YouTube Transcription FAIL

YouTube’s new, experimental automatic audio transcription still needs a lot of work. It seems to have particular difficulty with non-American accents, or with people speaking quickly – which describes most Joyent engineers! I’m sure it will improve, probably quickly, but we should keep for posterity the bizarre yet poetic discourse of a Brendan Gregg technical presentation as interpreted by the YouTube transcription bot.

Original videos, four parts totaling 60 minutes (use the CC option to see the captions in place):

Here is YouTube’s attempt to transcribe it:

Part 1

allegedly postal system
intellectuals that this is the
high-speed rail
will continue
network to win
charlie sorry leading provider
gentleman standing software
coming already exist in some ways

use that as the husband system
and also as a guest file consistently
we also provide links in does is it just fine
and since i was trying to begin with expensive
performance analysis which is good
fistula alone it looks like you and i will be some legal theory
notions and others that have erode
to discover that it is something the difference was exciting
let’s talk about it
because with interest

enjoy your weekend
discontinued because uh…
what’s going to be really
devoted to split it
i didn’t make it lead us dot dozens of other theory
he might take a look at those listed on help us
if you can actually
national everything
finished explain everything
that it was about

does that mean solutions to all things and i do
some things that the becoming something’s missing somethings
dissolves some interesting difference
okay concepts that are
hello everyone
women’s conference
but i think the point
the point of what he’s done
the concepts and tools will be going through
used to explain to us that concepts

that you can hardly it said that she had an idea
so it’s not a problem
for example problems
g_-seven lending seeking out memory it is the network
tracy lawrence performs person such as possible
for topics
ambitiously i’ve got to get it
and slightly different way
so they set this up just a tad bit solutions on his answer
and then suddenly stopping so far

ask you what my blog nuptials
some of these new
summons was working on his way to the customers
with somebody
cds situations
hello i’d like to talk about
cd was issued
so i would like to identify and if you have
sequels season

bass a sign of a police officer who issued the same for the execution
would also like to invite average minimum and maximum seating utilization
sequence in australia
anti-racist action
is a change in time to do to assist him not to be the most busting
developing with those people settlers
five seconds
opens windows

loads of the widest audience
lesbians are using
any tightening for example
cc concepts of business
unless you want to see you as a should first of all the lines by
sometimes absence
does that sound really suppose he was issued
sounds like a deterrent
yes it seems to be less urgent singles of the very well

discussions respond respond
exposures looks like it
under the separatist responsible so this is a city is
i think it’s a you cheering is there
as he was there is that one civilization
it has to happen i’m told
that’s fine if i was just looking at ways than one second
status sixteen seconds in monticello
it’s just so much

text-only including his command line
nobody in the city
using some strong off
eating at the gym extending
ability not to say what is the one hand sanitizer
this is five thousand three hundred prosecutors
and sixty seconds
compounding together yes
infringing the exact odds indian nations who would like
how does that fabric

it’s the policies
big race much
football’s found what
dot wilson contributes to this piece by the way he’s going to be
actually photographed dot cynicism we have taken when we have
uh… wonderful delves into the symbolism
last weekend and he said i was just a little stripes conservatism
stallions hog
uh… which turned out to be here

which i don’t like them
how do you know useless
tax cuts contact to try it out and uh…
see what happens
a lot of these wanted us to see it was i shouldn’t really one of these tools pots
must jump ahead
buildings like she had rejected maxima
deviation last night
to give you some idea of the distribution

uh… cd utilization in kazakhstan leningrad
does that help
two thousand see his service
five thousand three hundred twelve c
obviously several types of software packages
words which want a bill that he wants
jeanne baja
anything outside

sponsored by the same dot antioch
so usually wire
praying three-dimensional
visualization identity isn’t very interesting
it’s kind of interesting in that
acquire later disinterested return home
out the short as i mentioned is the seabee units
comes in a few things
animal damages the sixty seconds with sandals

all of this lacey said one of the matter enzymology he’s old school and around
and give you an assistant vice president
lives in cd format
just a second
scared like that is running basically most of us
obviously a lot of
are passing the aids
once the boss
an interval between thoughts
infusion of malt as well

he sees us as a dancing
very pretty
it wouldn’t have to go home
peaceful response that talks about the resolutions scans deployment dozens
in the future because you have systems that have all seen yes
dozens bigger
actors just testing
c_e_o_ as it is a demand
castano suit

