The Twitter Diaries: Aug 1-Sep 4, 2010

@NomdeB Namaste, Bitches Coffee Mug from – yes, I’d love one from the company store! Gives guests pause 😉 #
EVP John Fowler to detail plans for Oracle’s servers, storage and operating systems MarketWatch #
@mtuckerb either that or we’re not on the same train! #
@blackbeltncrazy Masseur – I can do everything else myself. #
why is KPMG spamming my corporate email to tell me they’ll be at OOW? Yeah, so will I, we’ll all be working. So? #
tomorrow is Indian Independence Day, so prepare now: Learn India’s National Anthem #
@blackbeltncrazy Multicultural is not the same as multireligious. There are Muslims in and from many countries and cultures of the world. #
@blackbeltncrazy If something claims to be multicultural, it is a non-sequitur to slam it for not (also) being multireligious. #
@blackbeltncrazy Just not seeing how it’s relevant. Multicultural =/= multifaith. The two sometimes go hand-in-hand, but not necessarily. #
RT @Jo_Miller: How Smart Women Win at Office Politics – useful for men as well! #
Hungry? An oldie-and-goodie about a day of fine food and wine in Italy’s Valtellina: Guests of Conti Sertoli Salis #
Hmm, shoulda known I’d seen that harpsichord before when I visited my cousin Celia at New Year’s #
For the record: my site was called Countries Beginning with I BEFORE that damned book was published. #
@italylogue Starting to wonder if the book was in fact to be titled Beginning with I and she had to change it because of my site… #
Ms Gilbert, reality is that few Italisn can afford to exquisitely and delightfully do nothing – someone has to pay for all that pasta. #
…just like most Indians can’t afford to spend much time in ashrams, nor Indonesians chasing down healers. #
RT @fraying: A few photos of stuff the same distance from the World Trade Center as the Ground Zero Mosque #
at least for /this/ engineering mtg I have been around the technology in question long enough not to feel like a complete idiot. #
@OReillyUG The Music Man, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Buffy series… #
a draft [of air] is considered extremely dangerous, causing anything from a cold to paralysis  #

^ this place needed a big plant… And a refugee rat #
@italylogue scrivere la propria storia I suppose. #
Terms of Address: What to Call People in India #
some fun old videos I had forgotten about: The Lake Como Car Ferry #
how Rossella got her name #
India Videoblog: Jaipur How to Tie a Turban #
DTrace for Ruby is available Joyeur  #

^ She keeps the Moet Chandon in a pretty cabinet… #

^ uh hmmm #
RT @mightygodking This is fab. Miss Ghana’s costume = glorious. Miss Kazakhstan’s, insane.  – thanks, literally LOLing! #
@mkapor One former mental hospital got turned into a Sun Microsystems campus #

^  #
I really hate the marketing crap I’m forced to listen to while on hold for customer service. I’m looking at you, Tivo, but all are guilty. #
is it normal as a US consumer to spend a lot of time on service requests? Calling to fix messed up accounts seems to take a lot of my time. #
Hate dealing with customer service because it takes several tries to get people to understand how to spell my name. Pronounce it? Hah! #
@mkapor Thank you for that. We’ve had enough cheap jokes around the Sun name. 😉 #
in the middle of a complex negotiation with AT&T about bad billing, the call drops. Will he call me back? #
@GeorgeTrujillo hmm #
apparently I should just start my own moving company. I seem to do a lot of shifting boxes around. #
If you’ve been wondering about my references to editing lately, here’s what that’s all about: (nope, not video!) #
Aside from editing, I also speak: 😉 Employees Making Videos: What’s working? What’s Not? – Communitelligence  #
RT @Jason89 1 in 5 Americans think Obama is Muslim? Personally it bothers me that he’s Christian. I like to pretend he’s secretly an atheist #
@mamaswati To the people who are pushing the idea, yes, it is a smear. Or were you being disingenuous? #
Today’s schedule: medical nose torture, followed by a drive to MPK to move (more) boxes. But I think I get a dosa for lunch, yay! #
Turning up 15 minutes early for that appointment may in the long run prove to have been a life-changing event. #
@bubbva coming up next week: This is Nasal Tap! #
1 more load of stuff to bring up from the car; my apt is a temporary holding area for small expensive items that we don’t want to go missing #
@akumar they’re not the only ones. Hopefully they give you money instead and let you decide where to invest it. #
dreamed last night that the co. gave me a Blackberry, and I started crying for my iPhone. Not usually that tech-obsessed, IRL. #
What Is It About 20-Somethings? – I disagree that choices made in your 20s are forever. We all keep growing & changing #
Funny spam subject of the day: Give your thingy staying charge #
Final push on DTrace book this weekend (I’m copyediting all 1000 pages), lots of work to do – but I’m soooo sleepy. Gray SF weather no help. #
Was supposed to go to a film school BBQ this aft, now not sure I have the psychic energy to socialize with people I don’t know well. #
thanks to Teresa for remembering I wanted Legos and rescuing some from the moving recycle mound for me! #
A nudist colony outside Beaumont, Texas? Now you KNOW that story’s bullshit. #
@planspark But imagine what the German word for it would be! #
@charlvn I’ll just go warm up the Death Star, shall I? 😉 #
Give! #
Editing this book has done 2 things: tho I’ll never be an engineer, I’ve learned a LOT about DTrace. And remembered I’m a very good writer. #
Doing what all true blooded Americans do on Sunday morning: shopping. #
Italian satire: Learn Italian in Song: Tu Vuo Fa o Talebano #

