Designer colors

There are decades-long trends in interior decor, including the colors favored. If you were in the US in the late 1970s – early 80s, you probably remember shag carpeting and wallpaper, often in shades of avocado, orange, and rust. You probably also at some point rented an apartment with a bathroom done in black and… Continue reading Designer colors

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The Efficiency Expert

When we lived in Bangkok during my childhood, my mother taught English as a second language at a language school for adults. One year, the teachers staged a Christmas play. I suppose that they did this partly to celebrate the holiday and give the students exposure to Western holiday traditions, but also because the students… Continue reading The Efficiency Expert

Into Africa: Desktop publishing goes to Cameroon

Below is a piece published in Ventura Professional magazine (for users of Ventura Publisher software) around September, 1988. I was horrified that the magazine added cartoons of monkeys unloading a boat in a jungle, a giraffe, and a crocodile. I sent copies of the article to my students in Buea because I thought they’d like… Continue reading Into Africa: Desktop publishing goes to Cameroon

All Things Open 2018

This was my first time attending ATO, and I delivered my Marketing Your Open Source Project talk. Brendan was also a speaker, though the organizers gravely miscalculated his popularity – they put him in a small room which ended up packed to the walls and way too hot. You might also like: Dreamforce 2018 VMworld… Continue reading All Things Open 2018