The Twitter Diaries: April 24-May 15, 2011

@ruperthowe Didn’t get to keep it. #
…and just to wrap it all up with a bow: New Videos: The Gregg Performance Series #
@smithnigelw <wince> Sorry about the wait, glad you finally got it! #DTrace #
@ryancnelson Do we have a location (we may have quite a bit of beer in Joyent fridges – haven’t looked lately) #
I just checked into Italian Wine Tasting & Pairing with Bertolli on Ustream. Come watch and chat with me here  #
leaving out the region I know best (Lombardia) but I also like Abruzzi wines  #
love Prosecco, and it goes with everything  #
Montepulciano d’Abruzzo seems to be becoming known in the US, seen it in wine shops & groceries ( #
No, said the old man, I’m waiting for this jerk to get up and do the right thing.  #
Italians live closer to the seasons than Americans do #
Old-Fashioned Italian Baby Names #
I’ll bet Prosecco and mango juice would make a good brunch drink. Must try that… #
Whoa. L can see smoke from a possible major fire on Folsom st #
…which explains the helicopters that have been hovering for a while #
Small things make me happy dept: new planters from Ikea  #

@DEVOPS_BORAT But it’s one helluva laptop. #
Well, at least I have proof that my kid can afford a keg of beer. I’ll take that as a good sign. #
thinking I’ll have to buy the LoTR blu-ray in June, tho that will require me to buy a blu-ray player… Need more Viggo in my life! #
@greenisus oh damn, that’s @LusciousPear ? Was semi-consciously wondering who that new face in my stream was. #
I wanted this to be played when Oracle bought Sun, but, alas, did not have occasion to indulge my theatrical instincts  #

.@Paypal apparently is not prepared for he fact that SOMETIMES PEOPLE MOVE TO A NEW COUNTRY #
Dear @paypal I JUST SELECTED to log in to the US site and speak English. This is not the time to force Italian upon me. #
@NomdeB Thanks – now I finally know what a fascinator is. #
my 24-hour allergy med has worn off after only 15 hours. Shoule I now take a 12-hr med? #
@edsai Yes, you need to stop that #
@JoyceSolano make your own, with fresh blood orange juice. Heaven! #
@trine sorry I missed that conversation #
@trine oh, wait your last night = my tonight, I did catch some of that #
@trine videoblogging turned into a major part of my career. I’m grateful for the many who helped and taught me along the way. #
@befreax I see it’s got good company. 😉 #dtrace #nodejs #win #
Woke up from a nightmare that might make a good conspiracy thriller movie, but was no fun to live through. #
he said that Americans loved life, whereas Muslims loved death – (NB I don’t think that applies to all Muslims) #
@rattay That’s what YOU say. #puppy #FB #
@bklein34 Mike’s nice too, but reserved. #Bears #
It’s okay to not like things – Digg  #

@pelegri check Amazon – due in June #
stocked the fridge with Guiness for tonight. That’s appropriate, right? #
@riccardo_iommi Today Cinco de Mayo is celebrated in this part of the world. 😉 # three videos by @brendangregg about mpstat #
at Joyent 6 mos, in that time I’ve touched (one way or another) >50 pieces of video, adding up to ~30 hours of final edits. LOTS more to do. #
@elijahwright aww, thanks. But I did >400 pieces of video for Snorcle – lots of catching up to do! #
RT @hudsonette: New Paul Simon — The Afterlife |  via @youtube – gonna have to buy this one #

Nice evening out with old and new friends, eating German food and drinking Czech beer to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. All-American! #
It may be crass to use cash to impress a girl than to wine, dine and gift her — but it’s arguably not any less moral. #
2nd time this wk email purporting to be from a friend stranded with no money. New wave of email account hacks? & emails #
Added new ads to my personal blog (baby needs new shoes!), home now features amusing juxtaposition of beauty products and tech training #
@Schlomo You’ve been hoarding? #
@sintaxi you can thank @italylogue , Portlander who introduced me to it #jsconf #
@LusciousPear I have a friend who knows them well and recommended I apply there (back when I was looking). #
everybody loves me, baby, what’s the matter with you?Won’tcha tell me what did I do to offend you? #

music to spice up your Friday working hours: Rodrigo y Gabriela FTW! PotC4 (no, this is not Hans Zimmer alone) #