^ the things I do for my company include acting as a temporary storage depot during the Great MPK Move #
@pelegri I’m still figuring out my native country after spending most of my life overseas. Much to love, but some things are just weird. #
RT @nicolamattina: Religious madness in Italy: every 7 yrs procession, men strike themselves w a nail-studded sponge #
An interior office with no windows. Without sunlight, I fall asleep. Well, I’m just as excited as I can be about this move. #
@ben It’s a productivity problem for me. There’s a reason I live in an apartment with huge windows and lots of sun – I need it. #
Now I have nothing to move from my MPK office – my ergo keyboard, USB hub, and lock cable have vanished. #
looks as if we finally get summer, now that I’ve bought tight skinny jeans that are way too warm in the heat… #
@jlb13 @jczorkmid what’s a vacation? #

^ keeping me busy: the Books for Engineers giveaway. #
Even when you’ve known for a while it was bound to happen, you’re still sad when it finally does. #
@reiger I’m not sure I have one. If I did, I broke it ages ago. #
@jlb13 I can leave work easily enough, relaxing usually escapes me. Tho I am reaching a point where lying on a beach with a drink… #
@JoyceSolano gimlet with home made lime syrup #
@sararosso should be fine, see you there #
@JoyceSolano It is, and much needed just at the moment. Had to add soda – too strong otherwise. #
@melanierenzulli guess I shouldn’t feel bad that I have no idea who either of them is. #
@melanierenzulli I feel squicky about FB profile pics of people’s kids. It feels like I have no identity of my own, Probably overreacting. #
@melanierenzulli My kid’s had her own online existence for so long that putting her in my profile pic is redundant #
@melanierenzulli Actually she complained that I had not posted any baby pics of her on Facebook, so I did – a lot of them. #
after six weeks of no alcohol due to antibiotics, I am a very cheap date. Not that I was an expensive one before. #
@bubbva @jscarp Sounds like we’re all a bunch of old ladies. 😉 #
@strlen I looove the heat. I can never feel totally relaxed in cold weather, heat makes me happily limp. #
nothing like starting the morning a non-working phone tree. I HATE these stupid automated systems, especially when they DON’T WORK #
I feel sorry for customer service reps. By the time we finally reach them, we are so frustrated by the process we’re already furious. #
@NomdeB Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. #
@tomcoates problem is that most SF architecture is not equipped for this. In a building made for heat, you’d be fine. #
@nico_mar Seems like that shouldn’t be an either/or… #
Hey, industry folks: for updates on fresh tech content about Solaris for admins and developers, you should follow my buddy Rick @OTN_Garage #
random lyric of the day: Either you are closing your eyes to a situation you do not wish to acknowledge, or you are not aware… #
…of the caliber of disaster indicated by the presence of a pool table in your community. Well, ya got trouble my friends. #
Seems as if every other tourist in SF is Italian #
@nico_mar consulting business? write better spam! #
Middle aged man in plaid shirt and khakis getting a pink polish pedicure. I love San Francisco. #
@Crescenzo OTOH, making them unhappy does not make them particularly engaged. #
be calm in the face of all common disgraces, and know what they’re doing it for #
Long, busy day ahead. Much food and coffee will be needed! #
I have no nostalgic attachment to Sun’s MPK campus nor many possessions to move. But somehow ending up moving lots o stuff. Lots. #
I adore colleagues who bring donuts to meetings, especially when I have been moving boxes all morning and seriously needed the calories. #

