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The Twitter Diaries: Dec 7-30, 2010

Getting set to video stream #nodecamp next Tuesday, so that those who can’t be here in person can attend online. Details soon. # @NomdeB Everything old is new again – including, perhaps, us. # Friday evening, time to rock out… Italian style – Lucio Battisti – Dieci Ragazze  # @rod11 We should do a Google Read More…

Getting set to video stream #nodecamp next Tuesday, so that those who can’t be here in person can attend online. Details soon. #
@NomdeB Everything old is new again – including, perhaps, us. #
Friday evening, time to rock out… Italian style – Lucio Battisti – Dieci Ragazze  #

@rod11 We should do a Google earth mashup showing all the criss-crossing paths of the flying Joyeurs. #
Excellent food and company at lunch, with intense discussion about documentation, training, and video (which Mary was very patient about). #
The Twitter Diaries: Nov 14-Dec 7, 2010 – been a helluva month (or less) #
Cowgirl Creamery:


(Milan tram in San Francisco) #

Okay, I finally broke down: I’m listening – on purpose – to Christmas music. Boney M Christmas Party??? Ah, I know who that came from… #
@smugmug Thanks for the new upload progress bars – exactly what I wanted. #
Budding Joyeur: #

My duaghter is writing again. Nice to wake up to something of hers to read. (Only in Italian, for now.) #
Very busy week starts now, but happy busy. #
testing out video streaming. Why has UStream UI has changed since last time used a month ago? Do I have the new new or old new version? #
Built-in isight under fluorescent light = not the way I really want to be seen live. #
Node.js Camp tomorrow  will be streamed live, watch my Tweets for updates and details #NodeCamp #
@jordanbrock @jasonh @justinfrench only if we all get to work there 2 months a year. At least. #

