The Twitter Diaries: Sept 29-Oct 14, 2010

a new 3.4 billion-pixel image of the painting allows for an amazingly detailed look at an old master’s work #
Its a very important thing to learn to talk to people you disagree with.  – words from a true American hero #
Here’s a final word for those who went to #ghc10:  #

wasn’t Dilma Rousseff that woman I filmed on the FISL show floor with Lula? Minister of Ed or something at the time? #
one of the nice things about being an adult: if you want to have a cupcake and ice cream for dinner – you can. #
@ebertchicago FlashGot is your friend. #
two new followers with almost identical tag lines in one day? I think NOT. #
I don’t see how FB can be a threat to Google’s ad-based business when FB is so very bad at targeting ads. Has anyone seen anything relevant? #
@tpenta FB makes a lot of assumptions simply based on me being female. Dumb ones. #
Experiences in the last year have given me far more empathy with my parents. Unfortunately, that hasn’t improved communications any. #
@NomdeB classic dog in the manger! #
@seancarlos You two work together now? Cool! #
@melanierenzulli I wore a purple raincoat because it really upset everyone on the Milan metro. With yellow rain boots. #insidejoke #
Subscription-Based Firefighters Watch As Family Home Burns Down #
@craigmorgan This is new and unusual – and worrying – in the US. I believe Terry Pratchett took this to its logical conclusion in Discworld. #
When you hit rock bottom, you’ve got 2 ways to go: straight up, or sideways.  #

Oh, Fleet Week starts Thurs. Should be able to see the Blue Angels from my balcony, post-surgery. #
@NomdeB I never did track down that National Geographic centerfold of Joe… bet it was worth pinning up. 😉 #
@melanierenzulli Caution: the Air is fragile. Apple fixed mine out of warranty, hinge broke spectacularly. Avoiding class action suit? #
As for the MRI, for now assuming that no news is good news. Oh, and: god bless modern pharmacology. #
@NomdeB no she’s more on FB, I did point her o one of their posts. #
RT @OTN_Garage: Updated feature article: enabling boot from SATA DVD on SPARC systems running Solaris 8/07 or 5/08 #
Coping Strategies for the Hidden Immigrant Countries Beginning with I  #
wish I cd find Kindle editions of Camilleri and Fruttero & Lucentini in lingua originale #
RT @zaps: Berlusconi usa l’iPad – e pensare che Apple non permette le apps pornografiche #
ok, there is officially nothing wrong in my brain. At least nothing that can be seen on an MRI. 😉 #
@riccardo_iommi So am I, believe me! Now just another 2 days of pain management until… more pain! But maybe the end is in sight. #
I can now resume my normal brand of crazy. Thanks, everyone. #
RT @michaelverdi: Last day in NYC – heading home tomorrow but not before a stop at B&H this evening 🙂 – oh I love that place. Esp conveyors #
@melanierenzulli Before & during Buenos Aires-Auckland last yr, witnessed an entire fling: beginning, makeout, airport goodbye… Wild. #
@davetong Not even sure I need a first one, may give up entirely when lease is over. #
Is it time for drugs yet? #
@craigmorgan We know what’s wrong (sinuses), just needed to make sure there wasn’t something else (besides stress). On to surgery Thursday. #
It’s easy to lose weight when your appetite is completely screwed up. However, I don’t recommend it as a diet method. #
aka: if any of my American colleagues are wondering why I’m such a weirdo: Coping Strategies for the Hidden Immigrant #
@bubbva @leapingwoman There was a shortage? <big grin> #
@craigmorgan It’s amazing how much trouble these empty places in the skull can cause. #
Twitterpated – now there’s a word that needs reviving. #
@sogrady one of the best presos I ever saw was all photos, by Jim Grisanzio #
Even when I’m too ill to leave my damned apartment, I can still help people via social networks. Gladwell is just flat wrong. #
RT @jscarp: I’m a survivor! #fb – Damn right! #
I’m voting Republican because… #

Every life deserves a dramatic soundtrack, so here’s what’s running thru my mind – (having surgery, not a revolution) #