@flexrex Wasn’t a woman who wrote that. 😉 I found it a very interesting cross-cultural piece. Don’t currently have a strong opinion else #
@italylogue we have sunshine, but I still need a pick me up… #
@edsai tell them you’re that guy with black hair and purple shirts, not the other way around. #
First exposure to Katamari Damacy and all can say is – huh? #
It’s Saturday. I wish my body would learn to sleep in. #
@chrismevans But apparently they still got their chicks for free. #
@vdotw @nonstick @lskrocki I’ll be making strawberry and/or kiwi caipirinhas for tonight’s guests. #
We donated a 60million helicopter to this operation. Could we not afford to buy a tape measure? #
8 (!) years ago: Farewell to Buffy #
“I wish you could have been facing Dr. Tim as we singers were… I have never seen a human being so giving and focused” #
@ditucci Congratulations! #
A vane Osama bin Laden shown in new videos – excuse me, CBS? He was on top of a building indicating wind direction? #

@SniperWulfzen Cool, looking forward. #
I guess the Sun-Oracle blog migration is happening #
So much for non-drowsy medication. #
@NickKristof Lord, spare me your Believers. #
My mother’s day indulgence (but I”ll do it other days, too): hot bath and home-mode sugar scrub. Catch is, I now have to clean the tub. #

First attempt at a strawberry Caipirinha. Not bad. #
@bubbva Good luck. At least it sounds as if it will clear up on its own. #
dammit, San Francisco, be warmer! #
@edsai Our cutest booth bunny 😉 #interop #joyent #
fingers crossed for Ross #
@NomdeB @riccardo_iommi it’s good news – job interview. #
Reminder-Joyent Webinar w/ KDDI Cloud as a Business with @jasonh on 5/17/11 at 10:00AM (PST). Learn more and sign up #
@sh1mmer As director of training, I am very interested in your idea of pirate classes. Curriculum will be forthcoming? #
enjoying watching @maddow get her snark on at the GOP’s expense. It does not take a village, it takes a Boehner. Schadenfreude is fun. #
@alecmuffett Well said, sir. #
@alecmuffett V’ir yvxrq fbzr bs uvf rffnlf, ohg ur’f n ovg bs n juvare ba Gjvggre #
@sogrady wolcome back #
@edsai Ah, this is your fault for getting married during conference season. 😉 #
RT @Schlomo: My new endeavor is a sponsor of You going to be there? – No, but probably some folks I know will be. #
quick experiment: cleaned up YouTube’s machine-generated captions to create good (English) subtitles – vmstat: Scope  #

Very proud of my daughter. The fruit really doesn’t fall far from the tree. 😉 #
RT @sintaxi: motherfuck! both Google Music and Amazon Cloud Player are restricted to the United States. – Dying from not-surprise. #
YouTube – WON’T GET FOOLED AGAIN – Special Edition Recut  #

@rob_ellis umm… why? #
Feeling schizophrenic. And so am I. #
Well played, Dr Seelig – The Daily Show with Jon Stewart #
You’re gay, driver’s license denied – in Italy #
Its amazing how well society can work when you trust to common sense and civility instead of legislating everything #
52% of Silicon Valley start-ups launched by immigrants, many highly educated products of Stanford, Berkeley, others  #
Um thanks but I really don’t want to be the mayor…  #

@NomdeB @vdotw the also boughts are, um, unusual #
Well, apparently I am not going to get much done today. All systems decidedly NOT go. #
Hoisted a glass to a dear departed. Now I’m all maudlin. #
@GodlessAtheist It’s his heaven, not theirs. #athiesm #islam #
@jeffreytaylor He’d have a very good point. #
Some cultural practices such as genital mutilation or foot-binding or bride-burning are too brutish to defer to. #
Gingrich raised Lutheran, became Southern Baptist when he entered politics, converted to Catholic – call that faith?  #
@NomdeB Now there’s something a person can truly believe in. #
Ikea furniture doesn’t love me anymore. I have multiple injuries, and for the first time had to take something apart because I screwed it up #
@pborenstein No, but I managed. Had to. #
@jeffreytaylor Glad to be there for you #
saw them perform in Brisbane – too fun! – Jambezi, Australian Marimba Dance Band #

my own video of Jambezi #
going to have to switch to actual mouse and use it right handed – trackpad RSI is left hand #
@jscarp yes, when I remember to look at it #
@italylogue meet @cachafla , a colleague. He wants to know where to eat in Portland. What was the name of that Thai? #
@italylogue Dammit, now *I* want to come to Portland again! 😉 #
Who decided that showing slides and hearing a voice online is an effective way to learn? Personally, I learn from PEOPLE. With faces. #
Intel Cloud Builder Webinar featuring Joyent’s Bryan Cantrill on 5/19 at 11:00AM (PST). Learn more and sign up here  #
I call BS: who is Social Media Holdings and how can they claim copyright on a school orchestra playing (I think) Elgar?  #