Node.js Camp on USTREAM will be live tomorrow from 9 am Pacific Time at http://bit.ly/gTWlMD #
Women walk around SF in shoes I could barely stand up in #
@francoislaberge yes Tuesday, thanks! #
gettin’ ready to do that thang: Node.js Camp – preparation | Flickr – Photo Sharing! #
Node.js Camp on USTREAM will be live TODAY from 9 am Pacific Time at http://bit.ly/gTWlMD – #
Dear SF: enough with the last-second forced turn lanes. I cannot know every block of this city by heart. #
testing the node.js camp stream at http://bit.ly/gTWlMD – someone wanna jump in and tell me how the sound is? #
testing Twitter feed from UStream #nodecamp (live at http://ustre.am/rrb1) #
@craigmorgan How ’bout now? #
@sgharms Thank Emily, our amazing organizer, and her team of orange-shirted elves. #nodecamp #joyent #
@befreax Thanks! Great people, wicked cool projects – all the good parts of my former life at Sun, with the addition of a bright future. #
Note on the #nodecamp video stream http://bit.ly/gTWlMD – the UStream chat DOES work. They must have changed the port they use – yay! #
@sveisvei Sorry to hear you’re ill. We’ll do our best to keep the stream up and running, and it’s also being recorded. #NodeCamp #
@iammerrick What music would you like? #nodecamp #
@craigmorgan I think I have at least six different languages on my iPod at any given time. #
About to get started here… #
Tom Hughes-Croucher giving opening remarks and instructions at Node.js Camp on USTREAM http://bit.ly/f4FTd9 #
Ryan Dahl LIVE at Node.js Camp on USTREAM http://bit.ly/f4FTd9 #
@franklywatson Join us on the stream! http://bit.ly/gTWlMD #nodecamp #
@mahemoff we’ll see if killing the first row of lights helps #nodecamp #
Geek humor – my favorite kind. And this is live, collaborative comedy http://bit.ly/f4FTd9 #
> 190 viewers on the stream at Node.js Camp on USTREAM http://bit.ly/f4FTd9 #
Next up on Node.js Camp on Workshop 1: Routingwith Guillermo Rauch http://bit.ly/f4FTd9 #
Next up on Node.js Camp Workshop 2: Game Client with Tim Caswell http://bit.ly/f4FTd9 #
@robtsuk #nodecamp Watching the stream on http://bit.ly/f4FTd9 ? #
Dang, guess I’m not eligible for the raffle. #
Starting up again soon with Workshop 3: Socket.IO http://bit.ly/f4FTd9 #
Node.js Camp started again – time to write some code! http://bit.ly/f4FTd9 #
@tomcoates That was cited in Pinker’s The Blank Slate, as I recall. #
@tomcoates At the least, bad peers and bad management can restrain you from being awesome. #
RT @daithi44: Some beer and #nodecamp streaming live, considering it a virtual night out. – you had to mention beer… #
For those who will want to catch up later, UStream captures from Node.js Camp near the bottom of the page on http://bit.ly/f4FTd9 #
@UstreamHelpers You guys are not coming out of this smelling like a rose. HELP #
Coming up: Datagrams with Paul Querna #nodecamp http://bit.ly/f4FTd9 #
…a UDP based chat? #
coming up: Workshop 5: Deployment #nodecamp http://bit.ly/f4FTd9 #
Node.js Camp demos! http://bit.ly/f4FTd9 #
@RafaelCorrales you’re welcome #NodeCamp #
Demoing a chat client with Twitter, FB supprt – coded today at Node.js Camp http://bit.ly/f4FTd9 #
Demoing Kinect with Node.js http://bit.ly/f4FTd9 #
RT @ryanspaulding: #nodecamp was awesome! I hope they do it again next year. – Maybe sooner! #
Demoing a distributed object system written with Node.js http://bit.ly/f4FTd9 #
Wow, a lot of really cool stuff going by very fast. #
UStream captures from yesterday’s Node.js Camp here: http://bit.ly/f4FTd9 – in reverse chron order. #
Rossella Nel Mondo racconti di una vagabonda Italoamericana  #
RT @Boh: @DeirdreS molto carino il post sul vizio:) – Sarei tentatia di dire Tale madre… ma ha un talento tutto suo. #
@riccardo_iommi Grazie! Magari lasciala un commento – non ci e’ ancora abituata (tutte le risposte finora su FacciaLibro). #
Not only is she writing again, she’s damned funny. I wish she’d translate into English the comedian #
@jamesaduncan may be useful: Favorite Restaurants, in Italy and Elsewhere #
Fa la la la la…  #

@rbanffy Thanks – that was extremely timely for me. #
Bay Area Riak Meetup on USTREAM: http://www.meetup.com/San-Francisco-Riak-Meetup/calendar/15661426/. http://bit.ly/ebRZNa #
Ah, beer. That’s what was needed. #
Tom Hughes-Croucher speaking on Riak and Node.js at Bay Area Riak Meetup on USTREAM http://bit.ly/ebRZNa #
@NomdeB I think that’s true of all male-female couples. How come men get built-in heaters? Is that why we keep them around? #
For the second time this week: if you can’t come to the geek, I’m bringing the geek to you. #
Note to those in the room: sorry, unexplaied equipment failure makes me really bitchy. Especially on an empty stomach. #
Node.js is awesome, like a unicorn riding a narwhal #
…yes, he has a graphic for that. #
Filmed Ryan last Friday, filmed Nodecamp all of Tuesday, filming Tom now. Cd prob start writing node.js myself now. NB: I’m not an engineer! #
RT @NomdeB: @deirdreS – recognize this place (redone now of course, Hostel)  – Remind me why we needed a new gym at all? #

