A hillside with a tiny waterfall, completely covered in orchid plants, blooming in yellow, orange, and purple

Singapore Botanic Garden

In June 2023 we visited Singapore, first time for both of us. One of the attractions strongly recommended by my classmate Lauri, who had lived in Singapore for years, was the botanic garden. It was indeed worth the visit, especially for its huge orchid garden.

One area within the orchid garden is dedicated to Singapore’s tradition of developing custom orchids in honor of international leaders (mostly) and a few celebrities such as Amitabh Bachchan. There were orchids named for Joe and Jill Biden, Barack and Michelle Obama, Australia’s Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, Kamala Harris, and even Mike and Karen Pence. The Trumps were conspicuously absent. Perhaps, even in very polite Singapore, a plant named in honor of Trump would have been ripped out or peed on.

NB: Singapore is full of signs about what you can and can’t do (especially can’t), including in the botanic garden.

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