Professional Videography vs. Videoblogging

^ filming at the Open Storage Summit after-party

I don’t claim to be a professional videographer (for one thing, I’m entirely self-taught). I do videoblogging, which is fundamentally different.

From my (very limited) experience, it seems that professional corporate video is, usually:

  • thoroughly planned (and likely scripted) in advance;
  • involves quite a lot of large, heavy equipment, with multiple people to set it up and run it.
  • the people who do this know how to do media, but don’t necessarily know much about what or who they’re filming (nor do they need to).
  • filming often takes place in a studio, which may need to be reserved well in advance, or in some other carefully-planned, controlled location;
  • professional post-production (editing, compressing, and posting video) can take a long time
  • all of this is expensive

Videoblogging, on the other hand:

  • eh… not so planned. When I go to an event, I have an idea which talks I want to film, but things usually get added or subtracted at the last minute. Alongside the formal talks, I also try to grab interviews and other material.
  • equipment is minimal and light, reasonable for one person to move around and manage.
  • a videoblogger is part of the community, and therefore can see and take advantage of filming opportunities as they arise – or create them.
  • shooting can take place anywhere – no reservation required.
  • post-production is quick and dirty – the important thing is to get the material out FAST
  • all of this is cheap

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