The Italian Adam

This week I was in Grenoble, France, filming for Sun. Enrico drove over from Lecco to join me on Friday, and we spent the weekend there together. It was too cold to do much roaming around outside, so we went to Grenoble’s fine arts museum, which features a small but impressive collection of paintings, arranged by date and country.

Even as I approached it from a distance, I knew this “God Chastising Adam and Eve” had to be by an Italian painter, using Italian models.

I mean, just look at that Adam. His entire expression and posture are eloquently Italian, a cross between a shrug and Che ci vuoi fare? E’ stata lei! (“What do you want? It was her!”)

Yup, sure enough: Domenico Zampieri, aka il Domenichino.

picture source: Wikimedia Commons

3 thoughts on “The Italian Adam”

  1. Dierdre,

    This is the funniest thing I’ve seen in forever!! Not only Adams’ attitude, but the winged churrub heads and God on his pedophile flying saucer. Even the horse and lamb have attitude…Eve WTF???


  2. Funny! The first thing I noticed was the proportions of the cherubs as well- granted that maybe he envisioned this as “top down” look at them (kind of like the covers on the “Head First” book covers). Hilarious about Adam- he may as well be pointing at Eve with a smirk on his face.

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