The Twitter Diaries: Jun 14-July 30, 2010 – San Francisco

@italylogue what time and where online can I watch [the World Cup]  (if not in meetings…)? #worldcup #italy #
@iamsrk you have exactly the same face in both pics, and both are a little worrying. You okay? #

YouTube – What’s Really Happening In Grand Isle Louisiana – You Won’t Believe This!!!  #
@drewjensen Whose ideal is it for gov’t to be local? There are some things that can only be done at a national level, & some done better. #
RT @StopBeck: Glenn Beck: Abraham Lincoln. Good guy? [Or,] bad guy? – I agree that it is good to ? everything, but Lincoln as bad guy…? #
@Myrna_SF I buy it at my local Whole Foods or at the farmers’ market at the Ferry Bldg – the Creamery has a stand there every Saturday. #
I hope Delivery Exception means FedEx delivered my new iPhone to the concierge. They sure didn’t ring my bell. #
OMG I had forgotten all about Babe Rainbow. My dad had one of these for years, wonder where it went. #
RT @rajadurai: Presenting DTrace @ #oscon 8:30am Monday. Recording will be available soon. #

YouTube – Chris Anderson ’74 – Distinguished Alumnus Ceremony – Woodstock School   #
Squirrel! #
As per your concern, I would like to transfer this chat to the concern department related to your concern. – umm, yes, please do. #
Dear AT&T: Why has my iPhone suddenly decided I need a PIN to access voicemail, and why is it impossible to find out what that PIN is? #
I understand your concern, however, there is no option required to get connect with the concern department related to your concern. #
Does anyone know how to reach a human being at AT&T who can tell me how to reset my voicemail PIN? The phone tree offers no relevant options #
@thinguy I’m going to cry. Billing zip isn’t my own zip, probably because O pays. I have no idea what the billing zip may be. #
@italylogue uh, that’s a trick question, right? All of them. #
@lindseyfowler I’ve had pretty good experiences with AT&T customer service up to now. Finally did get it solved. #
@llcrowe Gonna talk about my guerilla stuff? Sadly, that’s about all that’s still visible… #
@llcrowe You do realize I’m in marketing now? 😉 #
In spite of the nasty colony of bugs living in my sinuses, I’m doing (virtual) happy dances today – I have things to feel good about, too! #
@almightygod old men who CLAIM to be virgins. #
okay, social media break over, back to… that other stuff I’m doing. #
Solaris ZFS Performance Tuning: Synchronous Writes and the ZIL #
Learning way more about DTrace than I ever expected to need to know. #
WTF? Why does AT&T now imagine that I live in Michigan? #
My life is full of contrast, change, and contradiction. And I’m fine with that. #
@manfrys yu’re about to unlock a whole lot o unfollows #
How we communicate now: daughter tagged a photo I’m not actually in, to let me know her friends have discovered & loved my carom board. #
@Zee advice I give all about-to-weds: Just make sure you spend more time, brainpower, and money on the /marriage/ than on the wedding. #
okay, time to shut down the distractions for the day. Well, most of them. #
@ATTJason thank you. Just as long as I don’t have to move to Michigan. 😉 #
the verge: dead woman walking #
Very happy that I can get a good masala dosa for lunch one block from my home! Ruchi San Francisco #

I told you once, you son of a gun – I’m the best that’s ever been #
@jkstark We already had good dosas in SF, but that was way down in the Mission. This place opened near me just a couple of months ago – yum! #
Props to Apple – iPhone sans case just landed on a tile floor and survived. Told you I drop things! #
The End of Forgetting we need to learn new ways of defining ourselves without reference to what others say about us #
So I started watching True Blood (season 1) last night. I think I’ll just carry on with that now, to give my brain a rest… #
Only 2 episodes per disc? What’s up with that? #
@vdotw Like! Much better than the one book I read from that series, in fact. #
@lskrocki Whoa, I never got that kind of treatment! Count yourself very, very lucky. #
@lskrocki (Well, and deserving, too!) #
@blackbeltncrazy Sorry, no TV and not buying DVDs anymore (no storage space!); I get ’em from Netflix and watch on my 17 MacBook. #
RT @OTN_Garage: Rumors abound that Systems Admin & Developer community (that’s you) of Oracle Technology Network will be ready wicked soon. #
@thinguy cool have fun! #
@Joanmarie probably not the same shows-secret project I’m working on. 😉 #
@ianhf seems like that wd be a no-brained… #
Got my head examined, now awaiting the verdict. But y’all already know I’m crazy. 😉 #
Multitasking on the iPhone makes up for a multitude of sins. #
@Joanmarie later we can compare notes. Right now – my brain hurts! #
@bsousapt no, but would be willing to try a review unit. 😉 #
I have seen the inside of my head. It is not pretty. #
@nomdeb – check new comment on Famous TCKs: Third-Culture Kids in the News and in History #
@nonstick I’d better get a drink in before starting next round of antibiotics #
@NomdeB I need to get back my copy of Hobson-Jobson #
RT @avinashkaushik: how amazing would it be to have a 35 iPad in every person’s hand? #goindiago #
@vdotw ooh, good idea. Make mine Maker’s Mark. #
@vdotw now I’m hungry! Do have Maker’s Mark, tho. Having a wee drink before I have to start antibiotics again #
@italylogue I’ve usually found that the women look more like their high school selves than the men. #

