The Twitter Diaries: November, 2008, part 1

Barcelona: Casa Battlo

John Cleese nails it: (thanks Indecision!). I never knew what “berk” exactly meant til now…

once again, as so often, filming stuff I do not understand (nor ever will). At least this hotel has decent free wifi

The term “patriotism” makes me heave. Let’s all just be proud and supportive citizens of our one and only PLANET, okay?

@stephenfry that begs to be a Cole Porter lyric

@webmink can’t say Esquire is wrong [in their Obama endorsement article], sadly. I would like to be proud to be American. Kinda hard right now.

Qwitter is a very instructive tool. I am amazed by the tweets which apparently inspire people to unfollow me. Maybe there’s no correlation?

@tgardner that would be incredibly good news [Ryanair plans cheap tran-sAtlantic flights by late 2009] for me and my transAtlantic family. We can already get from London to Bergamo cheap

just queued up the iGoogle weather widget with all the places I’m going to be in the next 3.5 weeks. Fortunately, all warmer than here


@missbhavens …and it’s not even the eve yet. Camomile tea. Or, better, scotch

I hope someone, somewhere, has good video of Rickman and Duncan in “Private Lives” in 2002. Saw it on stage in London. Magic.

@ThinGuy take them [the kids] with you. If they’re annoying enough, someone will bump you to the head of the line. ; )

upcoming travel: San Diego (FAST) Sat-Mon, Las Vegas (CEC) Tues-Weds, MPK (Forum) Thurs, Austin (HPC Consortium/SC08) Friday on

Stewart and Colbert advertising on my site. I love it!

photos of Barcellona’s Parc Guell

Heidi Klum as Kali

@missbhavens really, truly LOL! thanks, needed that. FYI, daughter full steam ahead on nursing – wish her luck in chemistry 101~!

@AmberSafa it’s a lot cheaper [anger management] if you take it out on unused clay flowerpots – they shatter very nicely

here’s Waldo!…

another night of poor sleep. I hope tonight I’m awake for better reasons.

vloggers: here’s a chance to make money off the footage you know you’re going to shoot today anyway http://www.the44thpresident…

@ThinGuy re. gym, very true, but not everyone has time time or money for it. Even eating well is expensive.

@koberoi was thinking of publishing a guide to pronouncing Indian names so people stop calling you Cool Dip

@italylogue got a request from a documentarist for footage from everywhere in the world, sent it out here to vlogger buds

@seancarlos you can kiss my hubby for me there, er, no, maybe he wouldn’t like that…

@rosso okay, YOU can kiss my hubby for me

a colleague is whistling “Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya, tomorrow…”

@jeffreytaylor I was listening to Hairspray, which seemed appropriate

@dfugate myself, I was listening to Hairspray.

love working at a multinational. Office neighbor is wandering the halls speaking on his bluetooth headset about “supairclass” (he’s French)

@jeffreytaylor another good one: http://www.fivethirtyeight….

@DavidHowell absolutely, I will be weeping like a baby either way.

@jeffreytaylor Dole going is a win for us atheists. Sort of.

@DavidHowell you saw this, right? http://www.beginningwithi.c…

exhausted, relieved, in tears of joy. I can has sleep now?

@comay amen to that!

no delete in Twitter right now – I hope they bring it back, that could be dangerous

@SaraD Everyone seems to forget that he’s only half black. Hmm… Constantly referring to him as black, is that racist?

@c_bright I didn’t do much [for the Obama campaign], but was happy to contribute what I could

gonna listen to the Sun annual meeting…

@FakeSarahPalin thanks, you were great. (and I mean the fake one, not the real one)

really sad about Prop 8, though.

@giovanni who’s stopping conservatives from speaking? I, for one, am willing to listen.

@giovanni I’m surprised. They haven’t done so up to now.

first time I’ve ever listened to a shareholder meeting. Have the feeling nothing important gets done here.

a multinational, bilingual girl votes for a multi-everything guy:…

nailing down party details, processing video and uploading it to be transcribed, trying to remember where I left my head

one of my favorite restaurants in the world just sent their December menu. Hungry!

Berlusca strikes again: “Obama is young, handsome, and tanned”.

Berlusca also wants to “offer advice, as an old man to a young one [Obama]”. My advice would be to stay the hell away from this buffoon

@dons_light not yet. May show up on… or (English)

@tgardner one reason I never got around to getting Italian citizenship: I would have been legally obliged to vote there

for those who wanted to read Berlusca’s words in English:

babysitting a video camera, anxiously awaiting a hot lunch (these floor-to-ceiling windows are damn cold!)

moving my highly popular Italian slang pages to WordPress. Lots of tedious link fixing

@darios at least we Americans will soon be able to stop apologizing for our president

@tgardner see you there! I’ll be the one running around with a video camera

travelling tomorrow. Looking forward to the San Diego Zoo on Sunday – need a break from the people, talking to the animals will be perfect

@Halcyon cable boxes are actually pretty dumb (because cheap) and don’t have the circuitry for things like USB

@zephoria yeah, kinda makes me want to go work in Washington

any recommendations on a good FTP client for Mac? finding Filezilla too flakey

thanks for the recs, everybody – Cyberduck is great!

@jeffreytaylor thanks for that link [to Obama campaign backstage photos] – very cool. But I wanna see Barack and Michelle kiss!