it did not receive yours
this is wearing
he he was able to watch this times on this access
absolves announcing home address the issue
where each puppet
forever since pete wilson lindsey range
and ross expression that bothered reflects how many items so instead
bent on twenty twenty

seasons face
this explosive especially if you talk to us as a
advisory board with the talk-show
and there are no mercy is correct one hundred civilization
and at the bottom
we have but i think it’s a little
we can see this is not details in today’s meeting
nazis and then the enormity of the exam
recipes east germany dot at least policies obviously show on sunday
he joins writings

of what we do to us
uh… burlington shot showing real signs for the past
do you think decides hotline at one of the workers cd as well
and we’ll take you straight
at universal
if you want i can imagine is possible and we are
exciting important mentions tada
so it’s it’s the fault of engineers

light and is this supposed
so that limited impact of the problems of the human remains
true the findings
and it was really well
how we are pleased to discuss network places
it’s it’s something that
but we will see has the
matter of necessity
these devices sale

how did you know i think it is that it is late in the first place
is really is an easier time intervals
device can send what will happen
even though it’s a two hundred seventy three
especially biggest export controls
later on twenty twenty
forms dengue
to what she wanted to see dismissive

in his face
but it’s gone
so suddenly that he’ll go much further
president represented
it’s really demonstrated it does seem to use my session on
in your assistant
i’ll give you the visualization partner
cutting update maps
we’ll be back in charleston sc

it’s not that
you don’t ever want to be a menace the second time in tuzla
just delete in in president clinton’s
none of them terribly difficult to do it
for if you want
the second time
college going on
threads out of it

an expected to these problems but it was less needs less and less solved
season should
suggesting you started
previous u_s_ agents
was actually doing
sociologist who’s that
so insistent ratio
truckloads pretty well is what we can set wooden table
other programs

i’m going to look at our next wednesday and expects from citizens on the
commerce secretary swaps insistent on it
there was a lot of tilted his schedules
provocative god
ellipticals g_p_s_ languages have
because this is
systems haphazard
tariq aziz
japanese embassy tries to find growth fund management system

i defeated latest by submitting
and i’m
frenzy can be justified excellence that choice
advise campaign process should be gcc must feel
protest votes
names publicly
pickup messages purchasing white money as to how is hot seating
i’ve been to the hype
this world wide web browser

we don’t use that
all those kinds of boston sixty pcs
bomber subspecies quickly identify what happens to be seen
where they think that’s a good time
collingwood however is that
alaska’s libraries
but my truncated without knowing what i said no
sunshine in the last two freedoms that races
the name of the file contains the opportunity

than would be unable to read
there’s so much
apple difference that restaurant
i guess the front lines
entering her to see that the other side
and then just looks like a greatness
the shuttle’s steadfastly looking into the bullet cohen
presenting is actually
this is something that you see
uh… from

visualizing visualizing it as one of the playground
so it’s going to be done
motivation and the expenses
movie the passage of time
i am not during that meeting x-axis
team which uses all
so qualities will score and logistical samples for that particular

questions that dennis
this once the society and i was looking at it
uh… ads
it’s estimated as saints feed which likened presenting innovation you know
so that was
and bugs especially useful for means to love me
and it’s only their numbers had risen in the same teach
centrifugal contributed
brittany i think we need to cut the uh… he lost a lot of issue agreed to

go behind
and services
isabel initiative twenty seven cd timers at twenty cents a gallon
you can tell
if you’re just looking at the
it’s just like the attraction of the fraction fraction other you know there’s
a high-level functions actually owns the evil
and you’re looking at
and he said such contribute
explodes into

so we actually visualization nixon’s much more quickly
parasitism volatility for example
and interactive
what’s the cossacks what’s is possible
appealing to someone who was always listens to them
not usually i have a so it’s a liberal
sanguine anything is going to contain sensitive
not terribly is just a lot of
wind resistance

don’t understand who also died
join these gotten speed up speed

Part 2

so the first pictures of the solution
john zarrella done that’s great lakes
this is not a time
experiences just program
guidelines of the mails that
whittled down
can lead me to try to come get me to do it

he’s good-looking egghead
probably doesn’t want to come peterson spends it may not be converse in seconds
but it’s something that we’re looking at a decent depicts
evil dot
as to what extent
yes i did
fights for what it is a single environments
dishes victory resolution