RT @Zee: Unlogo What happens when you remove logos from everywhere? – love it! #
@melanierenzulli True because United boards from the windows in rather than by rows. On others, sit in the back to ensure overhead space. #
If someone wd just grab me by the ears and slowly twist my head off… that would probably feel better than what I actually feel right now. #
@craigmorgan LOL. They tell me I cd use VirtualBox to fix that, but so far I’ve managed to get by. #
@miglsd I’m taking painkillers, but don’t like the side effects, not allowed booze because of antibiotics. Sucks to be me. 😉 #
@miglsd I don’t think these painkillers actually make the pain go away, they just make me not care that I’m in pain. Or anything else. #
@lskrocki It would be seriously disturbing if they did! #
Is there a day, week or month of the year that HASN’T been declared Official Something-or-Other Day ? We should celebrate that one. #
Vote for me, because I’m you. Huh?  #
BTW my daughter showed me something pretty effing amazing she made yesterday, but I can’t show you yet. #
Tiziano Ferro: the first Italian pop star to come out as homosexual.  #
People mag in waiting room claimed George Clooney needed translation to understand his maybe future in-laws. After all these yrs in Italy? #
RT @llcrowe: You just can’t have a campaign ad where you state, I am not a witch. You. Just. Can’t. (via @SuzyWelch) – ah, but she does! #
RT @GarlandGrey: What do you call a case of Champagne? I know there is a word for it. – A party. #
to take my mind off things, looking at photos of home – Mussoorie. I was so lucky to grow up in such beauty. #
@Flipbooks As if those employers were paragons of good behavior themselves. Oh, the hypocrisy… #socialmedia #
Need a word for obsessive imaginings which are not happy. Fantasy has too-cheerful connotations. #
RT @StopBeck: For those that don’t know: @GoToMyPC/@GoToMeeting returned to Glenn Beck. Odd decision, no? – Very. #
@NomdeB Yup, it’s today. #
I am not hungry. And I do NOT need coffee. I don’t even need water. This had better be true, because I’m not getting any of those things. #
I am not yet dead. #
The Blue Angels are in town. #
@NomdeB Too early to tell if I can smell more, but everything went fine. Now just need drugs and cupcakes for a few days (being provided). #
I guess they must have stuck a tube in me, roof of mouth and back of throat are sore. #
I have two kids, I’m not so sure I’d want them looking at these images – yr priorities are seriously screwed, lady. #
adult members of any culture are capable of deciding what they want to assimilate from a foreign culture #
An old but sadly still relevant post of mine: In America, high school is hell.  #
@vdotw Chuckle. I’m on drugs, what’s your excuse? 😉 #
@elizadushku You wear heels to assemble furniture? Not sure if that’s admirable or scary. #
@standaloneSA Why not just make a videocast, live via UStream and recorded for later? #
@standaloneSA ps do NOT rely on UStream for your video capture – crap quality on recordings. #
Drugs and cupcakes are on their way. For which I am very, very thankful. #
@lbridenne76 Hmm, how can you be sure? Maybe someone has access to my Twitter account. 😉 #
@standaloneSA Don’t sell yrself short. I’ve filmed lots engrs who think they aren’t videogenic, but are. Expressions, gestures convey much #
@ProfOrganizer This makes my brain hurt. #
@creepyed you pack an amazing amount into one night! But I shouldn’t be surprised – you’re an amazingly energetic person. #
@ProfOrganizer Hallowchrstmas #
In Italy, there’s no wind. Everything is stopped.  #
@riccardo_iommi I gave Italy 17 years, some of which I was very lucky (working for Adaptec, remotely). Finally had to give up & come home #
@Sumazi How they can help/be useful to each other #goodintros #
Daughter never heard of the Blue Angels. When I tweeted about them yesterday, she called – concerned that I was hallucinating. #
America will never reach the greatness it aspired to at its founding until it provides health care to its people. #
Made it through the day without any painkillers, for the first time in how many weeks? Don’t remember. So something’s working, tho I’m tired #
@jimpick That book just hasn’t been written – yet. #
How will I learn how the game ends? Will I hear it first from the crowd on the street, someone on Twitter, or Google? #
@myinnervoice read it many yaers ago, after seeing the film. #
Doodled around in Google maps y’day, comparing satellite pics of Australian (Newcastle) vs Italian (Adriatic) beaches. Population density… #
there must be a shortcut to get interesting blog posts onto a Kindle without paying Amazon for free content. #
@c_bright @NomdeB hmm, yes Instapaper might be it, thanks. Experimenting. Now just need a way to auto-sync over wifi w/out paying Amazon #
Actual sailors in actual sailor suits! #
Sat on the balcony to enjoy the sun. None of the birds would come near except the hummingbirds, fearless and curious as always. #
Reminder to self: you are NOT well yet. REST, dammit. #
Okay, I get why Google is showing Nexenta ads on my site. But Taiwanese egg donors??? #
