Port Douglas: “Could Be Worse…”

Early January is off-season in Port Douglas, and we soon learned why: we arrived to tropical rain like I hadn’t seen in years (possibly decades). Leaving the hotel for a walk without umbrellas was a mistake, as very quickly became clear: we were drenched to the skin ten minutes out. In the warm, tropical evening that… Continue reading Port Douglas: “Could Be Worse…”

Watching Cricket in Sydney

I see a lot of cricket lately, because Brendan loves it. He’s good at explaining it, so I’ve even become interested (which has not been the case with any other sport I’ve encountered in my life). While we were in Australia this year, an international test match was being played between Australia and India. Naturally,… Continue reading Watching Cricket in Sydney

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Rain at Yulara

We expected heat in Australia’s Red Desert, and we got it – but we also got rain. In fact, the area has had record amounts of rainfall in the last four years, and was looking far greener than we expected. There was a brief, intense rainstorm the afternoon of January 1st, with rain on the tin… Continue reading Rain at Yulara

Parasailing Over Newcastle Beach

No, this wasn’t me – I’d have got the footage from on high instead! You might also like: Helicopter Ride at Uluru and Kata Tjuta Port Douglas: “Could Be Worse…” First Days in Australia