Sports Fanatics

My last two pieces, on fan violence and dyed hair, between them spurred more discussion than anything I’ve yet written in this newsletter. With the permission of the authors, I will quote some of their very thoughtful replies, with further thoughts of my own. American readers are baffled by the need for the safety measures at… Continue reading Sports Fanatics

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National Self-Esteem

Can a country have an inferiority complex? Certainly the US strongly feels its own superiority, and this is reflected in its media. As pointed out in a Doonesbury cartoon years ago, a lot of American advertising uses the word “America” to sell products that have nothing to do with nationality. Mike Doonesbury asks: “Why are Americans so… Continue reading National Self-Esteem

Globalization vs. Local Culture

Originally published in Adventive’s I-Branding Digest, Oct 2, 2001 Context: I am American, but have lived half my life overseas, of which the last ten years in Italy with my Italian husband. From what I’ve seen in extensive travels and living abroad, most cultures are very resilient, and most adult members of any culture are… Continue reading Globalization vs. Local Culture