^ taking a necessary break in a busy day. Boxes to move, vid to shoot, book to edit… #

^ Solaris authors Darryl Gove (Multicore Application Programming: for Windows, Linux, and Oracle Solaris) and Brendan Gregg (DTrace: Dynamic Tracing in Solaris, Mac OS X and FreeBSD) #
@pfuetz mostly, a few buildings will be in use for a while. The team I work with is going to Santa Clara to sit close to our engineers #
Dear Corporate IT: Please do not assume I have a Windows computer at my disposal. It would help if you’d asked me, eh? #
RT @oracletechnet: OTN Live! – Brendan Gregg right after Charles Philips on Monday morning, Sept 20 – helluva lead-in! #
@thinguy As my British friends would say, can’t be arsed. The workaround was to print the docs and scan them to create a single pdf. Gah! #
@jeffreytaylor As long as you don’t start clutching your face and screaming obnoxiously. #
Finally got rid of the last of 2500 t-shirts. Now I can definitively say there are no smalls or mediums left, nor anything else! #

^ final days in MPK #

^ I guess it’s just as well Sun never did any advertising #
@nonstick friday. Most of us will lose access forever #
As expected, if has been a long, long day. Not quite home yet, either. #
Back & arms sore from moving stuff yesterday, where’s a corporate perk massage when I need one? #
new Italian surname questions in the comments, can anyone help? Italian Surnames Funny, Surprising, & Just Plain Weird #
@NomdeB corp movers taking care of std stuff, but we’ve got small electronics that might disappear, books, old show materials, recyclables.. #
@bklein34 That’s why I DON’T fly United – so many old-timers that we non-frequents have no hope of, e.g., getting the seats we want. #
thanks to Bruna for answering a bunch of reader questions on the origins of Italian Surnames (in comments)  #
@riccardo_iommi Thanks I’ve been meaning for a long time to write about the HUGE similarities between Italian and Indian culture. #
This looks like fun: #
this is a grassroots citizens movement brought to you by a bunch of oil billionaires.  #
@jimpick – You might want to explain that no one at Joyent shot it. #
@jasonh Nope. I just hate to think of any of you guys taking a gun to an animal that cute. 😉 #
Running on adrenaline and coffee. Certainly not food or sleep. #
earworm of the day #
After stuff has been disappearing for weeks, this morning security finally got a memo and ?s me taking out a box of… t-shirts. #
@nonstick You slapped her, right? #
My kid is at the moment participating in a Lady Gaga flashmob in Milan. She’s dressed in yellow/black tape, I don’t know how much of it… #
@billstreeter Self-hatred at its finest! #
@NomdeB Yes, and if she gets enough attention she’ll get tickets to the concert. I look forward to photos and video. #
@423Comm Ross and I don’t have a typical mother-daughter relationship. For which I am thankful. #
Turns out I will still be responsible for closets full of leftovers in MPK… We’ll call that a priviledge, I guess. #
Beware of geeks bearing gifts. Some girls get flowers, I get… CPUs. #
In Guerneville CA looking at beautiful glass jewelry #