Waiting to get food at Denver intl

@jowyang just met somebody who based a whole business on that

Heading for downtown San diego in hopes sunshine and food will make me feel better

Wow I could take a tram almost to Mexico

@KermitRocks Guess it folded he works for sun now. Had domains like, cycled traffic between them. pornies do the same I bet

@jowyang talk to my friend @seancarlos about that. He helped me build great seo

@jowyang …based on real content I hasten to add

@KermitRocks the black hat stuff prob doesn’t work anymore anyway. But building relationships and content takes a lot of time

Gets dark very early in sandiego this time of year

Time to go hang with the geeks of LISA

@ThinGuy I will be there [Las Vegas] tues to thurs for cec. Meet up?

@KermitRocks yup. Glad I started my site in 2001

enjoying a windy cool day at the San diego zoo

just back from a lovely day at the San Diego Zoo. Nice to not think about technology for a few hours

Hmm. Qwitter says @pandemia has unfollowed me. Luca, what’s up with that?

yeesh is there anyone at Sun NOT working this weekend?

Sun has a powerful army of bloggers. If we can only get at least some of them marching in the same direction. ; )

oh dear. the OpenOffice spell checker doesn’t know what to make of “”, suggests “irresponsibleness”

I’ve Been to the Zoo, Zoo, Zoo…

@lskrocki yes, indeed, but if we can get all these lovely different voices to sing in chorus now and then…

…and we’re off!

@timbray nah, the Amber Road stories all hit at the same time. Embargo ended at 12:01 eastern.

filming an all-day ZFS workshop at LISA, while aggregating blog posts about the Sun Storage 7000 launch

@jeffreytaylor ouch! good severance package, I hope?

thanks @rossohttp://notspeakinginmyname…. a very cool statement of what real Italians think (not corrupt, wealthy, stupid politicians)

@mmcallen aww, sorry to hear it. But keep trying.

geek humor: (I’m a geek – I love it!)

finally got 50 UT students coming to our SC08 party in Austin. Woulda been embarrassing not to have them – the t-shirts are burnt orange!

it’s the Bryan and Mike show!

very cool to see so many Sun folks in the chat channel on , answering questions

nice to see my bud Ben Rockwood up there, but I prefer him in a kilt

short night, long day – want beer! (and food)

in the laptop lounge, catching up before travel. LISA has the best wifi of any conference I’ve ever been to. Must be that sponsor

San Diego airport has free wifi. Cool.

@davest and Denver, and Las Vegas last time I looked. Definitely a huge plus in any airport.

an Italian man with a really bad haircut is travelling on this flight to Las Vegas

@tgardner glad to hear it [good weather in Las Vegas], about to get on a plane to come there

Awaiting bag at las vegas. Remembering why I hate this place. No, it’s not the baggage

@ThinGuy sounds good. I like vegas better when I manage to find real natives

awake and working in Las Vegas at 6:30 am. Yeah, sure, my job is sooooo glamorous.

too many steps to United online checkin. Stop giving me “special” offers, I’m in a hurry!

@ThinGuy sorry I missed it, ended up too tired. I’m filming the HPC track this morning/aft, speaking at BoF this evening. drink in between?

filming a great deal of detail on High-Performance Computing. Sun: we do cool stuff.

anyone at CEC, come to the blogging BoF this evening 8-9. I suspect the fur is going to fly. ; ) [It did.]

my friends in marketing owe me a drink. Or three.

@alexiaco mi ricordi che dovrei aggiungere SOLA al mio dizionario di slang italiano. Come lo traduresti esattamente?

@caseymckinnon the delete function [in Twitter] has been coming and going for days

finally seeing the new GUI. wow. so much for the theory that Sun sucks at GUIs.

@davest hospital? Okay now ?

Mildly depressed today. Lack of sleep not helping. Why do we have so little faith in each other? Just makes life sadder

@jeffreytaylor cause change in Italy?I wish him luck. India will be a lot easier

@jeffreytaylor subscribers to what? I’m missing context on who this guy is

“It takes a while…”

if the phone in this flex office is ringing for me, I’ll be seriously creeped out

about to moderate chat for my boss’ talk on Managing Scalable Storage Environments with Solaris

@ThinGuy @smaragdis the way this week is going, I’m lucky so far I’ve only lost my beloved pashmina scarf

France’s response to Berlusconi idiocy:…

argh! no one ask anymore questions – they turn the camera on me! [while I was moderating the UStream chat]

wow, the camera really does add pounds. what I see on Ustream is not what I see in front of me

@lbridenne76 looked more like 20 pounds to me! But women tend to be more sensitive about that

spam email from “mr nice”. somehow not convincing

Lynn finishing up her talk, then we’ll go to SFO to catch the last plane for this week – then I get to stay on the ground for 7 whole days!

@Halcyon beautiful!…

Ross cooked a great Italian dinner for 8 Sun colleagues last night. Everyone a bit edgy though mostly optimistic [about reorg news]. Change is needed.

“…international diplomacy would change if more public figures actually said what was on their minds.”

filming Andy Bechtolsheim. No, I’m not going to give you any details. NDA.

@jeffreytaylor cool! see you on my next trip to the area [San Francisco] then, in Feb

oh, well, if you want details [on Andy Bechtolsheim’s talk], follow @sunhpc

what?!? surely there’s a tech fix waiting to happen here:…

my “glamorous” job

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