agenda and used capital budget customers
hands on that
sitting society
policy and understand
preaching to the eighty eight
phones issues
under several different versions of everything
well when i used to work inside
penetrating idea

rosalynn isbn
i would certainly expect faces in the bushes software kept looking at his home
easily answered
i’d bombs on the right word
from the output
now it’s just too much duh
contingencies religion potions
angela astore
specialists involved as a

it’s just really want
it’s just a thought
does have a vital supplies if you are
patrick buchanan’s easy operates as a child goes virtual environments
otherwise determined login
refugee if i want to thank you for joining cranking barnes democratic
how to do you have profile participants connects us to cebu instrumentation

antitrust placed on him
immense difficulties
i_c_u_ visualizing shapes and he said
going on
the example problem
only gertrude sequencing
now decided it was
sink into special in the city where threats richard

is a stumbling coastlines
things that’s op-ed column
which is the rich one
about someone else’s investment not wanting to cut off
topic once said
who clinton
except for a while
hydroelectric sexually bristles when i was in such a microwave

idea of the
cd especially when they see which i’m sure it is a saturation in trade
hubble images we’ve since i was a kind of indecency democracy
i hate me if i don’t understand it
slowest wood was placed
yes that was entails

so that i just read my lips again
suggests lots
trento contingency
to satisfy management standpoint
such a cute
you know i can tell
identify with
case is still willing to get in touch
hello much

was an apt
so my husband has bicycles agrees
we don’t think he’s a pretty busy
what percentage of time if that’s what a great was expansion
activating the afternoon israel’s lindsey compliments
precisely because i think i know
just ahead
we can’t look at the scheduled next to him

that sort of a skirt on his occasionally
sounds especially when the city
it’s pretty ok
distribution auctioned documents in this case
eleven progress
this witness
i’ve had to do
to stop it is one of the kids
but there is the county was always
schedules and separate freeman

interesting schedule i think you did you with us
of saving anti-spam
associate already haven’t really wanted you to tell them
that can happen again
and there was no begins with this
managed objective
carl s
wasn’t the salt issue just companies understands

dispatching leeds england
let me read this
pile of rubbish just pop
solely to express his testing
maestro gary edwards
attaching quest
i’m trying to schedule a huge agents i said

unprofor uninteresting children releases mexican
ted koppel are exciting times steps
women’s rights i think you need
and memories as fans entrance
g_q_ dispatched
that’s really what standards
there’s just a moment in time
timestamp on settlements means
and spent a get-acquainted restaurant

give us a little late next week
plagues just eat responding
domestic dot
haha love it
pty ltd
in search of a great deal of seeking to speculate as the if you have
operating systems legitimization
can’t have uh… lenses the piece is going to use they won’t stop
and it’s because she was a kid
and you’ve been following the rating system

you can have high ceilings that you know there are two c_d_s insist
so executives
customs looking at it
debate instead
such complaints against the peace of mind
yes just was not get status
lindsey conlin
winning that
statistics struggled a bit

visibility on this
so one of them was that
he said why don’t you denizens
in dublin monkeys’ fate
so that the extreme
killing at least some wave of the city
implement second by second
highlanders was explicitly shoes
theme sets the scene stolen
is i was

fertilize the plants
because of the twenty traced
entries that have been started doing the resources and trials
so i think
district attorneys
obscene decathlete suits
partake in these things
a really nice
solution to this traces places work-in-progress
isn’t it

split but this time around
that’s available to understand to be lazy
schedules midgets were created
as i said uh… teachers which used to have the veggies
we should be able to prove that
but please use that to be sufficient
that resembles the c_e_o_
this is one of the landscape
all week long
it’s andrea dot i switch

happenings re-growth
it was expected to hit
monkey device
but after two days skin was heating for gigabytes ball
this is the politician because it actually is also develop memory
he was doing aging
and address the needs of restocking titles
is going to make
people often say no to a certain and action innovations with

let me bring something for specific prevalent
less veterans refers to it
and puts his eyes on
i don’t think it’s an application
ephesians talking
but actually manually
uh… is what it is hot
is a company that does
but it happens and you don’t want to talk to you

legal on-scene recently with the clintons uses
was returned to his face
also tried to deliver it to them
these will be done
it’s a total elated
given this paragraph
was actually rule

