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Video Romance

I love it when unplanned juxtapositions cause unintentional humor. This “sequence” occurred during yesterday’s Oracle TechNet taping of an interview on DTrace between Brendan Gregg and Rick Ramsey.

NB: I have no idea what the cameraman in the background was actually laughing about, it seems to have been an inside joke with the camerawoman behind me.

The session was supposed to have been webcast live, but the live feed had gone down. I’ll let everyone know as soon as the taped version is available. It was a good talk.

“Drink Your Coffee…”

I’m not attached to many objects; I’ve moved too much and had to leave behind too many things to want to invest emotionally in anything other than people. But there a few items do have particular sentimental value.

The cup above has a history: my friend Sue inherited it after the unexpected death of her father, and Sue passed it on to me. All three of us had attended Woodstock School, so could all especially appreciate the triple pun.

Geek Humor

At Sun we have lots of whiteboard walls where people can (well, could, theoretically) scribble down brilliant ideas while they’re discussing deep technological issues over coffee. What they mostly get used for is trenchant corporate humor, as above (note that the “Clothing Optional Teaming Area” has been so named for a very long time).

Recently, Lynn copied the Nerd Venn Diagram onto our coffee area wall, just to see what would happen:


Some responses were philosophical:


Some inscrutable (to me, anyway):


(I would have used a loaf of bread, a jug of wine, and thou.)

Some topical:


And my personal favorite:


^ the intersect of “times of true bliss” and “times with pants on”.