@NomdeB There are treadmills?!? That’s just silly. #
Hey, who can recommend a really good Mexican restaurant in San Francisco? #
@pijewski Nice restaurant, thanks. #
We’re all getting Bs & Cs. Their children are getting As. And we’re doing their homework. #
@bubbva We’re trying out one that @pijewski recommended, very close to home – will let you know! Already had roasted mussels for lunch #
@izs Drunk Amazoning? Could be very dangerous. #
Jesus told us to love the poor and help the needy without condition; we just don’t wanna do it.  #
@jasonh Welcome back. #
.@ebertchicago When I heard that Mastroianni died (never met him, but lived in Italy at the time), I felt sad that I hadn’t had his child. #
@bubbva which is a good tonic? #
If your faith is so shakeable that you have to pretend entire volumes of science & history don’t exist, is that faith? #
Question on Italian Surnames – does anyone know the origins of the name Galassi ? #
I’m good. I just don’t believe I’ll be rewarded for it in heaven. My reward is knowing I try to do the right thing #
@adamsbaldwin @qwijyboman Nationalized health care paid via taxes, just like military, police, fire depts, schools… not hard to grok. #
@alaindebotton Wow, really? Sorry kind of friendship. I have several friends orders of magnitude more successful than I. Still friends. #
Sleep. Would be a really good thing. #
RT @jimpick: Worse yet, the doc stuck a camera probe thing deep into there. – Been there, done that, a lot. #
@bklein34 Could be worse. She could be learning the violin. Or is she? #
Filming geek porn.  #

@pfuetz We haven’t forgotten our roots, nor are we likely to. #
Festive breakfast at my desk #

oh, phew – it’s only Tuesday. Lost a day in there somewhere. #
Damn, thought this was a song for sysadmins: Backin Up Song  #

@bcantrill: DeirdrÈ has shot more video than a veteran pornographer. – I’ll be sure to put that on my resume. 😉 #
@PaulFranz Almost only gifts bought this year were for a family in need whom I don’t even know. I am free of the tyranny of forced giving. #
@pborenstein A chocolate cherry croissant with a dusting of – surely not real – gold. #
I find my courage where I can, but I take my weapons from science. Because they work, bitches. xkcd: Sickness  #

@alaindebotton Or because we just like people. #
Had one of those nightmares that’s hard to shake, being still groggy with sleep isn’t helping. Coffee, shower… #
RT @saraford: Am i the only person that liked TRON? -> a lot of people I know did, haven’t seen it myself yet. Have a lot of movies to catch #
Venchi Italian Chocolate Giveaway Ms. Adventures in Italy http://bit.ly/hUQveW #
@rattay I’ve seen a lot of relatively young men in Italy who just shave their heads bald when their hair starts to go. #
there’s a huge difference between making a case for your religious views, and getting offended that some disagree #
@rattay How about needing a drink for the holidays ? #justsayin #
@creepyed LOL. That would be my ex futon? Which was already someone else’s before me? I can vouch that it’s comfy #furniture #sellingstuff #
Stuff to do over the holiday: play w Joyent’s new Canon D7, play at learning Python. Don’t laugh too hard at latter – expert advice on tap. #
@derik66 I think I’ve got a headstart on node.js from ~8 hours of filming about it. Something’s gotta sink in. #
@jasonh Excuse me, you left Texas out of that list of top universities. 😉 #
My personal blog is languishing again – which means I am once again using most of my brain cells on my day job. #
Oh, drat, we’re coming to the end of a decade. The media can be twice as lazy, with 10-year as well as 1-year recaps . Bored already. #
Spent 3+ yrs learning Sun tech, now find myself in the situation that Dtrace/analytics are my comfort zone, & its time to learn new stuff. #
It is delightfully relaxing to know that all those last minute gift ideas have absolutely no relevance to me. I’ll buy some gifts – after. #
If someone held a Winter Solstice Parade, how much do you wanna bet there’d a be a Reason for the Season float? #
My grandparents were Elks #

