The Twitter Diaries: 2009-09-13: Chicago


^ The Chicago Bears on the practice field at Halas Hall

  • RT @Schlomo: Ok, I don’t follow celebs often, but following @Danny_DiVito kinda excites me! #
  • “To celebrate 30 years in business, an Italian supermarket is staging a lottery where the prizes include ten jobs.” #
  • hang on. Why has Danny DeVito spelled his own name wrong in his twitter handle? @Danny_DiVito #
  • I suspect my toes exist primarily to run painfully into furniture. #
  • @nonstick yup, have now crunched the right pinky in addition to the left “ring” toe. Will have to start wearing shoes in the house. in reply to nonstick #
  • @nonstick including toes?!? in reply to nonstick #
  • Watching Die Hard. You can tell a movie is old when gas costs 74 cents a gallon in LA #
  • @c0t0d0s0 after 17 years in Italy, I have no complaints about fuel prices in the US in reply to c0t0d0s0 #
  • is there a way in FB (and for that matter Twitter) to block the notifications on everyone’s silly games? Just taking up brain space. #
  • @lewellyn I’d also like a way to ignore some kinds of tweets (e.g. sports talk, workout stats) from people whom I othewise find interesting in reply to lewellyn #
  • yday got email from an old friend hadn’t heard from in years, bcuz she is visiting Lake Como. Turns out we now live “close” in US #
  • turns out there’s a Hide feature in FB to get rid of the stupid game notices. Now need same for Twitter. #
  • old thoughts appropriate to Labor Day » “What Do You Do?” Not Defining Oneself in Terms of Work in Italy #
  • amused that TripIt tells me “Welcome back, you’re in Tulsa.” That cd actually be useful – sometimes I do get confused as to my own location #
  • Memorial Day: bought jeans at The Gap, size 10 (down from 12). Labor Day: bought jeans at The Gap, size 8! #
  • I highly recommend this, not just to people interested in fashion: Valentino The Last Emperor – #
  • RT @templedf: I’m totally fried. Coordinating the #sunhpc09 is a ton of work! – good luck, my friend! #
  • @SaraD I wish parents and kids would not waste energy lying to each other. What does either side gain by hypocrisy? in reply to SaraD #
  • yet another “I’m Blogging This for Sun” t-shirt entry #
  • waking up every 2 hours with nightmares is getting old. Modern pharmacology to the rescue! #
  • today’s activities: planning for LISA (Nov, Baltimore), editing video (puppets and brains, but not together), weeding my email pile… #
  • @jowyang re Twitter reliability, good service = go where the customers are. Your needs as a co. are secondary. Very secondary. in reply to jowyang #
  • RT @RepJackKimble: does McCain have the best smile in Congress? I melt when I see it – contrast w “McCain in the lead for shit eating grin” #
  • Countries Beginning with I » Interview at FISL – BTW, this includes me in FRONT of the camera, for a change. #
  • Well, he couldn’t state it any more plainly… #
  • @c_bright I’m all in favor of clear and open communication – there’s not enough of it in the world. So Larry suits me fine. in reply to c_bright #
  • RT @ThinGuy: I’m going to try to shout out “You Lie!” on every conference call I’m on today. LOL! #
  • looking into a Bollywood dance class – there’s a form of exercise I would actually enjoy! #
  • I don’t care what politicians get up to in private life; it’s the hypocrisy and contempt for women that gall me. #
  • Must… confront… the puppet. #
  • Why is there a bird party on my office windowsill? #
  • thank heaven for colleagues – someone just gave me a cupcake with an inch of rich chocolate frosting. Thanks, I needed that! #
  • On airport shuttle with couple who have matching impassive expressions behind matching shades, chewing gum in unison. #
  • so for our 1st National Day of Service 7 Remembrance, I’m in Chicago, serving on the board of SAGE: #
  • Meeting at Halas Hall, home of the Chicago Bears – an honor largely wasted on me. Anyone want pix? #
  • Tons of ideas flying about international education, service and experience for high school kids. This is fun! #


^ SAGE board members Rachel Kriss, Nathan Scott (who runs SAGE), Sharon Seto. Want to study abroad in India or take your school on a really cool custom trip? We’re your folks.

  • I think I just scared a football player. #
  • Meeting room overlooks the Bears’ practice field. If I got to see football this close up all the time, I might learn to like it! #
  • @ThinGuy I don’t care about the game, watching athletic young men run around is good enough entertainment for me ; ) in reply to ThinGuy #
  • Exhausting but productive full-day meeting. Bears’ chef produced passable Indian food for lunch, but we’ll have the real thing for dinner. #
  • OH “Christians like to get married young so they can have sex.” #
  • In spite of being a short week, it’s been a long week. Emotional fallout and three different cities, I guess. #
  • Amazing dinner at Tajine Casablanca in Vernon Hills – highly recommended! #
  • @Britopian would like to see job seekers turn the tables: are all hirers’ online personae as squeaky clean as they claim they look to hire? in reply to Britopian #
  • waking up slowly in Chicago, will go for a walk in the fog with an old friend, then we all head for the airport & our respective homes #
  • @JoyceSolano yrs ago
    In Milan woke up, thot “that was a bomb,” slept again. Had forgotten all about it by morning, heard the news – it was. in reply to JoyceSolano #
  • @missbhavens parents and teens mostly swear, too. Everyone needs to get over inter-generational hang ups in reply to missbhavens #
  • RT @DeirdreS: New blog post: Hallas Hall, Home of the Chicago Bears @bklein34 – these are for you! #
  • @bklein34 sadly missed the chance to get an up-close shot if the players – wasn’t expecting them! in reply to bklein34 #
  • after being in 3 cities this week, I am perfectly happy chilling alone at home on a Saturday night, fixing my iPod & doing laundry #

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