Urban Alwar

During the scooter taxi ride back to the Hill Fort. Along the way, our driver stopped a few times to hail friends (had stopped on the way in to pick up his wife and small daughter, both gaudy in festival finery). One of these friends asked curiously where we had come from and where we… Continue reading Urban Alwar

Chittering Chipmunk

Another example of Indian urban wildlife. I’ve seen these all over north India, but had always assumed that chittering noise was birds. This exemplar lives at the Red Fort, Agra – more photos of that to come! You might also like: No related posts.

Parrots at Humayun’s Tomb

Screechy, colorful parrots are common in both urban and rural India. Their bright green feathers make a particularly nice contrast to the ancient red sandstone of monuments like Humayun’s Tomb in Delhi.   You might also like: No related posts.