Friday before filming all weekend…

“If Italy managed to make everyone pay taxes, or collect only half of the 100 million euros evaded, it would be a very different country.”

for my fellow antique business machines fetishists:

Arrived Denver too tired to stand in the aisle as usual. Learning experience?

@Happen2bBlack I’m not typical but i consider the attempt to define “real” Americans, unamerican

moving into a new office. Windows! Sunlight!

@italylogue thanks, enjoyed that!

temp over at NREL is climbing rapidly – something on fire over there?

@ThinGuy Halloween is Nevada Day? There’s something way too appropriate in that, at least as concerns Las Vegas.

home sick, trying to wake up enough to face a long and very complex mail-in ballot (which I will hand carry in)

trying to understand the welter of amendments and referenda in this Colorado ballot

next up: benefits enrollment. Life is way too complicated.

I went, I saw, I voted. Well, turned in my mail-in ballot by hand. (I’ve been living in Italy, I don’t trust postal systems.)

interesting the number of people who are photographing and posting their completed ballots this year

thoughts for the day: and (need I say it: tongue in cheek!)

followed this to https://implicit.harvard.ed…

dunno why I’m subscribing to food blogs. No time to cook anymore.

at least for me, online ad revenues are plunging. Traffic is up, clicks are up, but earning is way, way down. Damn.

my feelings exactly:

!@#$@!#$ Dopplr doesn’t know where St. Barth’s is. Trying to send me to Arhus, Denmark. ?!?

dopplr is missing the entire FWI?

@smaragdis if you continue trying to give her freedom, yes. Worked with mine! (19 now)

I’ve been heroic enough for today. Let this next video finish uploading and I’m outta here. Besides, working Saturday and Sunday…

harangued my daughter about why this would be a really bad time to walk away from a scholarship.

the Obama campaign has done some of the cleverest marketing I’ve ever seen. My marketing hat would be off even if I didn’t want him to win

we’ve lost a great one:

The Economist endorses Obama:

@trine I once saw a pediatrician dress up as a beaten baby.

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