pain that had to restart the reacts in a couple of days
we had a chat a little teams were involved so we have or something
action team here
erickson experience
twenty myself
and we’re all trying to be coming up
wait a minute
these fuhrman my presumption beyond pitching brothers obscene conspiracy
sandlot ball
we expect to be

so i think you are able in the opposite placed over his system
estella accompanist
ex-husbands belong
everything else
thank everybody likes
before he went into his life
resident has a while

photolysis lost its luster consistent
there’s a lot of
he when he was wrong as well
i think the children
by the way i think that’s important in genetics
as part of it
the first that from one of these issues

do you have initiated
stogies injection
we have an issue that’s going to beijing
second centers which team is responsible
the issue
so the other things can go home hizbollah
right now it’s time to get out of hand
differently but not limited which is trying to get which which irritable
dozens times would be a little bit visibility

p does heart
so they want to see what’s out there
but it’s a production react all of us
and we had a really good one
anyway isn’t an issue
so what did he give you something
irreparable political depressed restless
yes it was once a few months
wants to keep growing
we wanted to be seduction

there is the only acts
kansai experimentation to try it hasn’t been back into it and i have
using ballard alligators
police options you’re insisting that rights
plus without ever looked at in israel
that looks like it’s slowed
i’m short of a friend
woodward weren’t we
this is a very positive about it

to talk about it is
with the hood
i’d be glad to see was leading them
and is going to be something bob
meeting then it was actually the case because
uh… i think that one issue
billion and
is let’s go ahead

already comes with a little ponds and superman
symbols with the proposals to us
just sit back and he was written by him
chattel mortgage interest
chip on the contents of this location g pizza topping it’s an agreement
expounded food
sort of assimilation
components into the city cashing

we are all refusing to give them
leading them how big the size of the details and photos buildings as well
you provide would finish
side of the station
advocates in martinsville crossing both
if you want to know
you know anybody who supports its sex prices
memory loss
throughout husband behavior by the same this offering amendments institute

thuong persisted
seagulls lesson to improve the next meeting
because of that
themselves as a black taxi cabs and interest groups presence
exploring wm also provides fireplace finances sweet section
software which does
couch fragments of option blog told you
constantly would you do not want to go against the interests of goodness
it was an amendment
but i really didn’t stop him

probably does provide some members of the leaked white stuff wasn’t up with
the kids very well
old standards the common statements
again daschle actions absolutely love it
how much is
gears and moving to the slabs
damned shutter speed iraqi civilians
and if this is what was most interesting women
the total expect talks

thus far and he wants
this particular captions and for the west side
where s feeding use was talking about

Part 3

the expectation was that this we’ve got a ninety points to stop
when you’ve got uh… when he likes what he wants to know
he’s going to happen
decided just going to happen
if you’re not a bunch of questions that for you
operating system

what do you
awful things that he
an instance of the process the process
that’s why some people will be sent us this is the clean up into space
we might have acted generation but that didn’t happen on them
kicking my butt
with dimensions the hostels she will be actions inc

so that we did what it is pushing what we’re doing this for you
so guess what i’m going to have it gets to go to process massive phrases
syllabus little off
the figures wants to
prologue the slides
little else
obvious looks like it
two hundred spaghetti
sonya with three hundred distribution to distribution plan
of the requested so yes

progressing and we haven’t been
about ten
behind schedule but one thing but
process is continuing to talk
fairly small
science chance
so they’re massive

the discussion board i think i don’t
west refusing to grant the envelope
when it was
soviet chose rehash
outbid trays
wanted to bring pinehurst expanding
detectives e-zine
insisted it was the intricacies lol
when you get the sense that it was just a thought was that he bring to put it on

academic antibodies landsat s
he doesn’t talk
and i’ve been in a magazine tulsa reading unpopular
i think there i can’t seem to have a page
so we won’t be able to do was go in
it’s easy
postnatal symbols
and he doesn’t think so
c_n_n_ will explain why don’t they
did decided to celebrate

but make that decision by the applications investment
today or is it possible
so that’s good
good idea of what’s happening
but you know it’s quite
agreed to the senate races not just a little just looks like a normal
it’s not anything terribly unusual
do you think you have to look at the size of the house to ultimately because

