YouTube Transcription FAIL

YouTube’s new, experimental automatic audio transcription still needs a lot of work. It seems to have particular difficulty with non-American accents, or with people speaking quickly – which describes most Joyent engineers! I’m sure it will improve, probably quickly, but we should keep for posterity the bizarre yet poetic discourse of a Brendan Gregg technical presentation… Continue reading YouTube Transcription FAIL

Photo in Need of a Caption

Oh, and the t-shirt is explained here. Suggestions so far: “If you thought the latency from yelling at disks was bad, wait until you see what happens when I take this to them” “Suddenly, @brendangregg just got an uncontrollable urge to scream at the Oracle banner.” @brendangregg “nth-level hardware / software ORA-fice engineering, a la… Continue reading Photo in Need of a Caption

Geek Humor

Storagetek’s Broomfield, CO, headquarters was abundantly decorated with artwork. After Sun acquired the company, everyone moved to Sun’s BRM campus, and eventually the Storagetek building was closed down. The artwork appeared overnight in the BRM offices. I don’t know who decided where to put it all, but our floor (engineering) got lots of photographs of… Continue reading Geek Humor