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[ri-mor-KYA-ray] Literally, to pull a trailer (rimorchio), but used to mean to go hunting for someone to seduce. “Da giovane, ho imparato l’inglese rimorchiando le turiste Americane.” – “When I was young, I learned English while attempting to seduce American tourists.” (Yes, this is a direct quote.)


[rin-coal-yone-EE-to] To be turned into a coglione – that is, to be made extremely stupid. Slightly politer would be rinscemito, derived from scemo.

Rompiculo, Rompipalle, Rompicoglioni, Rompicazzo

[ROM-pee] Rompi = buster, breaker. Anyone busting your balls, ass, or penis is… a pain in the ass.

Mi sono rotto il cazzo (“I’ve busted my dick”) means “I’m fed up.”


[ROT-too-rah] Literally “breakage”, but used as polite shorthand for rottura di balle – ball-breakage, e.g. hassle or pain in the ass.

top: “Life is like a Christmas tree – there’s always someone who busts your balls.”

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  1. My mother was from Roccamandolfi. A relative used to call me a pet name that I believe meant little girl from Roccamandolfi or little girl of Rocco heritage. He may have made up the word or twisted another word to fit me. I’m wondering how to spell it or at least guess at the spelling. It went like this if I use my American brain to spell it…Roccoshan.

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