Some Lesser-Known Places to Visit in Italy #
India Vlog: Jaipur Amber Fort #
Been uploading years & years of photos to smugmug. Now it will take years to get them captioned and organized… #
Post-op, the doctor said I’d tell you to take it easy, but I know that’s not in your nature. Well, I am /trying/… #
One of my favorite video postcards – India Vlog: Jantr Mantr astronomical observatory in Jaipur #
@Boh had a 2nd sinus surgery Thursday, will still take some time to resolve the mess inside my skull #
SFGMC: Rockaria #
a video postcard from Villa Monastero: Varenna, Lake Como #
Why do they come here? she asked. What do they get here that they cant get at home? #
RT @WinnieWongSF: When I think of forever, I get upset. – Don’t worry about it, there’s no such thing. #
experimenting with Calbre’s download news feature. Seems to work well enough, obviates need to pay Kindle subscriptions. #
strange to reflect that, 6 years ago at this time, I was moving house in Italy, dealing with the attendant bureaycracy  #
@TheInDecider I believe this is what you’re looking for: Christopher Columbo Song #
Using downtime to work on blog, but afraid I don’t have the concentration to do some of the trickier stuff. Someone wanna come hold my hand? #
@TheRedElm @marlitah Interesting discussion: Cultural Hegemony – Thanks, would love to see yr thoughts in the comments #
Ross wanted her juvenilia moved off her site in prep for something new, so her India Diary is back with me:  #
video: The Blue Angels Over San Francisco #
Day 4 without painkillers, though not entirely without pain. #
Seems like there oughta be an option to buy a discounted Kindle copy of a paper book you own, at least the ones bought from Amazon! #
Learn Italian in Song: Luci-Ah #T6CM #
All the knowledge and expertise I developed about Italy, what good is it now? Seems odd to have invested so much and not even miss it. #
@glynnfoster I’d have to practice to make pizza dough, but, yes, I make excellent pasta. Useful because good Italian food is expensive here #
@cote Hey, we’re Americans, these are American priorities. 😉 #
For a change, Google advertising on my site for something I actually use: #
@timfoster needs a photo of David Korn actually wearing it. #
RT @grantimahara: Your IP address or mine? #geekpickuplines – static or dynamic? 😉 #
Caved, took a painkiller. Yes, for pain. Now not liking the stoned feeling, but it is marginally better than the pain feeling. Choices… #
@willbldrco Thanks, it did – hence the stoned. Which I don’t like. I am an absolute failure as a druggie. #
RT @wma01606 SNIA tutorials at snw standing room for virtualization. 3 more days of tutorials. Over 40 in total. Download at #
RT @Zee: Huge. The iPad is officially the best-selling gadget of all time – Dang, why doesn’t someone buy me one? 😉 #
Gonna be hot again here today, need to think of something that gets me out of my hot apt without tiring me. Yesterday it was mani-pedi. #
Hmm, judging by my twitter followers, I’ve joined the cloud crowd. #
@NomdeB Funny to me is how different SF’s weather is from everywhere else. It’ll be hot here today, after coldest summer in 25 yrs #
Trying not to worry about the things I cannot change. It’s hard. #
I have never used a pseudonym in MANY years online. WYSIWYG, and if you don’t like what you see, I probably wouldn’t like working for you. #
RT @yesthattom: USENIX first LISA ’10 Ustream chat with Matt Simmons (@StandaloneSA) at 1pm (PDT) #
Someday there will be a political movement that is willing to say this but not that. #
I’ll bet those miners have been better taken care of while trapped and in the public eye than at any other time in their careers or lives. #
videoblogger cred: I attended Vloggercon 2005 #
RT @macsun: #snwusa Join Mark Carlson, at 3:05pm in TX Ballroom 4 as he discusses Interoperable Cloud Storage w/ the #CDMI standard #
@bubbva both, of course #
RT @italylogue: On the tram, en route to see @seancarlos @rosso & @newsfromitaly & drink margaritas. – Salutami tutti! #
Learn Italian in Song: Brava! #
@ZackFord Maybe paranoid straight guys think they need training to resist all those gay advances they’ll be getting… #DADT #
@ZackFord Need to show them this #
@nico_mar Heh, I coulda done that. #iPods #
Apparently what I do in my downtime nowadays is edit other people’s writing. Which is fine. More mad skillz to revive, along with web stuff. #
trying to dress both for the heat and for possibly having something messy done to me by the doctor. No, you don’t want to know. #
For the record: ow. #
Dr says all is well. What I’m feeling now is expected after effects of him driving a bulldozer thru my head. #
Near Indianapolis? You can see The Road Home, a beautiful short film shot where I grew up in India’s Himalayas  #
@vdotw Yay for glimmers of hope! #
@marchamilton This is great new, congratulations! #
I swear I’m a friggin’ human rolodex. With a most bizarre and diverse network. Storage industry? Gotcha. Bollywood? Yup. Anything else? #
You’ll get out of high school and you’ll never have to deal with those jerks again if you don’t want to. #