^ breakfast! #
@NomdeB she wimped out – it was raining. #

Heading to SFO to drop off my friend, then a full day of meetings and filming. I’ll be tired tonight… #
Solaris’ dtrace tool is not just a marketing gag, but is real value for all production enviroments.  #
Will brave a new train+shuttle combination tomorrow morning to see my new office digs in Santa Clara. Here’s hoping… #
These marketing words, they just slide right off my consciousness. #
I do find it amusing that, reading marketing words about technology, I can put engineering names and faces to much of it. #
@NomdeB most days. I do work on the train, so there’s hope that it won’t be too bad. #
Now where do I find thus danged shuttle? #
A trio of former MPK denizens huddled together at Mtn View Caltrain, waiting for transport. #
Okay… No one told the shuttle folks to expect more passengers in Mtn View today. Barely enough seats for us all. #
Deeply frustrated – none of my normal communications channels are working in my new office. Back to using Twitter via web page. #
tech claims I need a driver to run the printer, MacOSx version only available as a stuffit file. Xerox, this is not a native Mac format #
Note to baseball fans on caltrain: you are not in the stadium yet, please moderate your voices. #
@bicyclemark @biccio might know someone and/or qualify himself. #
@alanc Crazy? I wouldn’t presume to judge. Old you’re definitely not. #
Gotta say: today has pretty much royally sucked. #
@kirkwy While cleaning out corporate storage, I was appalled at how much paper we used to use. Binders full. Did we even need it then? #
Working on cool, fun plans to market the DTrace book, now that my copy edit job on it is done… What do y’all want to see on DTrace? #
@NomdeB @madhuri567 yes I need something to warn people I’m in a particularly vindictive and destructive mood… (cont) #
OMG I didn’t know coffee could BE that bad. #
2nd day in new office draws to a close. Still can’t print or use essential tools (irc, Tweetdeck, AIM). No idea why on any of those. Gah! #
@bubbva I’m on a Mac. One colleague had it work intantly, others not. #
So my strategy for coping with a windowless office is I will take all phone meetings in the lovely,sunny courtyard. #
This train is already gonna take 72 mins to get to SF. Being late is totally unacceptable. #
Never considered myself a fashion maven, but 13 yrs in Milan had some effect. Just want to shake people and ask what were you thinking?!? #
@nonstick @bklein34 at hotel once I called desk to complain abt noise upstairs-they seemed to be jumping from bed to bed. … #
@nonstick @bklein34 … Are you sure about that room #? Yes, why? the people in that room are here for an AARP convention! #
@bubbva some people can wear almost anything well; you’re one of those. #
Think I’m suffering from Dark Office Affective Disorder. Felt fine and happy til I arrived at my dungeon. Now dark and surly. #
Can’t use Tweetdeck from office – no proxy settings. Is there a good Twitter client that fixes this? #
This is the view from my office. Inspiring, isn’t it? #
@riccardo_iommi You’re probably not in that meeting every day. #
@riccardo_iommi Not if I can help it. Not sure yet. #
@pfuetz These buildings are not part of the original asylum complex, but purpose-built. By an architect who should have been committed. #
@pfuetz It’s a beautiful campus outside, but there are a lot of windowless interior offices. No prizes for people-friendly design. #
Home sweet loony bin. It is a very pretty campus. # #
When you’re down in the dumps and not ready to deal, decide what it is that you need. Is it money or love, is it learning to live or… #
I am very tired of leading horses to water only to watch them die of thirst. #
About to have horrible things done inside my head. Then I would like to just sleep for a week. #
This is a strange and new sensation. Also tastes bad. #
There is no dignity in medical procedures. #
Getting hungry, don’t know if I still will be by the time this is over. #
Ow ow ow. #
In case you ever need to know: having needles punched through bone, no matter how thin, is NOT fun. #
@italylogue draining my sinuses. Ow. #
I believe my current condition requires chocolate cupcakes and pistachio ice cream. To be seen if this condition allows me to procure them. #
@c_bright yes, that’s exactly what I had in mind. Just have to hie myself over to Whole Foods to get it… #
My Head Hurts, My Feet Stink and I Don’t Love Jesus – Jimmy Buffett  – Actually, my feet don’t stink… #
Gotta like his taste in equipment #
@SamHarrisOrg Data on Italy is suspect. Italians SAY they are very Catholic, but don’t act it – e.g. rarely go to church #
@SamHarrisOrg and this: Pope-O-Vision #
Should I be alarmed that the only famous name I recognize in my tweet stream at the moment is Oliver Cromwell? #
@dcagle @hudsonette People get way too worked up about symbols #
You can hear it on the Coconut Telegraph, just who comes and goes…  #
It’s my job to be different than the rest And that’s enough reason to go for me… #

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