RT @ToddMichaelsen: Woah, @ninapaley video All Creative Work is Derivative (w/ my music)  🙂 #
Scroll down for the best argument for reincarnation ever #
Hmm, I guess El Reg doesn’t pay attention on weekends. #
Too sick to join film classmates auditioning today, they are very kindly doing it for me (and filming). Somehow we’ll get this thing made. #
Watching a piece of news disseminate. This will be an interesting exercise in the reach of social media. #
trying to summon energy to go to store so I at least have something interesting to eat. Netflix won’t deiver True Blood til Monday, dammit. #

Heard It Through The Grapevine  #

Sign me up! – Jane Austen’s Fight Club  #
I need a rent-a-mom, to bring me chicken soup in bed and say There, there. Not that my real mom ever did much of that. #
@NomdeB True Blood? No, they have to send DVDs, and it’s only two episodes per disc, which seems like a ripoff. Buffy was 4 per disc. #
Codeine high not my fav (as if I had a fave high!), but it beats what I was feeling before. Pasta w fresh tomatoes, basil & mozz also help #
RT @tgardner: Remembering the 70s. Heavy Horses, one of the three great folk-prog-rock Tull outings. Tremendous. – ooh, yes, good memory #
I could do this in my sleep! Which is good, because I’m doing it rather stoned on codeine. #
@bklein34 I think there’s a literal videos version of that; if so, you should totally check it out. #
posted a comment to the wrong place, so it was wholly inscrutable yet weirdly appropriate. #
I Worry #
I need immediate delivery of Legos. #
@Joanmarie I could very happily do without sinuses! #
@blackbeltncrazy I’ll bet it could. Have you tried? #
Watching Hogfather, a Discworld movie. #
@NomdeB missed that, will have to look. #
woke up before 6, but managed to go back to sleep until nearly 10. I think my body is trying to tell me something… #
targeted advertising means that, as a result of 1 visit (no buy) to Zappos, I now see shoe ads everywhere. Dunno if this is good or bad. #
Last year I spent 5 weeks of midsummer in the other hemisphere. This year I’m spending it in San Francisco. = no real summer. 🙁 #
@Zappos_Service they don’t bother me,but thanks – I do need shoes. I appreciated that I could click a link to learn why this ad is here. #
Sunday brunch: cinnamon French toast with pecans, sauteed peach slices and, of course, bacon! And coffee. #
RT @blackbeltncrazy: I vow not to tweet any nonsense today. – that takes all the fun out of it! #
How do I feel today? Death warmed over pretty much covers it. #
@penelopetrunk You could try Stop me if you’ve heard this before… #
@craigmorgan where’s this? #
@alanc They responded to me about that on Twitter last week – known problem, they’re fixing it. #attfail #
@bklein34 @paytonsun @walterpayton Knew I had this somewhere: #greatestofalltime #
@bicyclemark The reality is that most babies do look like Winston Churchill, but we can’t say that to the adoring new parents. #
@bicyclemark My aunt, confronted with a spectacularly ugly newborn, stuttered out: What a… baby. #
@LindaStone If you’re not going to read it again (or ever), out it goes. #
@LindaStone Sorry to hear it, that definitely makes it harder. In that case, wait before you give away anything irreplaceable. #
Good-bye, Sun : The Observation Deck 🙁 #
Bryan Cantrill says Good-bye, Sun 🙁 #
@paolovalde non avevi detto che San Francisco e’ piena di italiani d’estate? 😉 #
@jeffreytaylor Much-needed and well deserved! #
@saraford Ugh, in Houston of all places… #
@saraford hmm, yes, Cajun food is the one thing I haven’t yet found in SF, though it may well exist here. #
@glynnfoster I guess you didn’t hear the news… House of Shields is no more. #
@saraford I await an invitation! #
@glynnfoster You and a lot of other people. #
Between medications and the heavy-duty editing work I’ve been doing for days, I think I’m achieving some sort of geek cosmic consciousness. #
Being ill is boring. #
Actually, I don’t feel too bad. As long as I don’t, like, get out of bed or anything. #
Geek Humor P3 bug #
RT @mjnelson: Want: – me, too! Also don’t miss the Abba covers in Hindi on that page. #
I believe the respectable term is… marketing. #
@NomdeB And/or common mindset, character, way of thinking – which may occur with/because of common background, but not only. #
