Joyent End User Tutorial Videos

Wondering what I’m up to in my new job? As mentioned, I work for Joyent, which does cloud computing. In addition to and as part of my job as Director of Technical Training, I’m doing a lot of video (well, what did you expect?) including live streaming events like a talk by Bryan Cantrill and Brendan Gregg on Cloud Analytics.

I’m also helping to produce videos to help customers of Joyent’s public cloud, below are a few examples.

For my Solaris buddies, there’s a special offer still in effect: you can try out a 1GB SmartMachine for just $45 per month (that’s $80 off the regular price). This monthly price is good for as long as you keep your SmartMachine.

Introduction to Joyent Virtualmin and Webmin

Setting Up a New Domain on Your Joyent SmartMachine

Recovering a Password for Your SmartMachine

Accessing Your SmartMachine from Windows Using Putty

Backing Up MySQL with Webmin

I only do final edits on these, the scripting and production are by Joyent‘s Jasun Wurster.

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