YouTube apparently accepts dubious copyright claims from this mysterious entity – anyone know more? #

And high schooler playing trombone disputed by the Music Publishing Rights Collecting Society. Official notification from YouTube. WTF? #
This may include content that is owned or administered by these UMPG Publishing Another school event. Classy, folks. #
@webmink Thanks, may do. I’m testing the YouTube dispute process, just because I’m stubborn. #
I’m tellin’ yo ass, yo – you blow! #
@vdotw @nonstick Although the photographed models used in HR training are often unintentionally hilarious… #
okay, that’s enough Ikea pounding and screwing for a while… #
@urbanturbanguy I’m pretty boring, really – my social life is mostly eating out or inviting friends in. #SanFrancisco #
@thepartycow Nah, not attracted to blonds. #
feeling homesick for Mussoorie #
@bubbva you’re on! #
RT @HumanityCritic: RT @Jason_Pollock: Wanna feel old? If they remade Back to the Future now, they would be traveling back to 1981. – AAGGHH #
Small living space = think 3x about buying stuff I won’t use often. A hand blender wd make baking easier, but I only bake ~every 2 months. #
Home improvements: minor ikea hack to create a tall dresser from 2 short ones #

@NomdeB Cool, will watch it. Tenzing’s son Gautam is in Bhadwaj’s latest, 7 Khoon Maaf, from a Ruskin Bond story. All in the family. #
@edsai Whatever that was, you apparently inhaled it #
@StopBeck Oh, Glenny. There are so many places that metaphor could go… #
@hemantmehta Italians worry about Friday the 17th. Hmm, I lived 17 years in Italy… #
@NomdeB lant time I tried to speak Hindi, problem seemed to be that my accent was far better than my vocab, so people wd chatter away… #
Umm… does Adobe not support Acrobat on the Mac anymore? Can’t find a try or even a buy. #
@fitzage I don’t see a Mac version on that page #
@fitzage cs5? #
@fitzage I need to trial Acrobat standard, not pro #
@pborenstein @fitzage So it would cost me 450 to Adobe to work around a dumb limitation in Confluence. Gah. #
apparently wasted 5 in the Mac app store on a pdf tool which does not even have standard cut-and-paste capability #
@RossellaLaeng you might want to follow FiatUSA!/fiatusa #
@flexrex A bit more than that, thanks. We may have a solution… #
@tpenta No block, just a (probably bogus) copyright notice. I want to know whose rights are being infringed. Arranger? How cd they tell? #
@tpenta That’s a possibility, but at that poor sound quality, how cd they know? YouTube notice gives NO detail. #
I love to dance, but not to the kind of music they play in clubs… Dr Hook -You Make My Pants Want To Get Up And Dance  #

@ORCL_Infrared looking forward to seeing some Snorcle peeps there! #Dtrace #Solaris #
@anildash Yes! #binladenporntitles #
Friday afternoon, time to rock: LOS LONELY BOYS { SENORITA }  #

@jeffreytaylor Sweetie, you are going to Paris! Think of original brie, and cassis aperitifs. #
@jeffreytaylor I’d be right there with you… #
@jeffreytaylor When you get back you have to try the foie gras at Osha Thai – excellent. If you’re not sick of foie gras by then. #
Evening snack was toasted bread with Major Grey chutney and aged gouda. Just finishing off a half glass of zin to wash it down. #
I guess I’m allowed to brag now (and I’m gonna do it anyway): my daughter starts work on Monday… at Apple! #
@pborenstein yes, but on that score, a flight attendant job would have been more useful! #
I come from a short line of religious skeptics: The Hundred Years’ War #
@jeffreytaylor damn you and your biz class. No more showers at LHR for the plebs, that I can find. #
@ebertchicago OMG they got Aishwarya Rai’s name wrong #
Habemus Papam – com’e’? Qualcuno l’ha gia’ visto? Mi sa’ che mi piacera’. #
Ok, that’s the first time I’ve seen an online clothing store where the models walk around. It’s a bit unnerving. #
Apparently there’s some mass athletic activity going on in SF today. I prefer less crowded forms of exercise. #
@NomdeB yes but the captioned seemed to think Rai is her first name! #
Traffic is a mess bc of Bay to Breakers, and weather about to get nasty. Good day to stay home. #
@postsecret it’s been that time for a long time. Are you marrying her or buying her? #
.@RickWarren What about the know it all theories in various sacred texts? All far less modest in scope than Freud, Marx or Darwin. #

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