and he would and invited him on this
if he can’t grow you know how it looked like
don’t seeks the advice about that will take place
of undisguised
even has a small allegations
this flood sounds like a princess bj
is just absolutely
so it’ll be a part of the rocket this

deciding and
hadn’t been to the components of using
teachers to examine operatives schedule
sarcastic reductions in extracting outside freestyle race
that restricts print at every sixty seconds
opportunity growth
the mountain phrased overtime to cancel each other out
do we dwell in grozny

we weren’t doing our sins
person says
how which really was not my friend
they do use digital photography occasions
weitzman him
why why don’t we do you make me go by without
intact when he wants a federal he’s still instantly
knows the size of this totally satisfied options plants
cable and
tracing frequent things does come into the pit

and these are very frequent bouts often
ones and attention
even-handed knocked out
otherwise casting racist
allotment of what was the black box
that’s just what some of the aqua lung sounds dangerous journey
keepers founder looking inside him
i had seen
uh… conscious thought like
i think you know oversized segment of justice but he doesn’t talk

going up
flags from what we are interested in exelon
so don’t you
talked a lot of information
pretty fast
in twisting
instead cake
to follow up a good beginning
and someone has just doesn’t know yet what was the

until the end of the addressee looking for that
achievements in chicago
uh… we should go
say uh… lead conversion bid for the use of the investor
and so this time and that is not listed
he changed and i don’t i think that what we did
wasn’t supposed to invest fitness
phosphate institutes of health
is two three eight months
was trying to help is greatly zip code we have time to find the best place

elitist massive
lives in shambles
was legit levels
when we seem to be on the streets and insulation
accustomed to stalin react with buchanan versions
wasp actually an operating system complicated issue
this is open system
really backed out

had problems with it
on the ground
without it
without specialization human hair
paging abstinent
consultations winners will be less physical storage
uh… recent religious beliefs

seems destined to seeking legends baji
which means confusing
it’s just this once or twice
desperadoes whom
confusing prosecuting
system virtualization does happen
understood as well as they should just have one who will
and hundreds of others

whereas with hybrid visualization rumbled clinton’s
with multiple colors when you’re at it and he doesn’t look up to get you just
can’t get into
we’re not just tell him
operating system personalization there’s only one analyst managed hosting them
net eachothers audiences managed through a secondary presents
he said he he
property exchange
that’s a good using his customers would stand princeton ways that nobody
pressure happens

phones into happy
fitting exuberance this new resource control
minutes implying
our best interest
you can still get living alone
anytime that you’re implying that the president rodents
take it and it was doing something

just like the moon
regression testing
so it’s not a problem
with him
every state officials are available
he was the processes for ps sets on this
details on the motion is not
but wouldn’t the total households
uh… you can bear

he performs out there
become different degrees of providence rhode island
i believe you know
as president of business
angels appearances
to put this problem
not easy
a decision

this will be sequence i miss that
social attitudes
indices are not just got fifty six percent
many graphic
themselves out there are those of us
today using this this
bulldog that meet wheels
discovered far out
can see each other

is really hard lifestyle
a problem with
english lessons
management has a backup
and that i would just like this one
man in the israeli people
tube was the truth
doesn’t fully implemented

steve is one of the problems that we can actually bottle
because response wattage last respects the system
and that in the world stands
pushed its resources to do
if you look in the territories on personal interest
you have to say you’re not passing out about the lack of process
you can see the other guy running i was on the world
there’s ten to twenty

in reality
applications total distribute usually students to get rid of them officials
pulses that list
and have a hostile instant dislike and see
dispels the myth ted kennedy unrelated to the application
these interest costs
inflated for the application as well
responded digital lol

and also blockbuster issues cause harm to stack the carpeting applications
decision mister
so for example
ganapati is intense
trent is right now
it’s not as well
we hear other states in that
but it’s not the bmw
someone else
possibly judges on the right and what’s interesting movies

which is privileged
forces trying to decide
house isn’t it
dot flushing and this is a common lundgren suggests is released
one of the senate discover what himself busy every thirty seconds
what that since he first transaction flushed shipments your application is
awaiting who’s run statewide
isn’t the fourth highest incidence ninety
reads markets
practice which is going to be fired

to london inflated
passions august
to anyone who wants to get it now is not an extra expense filesystem
extramarital affairs format
and i’ve never been but i was like a refund
escaped and fled
sorting bashing
packages a bowling green switches that’s never happened
and my girlfriend
issues but also the blinds

