Swiss Recycling

The Swiss are terribly organized and disciplined in everything, not least recycling.

These photographs were taken in the recycling center of a village (Cortaillod) near Neuchatel.

Above you can see (front left) a gray box for different types of batteries (separate compartments for different types). The blue mesh bin is for plastic bottles, with the instruction: “Air out, cap on!” Rear left are collecting bins for old clothes, from two different charities. Rear right is the big paper bin, also divided into sections for different types of paper.

^ Glass must also be separated, by color.

^ Bins for various kinds of aluminum packaging.

The green bin is exclusively for the aluminum containers used in Nespresso coffee machines. I’m guessing that Nestlé supplies the bin – it’s a form of advertising, when you think about it.


^ Robyn demonstrates the user of the can crusher.


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  1. Hi Рwould you know who to contact to find out about the nearest recycling spot to your street in Neuch̢tel? Thank you!

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