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I’m Calm

Having sent Clementina home from the confessional, Don Silvestro returns to his evening milk. The telephone rings. The voice on the line is God, who says that he is not happy with the way things are going on Earth, and has decided to send another flood. Don Silvestro is to build an ark… At the end of conversation, after the Lord has hung up, Don Silvestro freaks out.

Calmo, mantenere la calma Calm, maintain calm
Perché se non mi calmo Because if I don’t calm myself
Mi viene il cardiopalma I’ll have a heart attack
Calmo! Calm!
Con la mente tranquilla With a tranquil mind
Adesso mi preparo Now I’ll prepare
Un po’ di camomilla* A bit of camomile [tea]
Eppure il telefono ha squillato And yet the telephone rang
La voce del Signore m’ha parlato The voice of the Lord spoke to me
M’ha detto, m’ha detto esattamente He said to me, he said to me exactly…
Si m’ha detto esattamente Yes, he said to me exactly…
Che m’ha detto esattamente??? What did he say to me, exactly?
Aiuto! non ricordo un accidente! Help! I don’t remember a darn thing!
Calmo! ipersuperstracalmo Calm! hypersuperextracalm
E per restare piu’ calmo And to stay calmer
Ora recito un salmo I’ll recite a psalm
Qui facit misericordiam 
Calmo io, é una parola I’m calm, it’s a word
Il Dio che atterra e suscita che affanna e che consola The God who strikes down and revives and causes to pant and consoles
Ha parlato con me spoke to me.
Si, vabbé lo so che prima di me, fece un discorso simile a Noé Yes, okay, I know that before me he made a similar speech to Noah
No eh? No, eh?
Signore, scusami Pardon me, Lord.
Grazie, il cuore é regolare Thank you, the heart is regular [in its beats]
Il polso? Benissimo, cammina The pulse? Just great, it goes [on]
Adesso, mi posso addormentare Now I can go to sleep
E venga ben venga domattina And tomorrow morning will be welcome
Calmo Calm
Calmo come una salma Calm as a corpse
Son contento e felice I’m contented and happy
Son felice e contento I’m happy and contented
Oramai m’addormento Now I’ll go to sleep
in una mare di calma in a sea of calm
Ecco, si m’addormento See, yes, I’m going to sleep
in un mare di calma in a sea of calm
Oddio! Oh, God!
Ho parlato con Dio! I talked with God!
* camomilla – camomile tea, frequently used as a soothing decoction to help people, particularly children, go to sleep.

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