immediately dismissed
we’re going to do is just under
well-intentioned vases
so you have all sister daniella
get this one recently we didn’t
uh… we had a cousin who do not
twenties but in the second time
and there was no
i ask that

this correspondence if you have
these are wanting to believe that it wasn’t
missus cedras machine gun
uh… and i’m guessing disappointments
and it’s just a little while
so you can
uh… each
trees the characteristics
was it was application
defects was doing let’s make it backwards

you always do in fact environments schools in defending democracy it as a
contained twenty seconds of the
uniting from andaman twenty copies and the same obstructions
that he would have happened
foster’s office about to happen
for system software
persecutions the palestinians and lindsay will see that from the
discontent with
detached watched like seek the possibility that sounds citizens
since it is cash instruments

mitchell’s contention groups forced out
later shot and i said
establishes excellence
specialist latency
you know application again waking up
distance secrets
so it looks as if that’s what the issue
also fox and probably insane to milton plans
waiting he saying
defense tubes

no problem
and the problem is we would like that
sugarland filesystem wants you to
astronaut discrepancy
because it’s the closest thing to do a previously different while constantly
and then we have split up
obviously we want to try and spirit for example james industries
reading teacher
and it is a nice the scientific ashley sparkling

unfairly microseconds
named pat disagrees with between foreign student
not afraid to look at my age
unsuccessful ojha
city transport
peace and serenity no second argument sundance i i just can’t be helped
filesystem heidelberg school
templates followed
too fast
just showed slut

these are some of these

Part 4

i think that’s what a waste
location explosives u
do you do this to the dentist waits for a siskel and sprayed it until strong
team filesystem consequences
as well as far as well
made just for this contract
officially had
maestro meeting

flatly denied
always fall back to talkback at justice is that
the big hand movements
uh… assistant as well wins
could have slept
obvious reach into his return
and michael
fast sometimes
so that shouldn’t be used

for latency which is actually was picking up additional wanted it to the
now what is it you can get it
strong correlations
number one pages
i have been used in september
christian system at times
people don’t ridiculousness
fosse assim one sees that is what we opted to put into
woods joins

slogans description action shots of the ls so that possibly had to stand up to
five seconds
presidential elsewhere
it’s been doing that
uh… and of course
must be creates a scientist the customs well events industry jobs
cats that is very bad
this coming weekend so it is external events precipitate
when required

says as far as that does
it gives you first of all the statistics
fits in a single familiar to trace
it’s a problem
that these dysfunctional attitude from the fee is fifty three

is that the agency has its place
somebody has to be hugely
if there’s a hugely important clues
do exactly
if you’re going to see it as businesses
interests cricket
and usually insistence that s
babies i think that have been presented with a very important components
stress statistics

let me just limited to his death
aunties and cousins
just as you can talk about that
this when i was very surprising back on that
privacy concerns points
is the shutdown best-laid seamstress for some time
and it was caused by

not entirely sure why did you have
i don’t know why would someone to millions on wednesday
deterrence because gratuitous
why has increasingly sequel with grizzlies
twenty seats
police overtime
do you expect the same single-stranded singers
to improved

they’re interesting
for interesting muslims
this takes place
it’s not just that
plus twenty six one
but beautiful distribution sites
so this is all right
president kennedy misleading the palestinians was
education recent transactions craig

across florida statutes of that one problem
t species
chili and i’m going to accept it
because you are in the city see pete wilson backward
maybe didn’t didn’t sleep well
and she said that he was program assistant had some sort of limits
singleton’s people like to ask you mentioned
softening of urban assistance
work passage painful champions holds the t_c_m_p_

except you
n_r_c_ guidelines
euro graceful establishes busy can work
packet so i think i don’t
pentagon response
so please all read statistics because they draw
advantage account a lot of this country
petered out as well as for the transmitted to man one of the senate
heading up the cost of talking

we don’t want to expand its parts
however checked mike tyson on franklin
helpful degrees right now
defense go to bob
depressing and nothing dangerous the new institutions simple
mental hospital
suffragists this is an example total
when you have a lot of people
pretty well right now but the problem is the failure

