Italian Seasons

January 1 – New Year’s Day6 – Epiphany Smog Days
February 14 – San Valentino
March 8 – Festa della Donna(Women’s Day)Carnevale Italian Winter Weather
April Pasqua (Easter) Holiday Treats
May 1 – Labor Day Cambio di Stagione
June 2 – Republic Day
July Air-ConditionedCommuting with NatureSummer Fun
August 15 – FerragostoSummer Holidays Feeling the SeasonsSummer Lovin’
December 6 – San Nicolo’ (patron of Lecco)7 – Sant’ Ambrogio (patron of Milan)8 – Immaculate Conception

25 – Christmas

26 – Santo Stefano

31 – Capo d’Anno

Winter HolidaysBridging the HolidaysHoliday Hell

Winter in Italy

Italian Christmas Carols

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