@myinnervoice I am /connected/ to many people & can connect them to each other, don’t claim friendship w all. See wikipedia also #
RT @deirdresm: Great blog post on bullying (justifiable profanity, imho) – completely justifiable. #
RT @lushbucket: Love how Canadian TV reports Chilean miner rescue as feat of engineering and American TV calls it a miracle – I hate it #
RT @ruchikabhalla: Someone please give this guy a Bhangra record deal #

Apt complex water will be off 11-6 for repairs. So now I discover that my bucket leaks. Filled the tub and a large pot instead. Prepared! #
Umm, folks, if you want me to follow somebody, give me a reason besides so they can reach n followers. I don’t long to be in that number. #
Italian speakers – can anyone help Rose translate her Nana’s mysterious word? comment on Italian Slang and Swearwords  #
@myinnervoice I am fortunate to have both. Indeed, I am very rich in my friends, and happy and grateful for that. #
.@nonstick I later learned that some bullies grow up to be messed-up, unhappy people – but still manipulative and dangerous. #
Sinus Update #
@shawnferry Not as yet; I had to use the web interface. I haven’t been in the office for a while, so it hasn’t been an issue. #
@cote OpenWorld was a green conf, had an app you cd use to scan QR codes at booth into your iPhone & be directed to materials online. #
@craigmorgan Thanks, feeling mostly positive. And I really had no choices left, except continued extreme misery. #
RT @JustinHaggerty: @davidu: How not to do it:  wow – Sysadmin horror! #
I would like there to be a steady, linear progression from sicker to weller, but the facts appear otherwise. #
Replacing my classic lit (Austen, Dickens, Dumas…) with free ebooks instead of rebuying or shipping will more than cover cost of Kindle. #
…and I’ll have less paper in my home to gather allergy-inducing dust. #
Hmm. Just looking current Kindle freebies, the line between romance novels, erotica, and pornography has pretty much vanished. #
@c0t0d0s0 Maybe I should open-source my sinus treatment? 😉 #
Hyperventilating over this YouTube video of the same surgery I had. Now I get why it still hurts. #
@planspark This is a bit old, but may help: on DVD region codes #
@deirdresm This is why I don’t watch horror movies – too squeamish. And knowing it was done to my own personal nose… #
@llcrowe I think 3 times about what I even put in DMs. Or in writing anywhere. Way too many slips have occurred. #
@whitehouse Obama administration asks judge to stay ruling blocking don’t ask, don’t tell – CNN  – WtFUCK?!? #
@willbldrco I’d ask you to marry me, but I would put on 100 lbs within six months… #
sigh #
And the three men I admire most:The father, son, and the holy ghost,They caught the last train for the coast…  #

@ZackFord All I can figure is they think entire military will be instantly infected with teh gay and dissolve into nonstop orgy #DADT #LGBT #
RT @ZackFord: @DeirdreS I’ve been infected for years and I haven’t had any orgies (yet). – Slacker. 😉 #
@bubbva There are many steps to take before surgery, and I guess I tried them all. It may not be the worst option, tho #
@NomdeB @madhuri567 what do you need? I happen to know and have photographed some photogenic engineers #
@pfuetz Heh. Showing your true colors, eh? 😉 #
@bubbva If thre’s too much irritation and swelling, the rinse can’t get anywhere to do you any good. FWIW I strong recommend my sinus doc #
WTF? Postcard from AT&T says we have received your request to cancel your internet service – I MADE NO SUCH REQUEST. #
Now I’m on hold because online account management is not available for this type of account. Is there no company that gets service right? #
and if you spell out your UNUSABLE URL one more time I am going to scream in the ear of whoever does finally answer the damned phone #
Ah, it was to the previous occupant. This is what happens when I’m too ill to pay attention to details. #
@bubbva ‘fraid not. #
@Zee I found a bunch of floppy disks in Sun office moves, using them as drinks coasters now. #
RT @melanierenzulli: Eurochocolate, Italy”s top chocolate festival, starts October 15 in Perugia, a … #
Bored, bored, bored… #

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