The Twitter Diaries: 2009-03-01

view of San Francisco from 36th floor of the Grand Hyatt

^ view of San Francisco from the 36th floor of the Grand Hyatt

  • in 5 years, SETI will need 918 Exabytes of data storage per year #
  • 2005 SETI began R&D on the Allen Telescope Array, funded by (among others) Paul Allen #
  • 42 dishes today #
  • within 5 years will have 350 dishes #
  • Sun’s Greg P. guided the spec’ing of the next generation -Software Defined Radio Telescope #
  • panel discussion Code to Currency: Experience sharing from commercial open source vendors. (Zmanda, Pentaho, Alfresco, Smugmug confirmed) #
  • talking about commercial and open source at #
  • today’s astonishingly appropriate LOL critter: #
  • coming up: a case study on storage for neuroimaging #
  • Alex Barclay on the Laureate Brain Institute – tasked to find root causes and treatment of neurological disorders #
  • streaming at #
  • @wanderingitaly weird considering that Venice has outlawed water bottled in plastic in reply to wanderingitaly #
  • Alex describes a very complex storage situation requiring no downtime, a wide range of users on a wide range of platforms, heavy data… #
  • “the ability to look at our data load is incredibly important to us.” #
  • Adam Leventhal on ZFS, Cache, and Flash, streaming on #
  • @reiger it was good in reply to reiger #
  • @reiger and thanks for checking on your time in reply to reiger #
  • @storage_summit maybe next time we can run two days. ; ) in reply to storage_summit #
  • The summit went well. I am very tired. #
  • happy that the Open Storage Summit went so well. But desperately in need of a three-day nap. #
  • @craigmorgan thanks! glad to know it was useful. Maybe next time you can join us in person. in reply to craigmorgan #
  • getting ready to meet Jeffrey for lunch, OpenStorage BoF session tonight, then dinner with our marketing buds. #
  • Tired of phrases like “this economy” and “current evironment” #
  • @jowyang I saw my 1st Buffy fanvid at a con in 2001; the concept wasn’t new even then. #
  • @deirdresm would lunch tomorrow work? I’ll be in menlo but no car #
  • @Halcyon looking forward to meeting you there! [at SxSW] #
  • Twitted on the iphone is like having friends in my pocket #
  • Dad’s back in the hospital. When I don’t hear from him for a while, I know things aren’t going well. #
  • @jeffreytaylor I would so be there… And check this out: in reply to jeffreytaylor #
  • Pho for lunch + silk blouse = dry cleaning bill #
  • @jeffreytaylor <smugly> the founder is another Woodstock School alumna #
  • @italylogue better not be too eficient. You’ll scare them 😉 #
  • Ross needs to test drive but doesn’t have a car/ride to get to the dealerships. As I expected, at least one is happy to come to her. #
  • @reiger it was great to see you! in reply to reiger #
  • @ringae uh oh, what’s up? in reply to ringae #
  • Thinking about what to do with my hair before sxsw #
  • @italylogue haven’t figured out my full schedule yet. If it doesn’t conflict with anything work- related #
  • Did I mention that my daughter got her driver’s license this week? #
  • @noebie mine is 19, they can’t start til 18 in Italy. Saves nerves ESP as they start drinking at 14! #
  • A long full week is almost over. Next up: CO front range girl geek dinner march 5th #
  • building my SxSWi schedule. Wow, so much to do! Definitely need backup to get everything covered. #
  • my work week started last Sunday, so my body has decided it wants today off. #
  • weekend with Woodstockers : staying with Brinda at gorgeous geodesic dome house in the Santa Cruz mountains, dinner with Tanvir & others #
  • paradise lost: #
  • get thee behind me, migraine. #
  • @ContemplatingIT if that’s the case, I’d be happy to review the Drobo from the point of view of a longtime heavy user of home archiving ; ) in reply to ContemplatingIT #
  • just referred a bud to Sun Startup Essentials Anyone else? #
  • okay, that was weird. Just got a spam call on my iPhone in Spanish #
  • @ContemplatingIT I probably wouldn’t actually have time to review it anyway, so you’re safe. ; ) in reply to ContemplatingIT #
  • @AKNickerson maybe I should start “Italian slang word of the day” tweets, but that might not give the right impression #followfriday in reply to AKNickerson #
  • @italylogue I need to figure out how to manage two Twitter IDs. in reply to italylogue #
  • @AKNickerson The slang I have is mostly profanity, which accurately reflects how young Italians speak in reply to AKNickerson #
  • the transcription team is having a hard time with all the different accents at Sun. I hope they get used to it soon. #
  • returned my Ethos Water bottle to Starbucks for 5 cent deposit. They had never seen anyone actually do that before. #
  • 64 people signed up for the Front Range GGD now. #
  • Excellent lunch of grilled veg at the California cafe in los gatos, made specially for us by chef Taylor boudreaux #
  • @gapingvoid only Europeans are allowed to say so #
  • @missbhavens there is nothing irrational about fear of flying roaches! #

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