Website Content & Management

Some of my work on the Adaptec/Roxio sites can still be seen, courtesy of the Wayback Machine (not quite in their original form – graphics may be missing – but you can get the gist). I personally wrote most of the material for these sites, except for the marketing brochure-type pages (product datasheets, etc.).

The CD-R section of the Adaptec site (which in those days got about 70% of total traffic to the Adaptec site) included technical and support information, and included applications such as:

  • The CD-R database, to help users choose a CD recorder with specific capabilities, and find out which version(s) and features of our software were supported with specific recorders.
  • The CD-R Media Bargains board, an ante-literam Web 2.0 application. This was a custom-designed database where anyone could post information about where to buy CD-R media – deals they themselves were offering, or had found elsewhere.
  • The Disc Reading Troubleshooter, a wizard-style web application that helped users determine why a disc they had recorded could not be read/played (there were many possible reasons) .

CD-R Central was a separate community/marketing site used to support various marketing campaigns, with a different look and feel from the main Adaptec site.

I led the design and development of the first Roxio site – pre-spinoff (January, 2001) – which included a user community area, and other features that would now be classifed as “Web 2.0.”

Comments on Adaptec/Roxio Sites

9/21/98 – Found every solution for my CD-RW. Keep it up.

7/26/99  – As CD-R/CDR-W’s grow in popularity, so does the need for information. The Adaptec Web-site has become a one-stop invaluable resource for novice, as well as expert PC users. Its extensive wealth of information is not only comprehensive and up to date, but well designed.

8 Jan 2000 – I operate a professional recording/mastering and CD design/manufacturing company. I am completely amazed with your website. Particularly the fact that you have links with full details of blank CDR media with prices etc. This is VERY cool… we found blank inkjet printable CDRs at a fraction of what we have been paying which means we can pass the savings on to our customers… and we have you to thank for this.

3 June 2000 – I’m new to digitizing audio, so I found your web site very informing and useful. I went through most of the articles listed on the music page. Very easy reading.

Your troubleshooting section is easy to navigate and very helpful.  What a refreshing change from a lot of others!

Thanks very much for an excellent Website.  The article “Capturing and Encoding for VideoCDs” provided me with all the information that I needed for capturing from an NTSC video source. Your Web Authors and Content Providers have produced a very informative and user friendly site.