The Unsubtle Sexism of Advertising to Mothers

Advertising to mothers is a trend that goes back, I suspect, to the dawn of advertising. It’s first-class manipulation, tapping into our deepest biology: the parental urge to put our kids’ needs first, to always want what’s best for them. “Choosy mothers choose…” etc. It’s also deeply sexist and dehumanizing. Constantly addressing women as “mothers”… Continue reading The Unsubtle Sexism of Advertising to Mothers

Rossella, Then and Now

21 years ago today my daughter Rossella was born. Now she’s grown up into an amazing young woman. Happy birthday, Ross! You might also like: No related posts.

Raising a Confident Daughter

One of my newsletter readers asked for child-raising advice. Well, that’s putting it a bit strongly, but, apropos of my own daughter, she asked: “…what do you think contributed to her self-confidence and caring for others?” …and I felt an article coming on. Not that I have definitive answers, or simple ones. I have wondered… Continue reading Raising a Confident Daughter