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[in-caht-ZAH-toh / ah] Derived from cazzo, used to mean extremely pissed off (masculine/feminine).

  • Incazzato nero / incazzata nera – “Pissed off black” (masc./fem.). (No, this has nothing to do with race. Maybe when you’re really pissed off you’re black in the face?)


[in-coo-LAHR-ay] To put into (someone’s ass) . Used like to (figuratively) screw someone (to cheat, trick, get the better of in a nasty way). See culo (ass) and fare un culo cosi’.


One thought on “Italian Slang: I”

  1. I’ve been trying to find a word or phrase my mother used. I’m pretty sure it’s Sicilian slang. I don’t know how to spell it. It sounds like in-dee-BOD-iga. My mother used it when she’d refer to my dog, he was a poodle and after he got back from the groomers he thought he was so special he wouldn’t jump on the couch by himself. Or the neighbor girl down the street who showed us her skit for drama class. I think it must mean prissy or affected. I’d like to track it down, any ideas?

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