In Milan, a city law requires locals to constantly be smiling or risk being fined. #
RT @jkstark: @NomdeB Why does Hollywood feel need to destroy all great foreign films? Are people too afraid to read subtitles? – Too lazy #
Drawback to working from home & online (a lot) is that no one knows when you’re actually to ill to show up in person. #
@sogrady Can you see the back of you own head? If not, how good are you with mirrors? #
I swear the finches are observing me. #
Problem w illness is accepting the need to be still. I think: Oh, I feel better, now I’ll go do x. But I’m not better, & soon regret it. #
@ebertchicago at least they’ve covered all their bases #
@feliciaday The more you tan now, the more you will need botox later. Don’t go there. #
@NomdeB make sweet tomato chutney. Jaffrey recipe. #
I’m awake, I think. What day is it today? #
@NomdeB Making your own isn’t hard, and it’s delicious! #
If all the gays in the Catholic church were to leave it at once they would cause it serious operational problems. #
Glenn Beck’s Incendiary Angst Is Dangerously Close to Having a Body Count #
Changed sheets on the bed I’m spending way too much time in, now to summon energy to wash them, & the bathrobe I’ve been wearing for days. #
Fuga di talento is much the same in Spanish as in Italian. #
We’re gonna have an emergency here: I’m running out of bird seed. #
Medical humor: questionnaire on symptoms and social/emotional consequences of your rhinosinusitis is titled the SINO-NASAL OUTCOME TEST. #
So what do people think about Mozy backup? #
@NomdeB hmm. Wonder how that would do on a sunny balcony in San Francisco. #
@NomdeB ps where did you get it? #
@standaloneSA damn, which I felt up to attending, to say thanks to the folks who keep our modern world running. #
@standaloneSA Not til Friday at the earliest, have a sinus procedure scheduled for Thursday #
iPhone case finally arrived, now to see whether it cures the calls dropped for no apparent reason problem. Betting not. #
Having more info doesn’t make us less free to decide. More we have, better we can make a free, independent conclusion #
@standaloneSA Balloon sinuplasty, if it works, should be the least invasive option. Antibiotics haven’t made a dent, so few choices left. #
DTracing Your Website – Oracle Solaris Video #
Another new/old video: Built-in Virtualization for OpenSolaris: Containers, Sun Logical Domains (LDOMs), and xen #
Could probably make an effective horror film out of what’s living in my sinuses, for those who like that sort of thing… #
Did I forget to tell you guys about this one? Observing Your App and Everything Else it Runs on Using DTrace #
my Legos have supposedly shipped, but UPS doesn’t recognize the tracking numbers. Want Legos now! #
@ebertchicago Perhaps the lobster didn’t like being called a fish. #
My Mr Deity Season 3 DVD shipped today! #
Yummy Indian street food being delivered soon, a cup of tea, then I’ll get on with the big secret project. (Yes, I’m still ill, too.) #
Hummingbird sucks down as much nectar as he can, then hovers, looking from me to feeder & back: You know it’s getting empty, right? RIGHT? #
@pfuetz argh, well, the preso is over a year old… #
@NomdeB I just burned my only small cooking pot making nectar for the hummingbirds. Damn. #
@SFoskett That is one problem I definitely do not have. #
@NomdeB I’m getting along with 1 small pot, 1 v large (pasta boiler) pot, 1 deep saute pan. My kitchen is so small, don’t want to fill it #
RT @hcsaltiel: @DeirdreS Hi! I’ll be giving a tech talk next Wednesday for Oracle about virtualization, and case studies. – cool! where? #
The Secret of Successful Entrepreneurs? A vast network of random connections via @NomdeB – I do random really well 😉 #
having to recover video on my own site, this is one I’m glad to see again: Una Su Un Milione #
To take my mind off tomorrow’s ordeal, watching Kaminey (Bad Guys). Rec’d with it a free copy of Himmat (Honor) which has Naseeruddin Shah #
@vdotw I love anchovies, not so sure about putting them in my drinks, though… #
hearing and semi-translating Hindi while editing English. Multicultural multilingual multitasking! #
And, BTW, an old school friend of mine is in this movie! #
hmm… and I think the name of another old friend just flashed by in the special thanks to credits. #
