Learn Italian in Song: Sandokan

as sung by… Claudio Baglioni???

I noticed that someone had ended up on my site while searching for these lyrics. Sandokan, the Tiger of Malaysia, is an old favorte of mine, so I’m happy to fill this gap.The video above is a montage that gives you an idea what the TV show was like, using the song as recorded for the show. Below you’ll find a sing-along version!It’s not a great song in any way, but the show and song are fondly remembered by many (including me, though I saw it in later re-airings).

Learn Italian in Song: Questo Piccolo Grande Amore

This Small, Great Love

Claudio Baglioni, 1973

Another classic that everyone knows, perhaps the most famous from pop star Claudio Baglione. This translation was originally done by reader Jared Hill, who had looked for it on my site but didn’t find it, and quite rightly pointed out that it should be here! I have changed his translation a bit – his version was more poetic, but I do these song translations quite literally, to better help people learning Italian.

A commenter has supplied some alternative, slightly spicier lyrics. Possibly the lyrics I found had been cleaned up for tenderer ears.

Aside: Baglione for years owned a condo in the same building as Enrico’s parents in Rome, so the family knew all the gossip about him (via the portinaio – building concierges in Italy, both male and female, are famous for gossip). Every year on Claudio’s birthday, young fans would put a banner on the fence across the street: “Tanti Auguri Claudio.”