Ivaldi: Table of Contents

Available chapters are shown as links below.

Book 1: True Seaborn

The City of Light 01Light

supplement: The Ivaldin Calendar

The Font of Knowledge 02fontknow

Overnight Success 03Overnight

Bard in a Gilded Cage 04Bard

More Tales from the Font of Knowledge 05MoreTales

Carilla and the Long Arm of the Law 06Carillalaw

Chitra Has an Engagement 07Chitraengaged

Book 2: Teja

Red-Headed Stranger b201red

Kanya’s Story b202kanya

Harem Childhood b203harem

The King’s Birthday Feast b204bday

The Gift of the Moon b205moon

Flight from Ivaldi b206flight

A House in the Hills b207hills

Disappearance b208disapp

Blood b209blood

From the Lost Papers of the Six-Fingered Mage b210papers

Strange Tales in the Hills b211strange

The Demon-Killer b212killer

Extras: Creation x_creation| Ancient History x_ancient| About Magic x_magic | About True Seaborn x_seaborn

Book 3: Meshvir

A Wand’ring Minstrel Eye b301eye

The Hall of the Mountain King b302hall

The Embassy from the Golden Land b303embassy

The Deathbed of a King b304deathbed

Taking the High Road b305high

My Darkest Hour b306darkest

Reunion b307reunion

(Untitled Chapter)

Interview with Chitra

Interview with Janse

(Untitled Chapter)


The Thundering Herd

Return to Meshvir

The Field of Kings

Conversations Before a Battle Battle

The Victory Feast


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