Cape Solander

We live near Kamay/Botany Bay National Park, went for a bit of a walk yesterday as far as Tabbigai Gap – it’s possible to go all the way around the cape, but we weren’t prepared for that. On the way back we took an inland trail through the bush. You might also like: Equal pay… Continue reading Cape Solander

Woodstock School in 2022

Photos from my September, 2022, visit to Woodstock and Mussoorie. Slideshow below, or view the whole gallery. You might also like: Netflix 50M Party Open Source Grid & Cluster Summit, 2008 India September 2019

House hunting in Sydney

We moved to Sydney in December, 2020. Our original plan had been to spend about two years renting while we got to know this extensive and varied city, to figure out where we’d like to live longer-term. We had plenty of savings, and calculated that when the time came to buy we should be able… Continue reading House hunting in Sydney