women who knows how to be up was decided he’d had
winning control seeking use use the site
happy shiny distribution thank you mike
uh… question exactly what went on to
mastery shiny enough
campground and he went
s muscle tone as he wrote technical way up to a bunch of things
an eventful instances where he went with it

and pushes the vertical drops
play if i didn’t leave
d shuru
and we have a nice feedback yet
son whom she was kidnapped
multitasking test is that it isn’t
uh… present piece on sunday just like any bulls
so they can see the angel
this is useful if you don’t you conduct an interesting because you can just
raise the top of my life

heat-damaged against israel
absolutely not doing all the same season just income drops
and services so they don’t talk about liang wang
i was so much wistful given machine
so that gives machines contact
just as an example of how to put in place
spin the syndrome
optimistic odyssey
is not
i’m recording message blah blah blah

past is that it’s going to be at home
christian details if you keep
e_t_ spielberg’s and rob
as c_n_n_’s greg was eighty eight
and facing a teapot
exciting to be provided
making sometimes these you know
so it’s quite a bit

the problem fits receiving therapy
located in san francisco
this system when teachers
prob if you want to innocent blood results
in terms of happiness
senate races when we do that
who happen to know him
coastlines utah slave catchers
if i might use to diamond recently

cobblestones ecosalon
so recap at the top of their children
actually causes
scale ability which is especially in
cd use your question is back in there
explain drastically improve
homes office of the metrics
and a m going but also
cosby testified under oath that they really always going to suffer

i really didn’t dispute
for these things for granted
gospel flow analysis is capacity planning issue analysis
pessimism accomplishing process
what went on the sheet
formation are suspect was never a problem statues which substantive who’s
is difficult to get close these doubts about allotment
into why it was a discreet gwm schedule lightens yes that belonged to an end to
balance the budget

will get a couple of days with the distant
identification withdrawals
foreign policy states that will remain
sunday so i ran into
agendas provide metrics for good coverage
gibraltar fair
sometimes they do something to be done
that’s what statistics that
specialist operating system
so it would be interested in developing

i think you’ll see that wants to come to me
uh… florida
this on the visualization
ig gallery images can be one hundred misleading
we’re going to run through september
crashing against matt’s father
we try to get rich and famous
mobutu thing to do it
almost invisible beings

exam comes out of it
once included mustang utilization chris wilson
he seemed disinterested mime-version performance
who were admitted jesse with
when he doesn’t choose jubilee
juvenile mission
citizen’s home
it’s pointless
so essential or someone’s room and
if i don’t want to give him a little bit

that could be something across the board
this network
i did the device
for such a nice to see explain to us
let me go one select the
inputs that race is very useful
but also it’s tracing easier to swallow pretend to be useful
didn’t anticipate you danced
key concepts

today from a u_p_s_
he passed the credit for civilization asks
legacy as well
flavors renewed refined useful
custom agents unnecessarily
special issue please vote issue analysis
this impractical for me
he’s not interested
still don’t expect to do a lot
i think computing

doing something
we believe joining so it just doesn’t seem to ease the problems and
down tend to blame
and chicago pneumatics reasons
armies and so it was a terrorist
must resort to the show ideas
problems computing
answered finish

in these photos of environment the computer wilson
accepting titles
taking guests through blitzen
cowlings as you know what results one of the song and dance
smile shake hands
that’s what you get your customer’s account
you can see yourself
spawns performance of hidden city performance
however adam institutes in terms of

concedes into things
plus there was a double points is the more you know the morning times
and hopefully will astound
tombs and monuments
companies competition
service from teachers
that’s exactly what
you can create a prescription

that she had to do
religion he did a good one
toasted almonds
means for this
very calm solved
solely because of
doing things like the sequestration
it’s just a quick beautiful
went to check that

distress signal system on the
deadline i had a screenshot things for me
this is an example
doing teachers across the whole around the city
problem uni
the when he was doing
doesn’t do it

we suspected subset
customers would be an effective on this
and the total sum
would be payment
false statements bureau one second
to his political system twenty happening between the spots
these because the uh… controls
touring the groomsmen
in eastern european then
i want to get we’ve sent from my point

what exactly did everything he was gone
that sort of unity
listen just plain
equivalency not the actual
tool used
because if you look at
precipitation christensen
hanging around
having depressed
useful competitive injuries are useful

noticed what we need to mention this morning
twenty-one billion scripts
it’s possible

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