@NomdeB Actually, Anne Rice has become a hard-core Catholic… #
@NomdeB Thank god. 😉 #
@NomdeB re-watching Coupling – lots of giggles a great antidote to tonight’s nerves. #
@NomdeB I’m sure it’ll seem like nothing… No, I’m not sure, actually I think it’s gonna be pretty horrible and gross. But it Must Be Done. #
RT @NomdeB: Bollywood Dance WOSA style. You’ll see some familiar faces. – we Woodstockers always know how to have fun! #
I survived, my sinuses are clear now. Massive headache, but I’m discovering the joys of Vicodin. #
Oracle Solaris, OEL, and Oracle VM Available on All Certified non-Sun Hardware – OTN Garage #
@bubbva Thanks – I am also glad to know I’m not dead! #
My first meal post-surgery is supposed to be liquid. Does a chocolate cupcake count? #
Saw actual live network TV in the waiting room for half an hour or so. That will last me a good 6 months. #
@melanierenzulli I have trouble defining hometown. On Facebook it says Mussoorie, India which is about as close as I’ve got. #
hmm. There’s a cadre of Deirdres who follow each other because we’re fairly rare. Now I have a Straughan follower – even rarer! #
@jeffhuber I had probs where Skype seemed to interfere with the corp conference call system, causing bad quality for all. You’re not? #
Compromise: first I will have hot chicken broth, then I will eat the cupcake. #
@c0t0d0s0 Congratulations – L�neburg is a beautiful city! #
What is this sensation of air in my head? And am I actually smelling the ocean (or the bay)? Didn’t realize my sense had been so affected. #
@AnnieGaus Run and tell, that, homeboy! Love it. He can be my brother anytime he wants. #
Best. Cupcake. Ever. #
@bklein34 Whole Foods. Basic chocolate. If I had more than one, I would be eating myself sick… #
While no doubt handy, Ebooks won’t really attract me til I can get them used or a whole lot cheaper. #
Beginning to suspect I am really going to miss that one Vicodin when it wears off. Yes, I have codeine, but it’s not the same, is it? #
AdSense thinks people coming to my site are looking to date Italians. Umm, okay… #
@blackbeltncrazy True of employers and clients in all fields. The point is that they keep paying you to talk, whether or not they listen. #
@juliebenz Reminisce. Tell behind-the-scenes stories. This might jog your memory: #
RT @casinclair: Always wanted to do TEDxEvil. Dictators, weapons mfrs, disgraced CEOs present, announce TEDxEvil Prize – candidates abound! #
My daughter had a good idea recently: I want kittehs! #
Discharge papers from surgery today advise Avoid making important decisions for 24 hours. #
@NomdeB Naming a dog after friends’ kids is either a huge compliment to that family or somewhat creepy. 😉 #
@NomdeB Hmph. Deirdre a bit drab when compared with newer Irish imports. In my interpretation of the myth, she had 3 husbands. At once. #
@NomdeB And daughter’s name is nowhere to be found. Americans overlook Rossella, the Italian translation of Scarlett. #
@NomdeB The Sanskrit means illusion, makes a lot of sense for anyone in, er, the entertainment industry. #
@italylogue You should see the horoscope a Javanese magician did on me many years ago. Now there’s a travel story… #
@NomdeB Tara, too. #
@msgilligan Is that on the oil side or the hurricane side? Or are they all hurricane sides? #
@blackbeltncrazy Ah, that does put rather a different spin on it. #
@vdotw Balloon sinusplasty, aka sinus roto-rooter. Not sure it’s a total cure, but… fingers crossed! #
Heard this on SmugMug today, struck me as appropriate, in a tangential sort of way – P!nk – So What #
RT @c0t0d0s0: Oracle Premier Support for Operating Systems on non-Oracle hardware: Yesterdays announcement regardi… #
@lskrocki Minor, but nasty enough in its way. Here’s hoping it worked! #
RT @WinnieWongSF: Why Fernando?: – Winnie’s a film school buddy, I hope to be well enough to help on her shoot #
For a limited time, you can save 30 when you purchase Solaris Internals or Solaris Performance and Tools. #
RT @c0t0d0s0: Happy SysAdminDay: The world celebrates the 11th SysAdminDay today. To all the users out there: This… #
I slept from 9:30 to midnight. It would be nice to go back to sleep soon. Post-surgery jet lag? (I was only under for an hour!) #

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