Aggiungi un Posto a Tavola: Love, L’amore secondo me (ripresa)

poster for Aggiungi up Posto a Tavola, showing a dove sitting on the back of a wooden chair against a blue sky

Love, According to me (reprise)

The townspeople flock to the ark but the floodwaters are already sweeping them away. Silvestro tells God that he cannot abandon his people to die.

O Signore, mi devi capire,O Lord, you must understand me
la mia gente non posso tradireI cannot betray my people
ha bisogno di me come io ho bisogno di loro,They need me as I need them
sì di loro, che credono in me;Yes, I need them, who believe in me
amali come te stesso, l’invito più bello che c’è,“Love them like yourself,” the most beautiful invitation there is
e io l’ho imparato proprio da te, sì!And I learned it from you – yes, from you!
Questo è l’amore secondo me!This is love, according to me!
No, io devo restare insieme alla gente che è la mia gente,No, I have to stay with these people who are my people
la debbo accettare in tutto e per tutto nel bello e nel brutto perchèI must accept them in all and for all, in beauty and in ugliness, because
questo è l’amore secondo me, sì!This is love, according to me
Questo è l’amore che ho imparato da te!This is the love that I learned from you!

God relents: “I’m one who knows how to lose. Stop the rain, away with the waters, roll out the rainbow.”

General rejoicing.

Clementina asks Silvestro: “Do you forgive me?”

“Dreams are not sins,” he responds, as he puts his cassock back on. Clementina links arms with a handsome carabiniere who has fortuitously shown up.

The company reprise Aggiungi up posto a tavola as they sit down for a grand feast.

Silvestro prays: “Lord, forgive me if I have not known how to do your will. It won’t happen again. But for now, I pray, don’t abandon us.”

“Stubborn man! Set another place at the table – don’t you see that I am arriving?”

And a white dove flies down to sit on the empty chair.

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