Worldwide Woodstock Day: Shadows

Today was Worldwide Woodstock Day, a celebration of the international boarding school in India that I and many other devoted alumni attended. Alumni groups gathered in all corners of the globe, which for me meant a Nepali/Indian restaurant in Arvada, CO. Saw one old friend I hadn’t seen since I graduated, another I have seen several times because she happens to be friends with a Sun colleague, several I knew via email, and many I’d never met in any way before. And, as always, we all found much in common and plenty to talk about.

One of our assignments was to record ourselves sing the school song (preferably in the key of F – not sure we hit that) as part of a forthcoming video montage. What you hear above is mostly me, since I was the only holding the camera.

Whoops, messed up the lyrics – wasn’t that supposed to be “close of day”?

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