Woodstock School Celebrations: Baccalaureate 2008

^ above, foreground: Anja (Netherlands/USA), Jaju (India), Sangi (Nagaland, India), Kayo (Japan)

Graduation from Woodstock is a long series of rites, starting with the Senior Music Recital. Then comes the Baccalaureate service, for which all students are requested to wear the formal costumes of their native countries.

For some students, it can be hard to decide what country they’re natives of. Many Woodstockers are culturally and/or ethnically mixed, and may hold multiple citizenships.

^ Nishant (India), Dzung (Vietnam), Aman (India), Sidhant (India), Shabab (Bangladesh), Tushar (India), Dhruv (India)

^ Benjamin models the traditional costume of his native Bhutan. No, “Benjamin” is not a traditional Bhutanese name; his family is Christian

^ Gonpo (Tibet/Nepal) and Roli (India)

^ Rossella representing for Italy in Dolce & Gabbana, Elisa for Finland

^ Jim Geddes’ advisor group: Kunga (Tibet), Shalvi (India), Shema (Nepal), Alamdar (Afghanistan), Laura (USA), Boris (Russia), Ross (Italy/USA), and Misha (India). Unfortunately, this photo does not do justice to Mr. Geddes’ sexy waxed mustache!

^ the two Japanese girls arrived late, because donning their traditional costumes takes a long time!