The 3rd Annual Solaris Family Reunion

I have been meaning for some time to write a follow-up to my series about my experience of Oracle’s acquisition of Sun Microsystems. This yet-to-be-written piece, titled “The Sun Diaspora”, may someday contain deep thoughts about how dispersing all that amazing Sun engineering talent may prove to have been a watershed event for the entire technology industry. That history is still playing out (and probably will for decades to come), and I’m too ragged right now to write it anyway.

So… I did something better: I got some of those engineers to speak for themselves, about what they’ve been doing since Sun. The occasion was the 3rd Annual Solaris Family Reunion, held last night at Joyent (to whom we owe thanks for the pizza and beer). Here’s the rough video:


  • Brendan Gregg
  • Eric Schrock
  • Adam Leventhal
  • Keith Wesolowski
  • Robert Mustacchi
  • Max Bruning
  • Garrett D’Amore
  • Kevin Zimmerman
  • Bill Moore
  • Sunay Tripathi
  • Blake Jones

This was also the occasion for a get-together of a good portion of Sun’s Fishworks team:

members of Sun's Fishworks team