People keep asking if I miss Italy. Don’t need to.  #

@jlb13 all I really knew about it was bingo #

I want the giant lite brite!  #

@johnnysunshine Italy was home in some sense for 17 years, but my true home, if I have one, is a Himalayan hill station called Mussoorie. #
Holidays are when I traditionally go to the cinema. Who’s up for Harry Potter or Narnia? Sita Sings the Blues, probably Sunday. #
After massage and lunch, should I vacuum, go get packages, or … I think nap is winning. #
RT @stevel: Behold my army of cuteness. http://twitpic.com/3iug5l @NomdeB needs to see this. #
We braved Costco, @jeffreytaylor and I, to bring home the goodies for tomorrow night’s dinner. Now I’m done in for the day. #
Not gonna make it to a movie tonight after all. Body wants to sleep. #
RT @mtuckerb: Blog Post: The Relationship Paradox -> beautiful #
@HumanityCritic That’s usually a very dangerous situation for the man. #
I have found my tribe: The Christmas Resistance Movement!  #
When you’re unhappy, you get to pay a lot of attention to yourself. And you get to take yourself oh so very seriously.  #
Scrooge with title art by Ronald Searle. Cool. Plus I like the songs. #
@johnnysunshine buy whatever toy will most annoy the parents 😉 #
@vdotw no, friend’s kitty I’m visiting for Christmas eve dinner #
Tested whether I could type normally on a friend’s iPad. ~Yes. Could use one for communications while laptop processes video. Hmm. #
You know you work for a startup when your boss catches you online on Christmas day to discuss work – and you don’t mind. #
…really glad I’m staying home today, pouring rain in SF. Now if only I had a fireplace to loll in front of… #
It would be nice if health coverage wasn’t so damned confusing, even more if I wasn’t convinced it’s intentionally so. #
Damn, this is a lot of camera. And it’s ages since i used any kind of SLR seriously. Anyone have pointers to good tutorial sites/videos? #
Apparently I am supposed to feel like a loser because I spent Christmas alone and didn’t have a mound of gifts. Actually feel… peaceful. #
@iamjoeanybody Thanks, no one in particular said so, it’s just easy to infer from all the marketing, carols, etc. #
…and, now that the crush is over, I will actually enjoy shopping for gifts for a few special people. I shop better without pressure. #
Oh, did buy a gift of @smugmug for my daughter. Will upgrade to pro when she gets it organized – her work is defiinitely good enough to sell #
@thepartycow Good heavens, already? Seems like only yesterday he was just an ultrasound. Congratulations! #
.@anildash We need to just reschedule all this holiday stuff away from the WORST time of year to travel in the northern hemisphere. #
The Illuminated Heart (photo)  #
My New Job #
@wastedcarbon What is that? A baby spaceship? Looks like the control helm of the Enterprise. #
Going out soon to the RED VIC MOVIE HOUSE to see Sita Sings the Blues on the big screen  – thanks to @ninapaley #
RT @deirdresm: @DeirdreS You picked a great company. 🙂 -> Thanks, I think so, too! #
@Roam2Rome Ah, but some of us are tumbleweeds. #
The US is the rich country with the most skewed income distribution. Income Inequality and the Superstar Effect #
@Schlomo What sort of books? #
Too tired to cook, picking up lamb saag at Chaat Cafe. Must learn to sleep. #
@pelegri Felt like coming home. 😉 #
RT @badnima: Firefly vs Mad Men -> But only one has Captain Tightpants. @NathanFillion #
How many of these t-shirts do you have? (Joyent employees have an unfair advantage here, of course.)  #

@jasonh: there’s a couple missing there -> then they’re also missing from our new wall display. #
YouTube – Leonard Cohen – Ain’t No Cure For Love (watch in HQ) http://bit.ly/hVcCGd #
Oh, no, I am not getting into the t-shirt supply business again! However, I believe we do give out t-shirts rather freely at Joyent events. #
View through my apartment windows in a rainstorm… it’s a bit like living in a fish tank.  #

I think I just fell in love… with a camera. #
@lderezinski It’s a newly-decorated wall in the SF office. To be fair, no one claimed that this was the comprehensive collection. #
Canon 7D Test: Traffic at Night Through a Rainy Window #
@jasonh I hope Jeff Bonwick has one of those #
Having my name in the credits of Sita Sings the Blues does not get me into IMDB. Drat. #
@davetong Stewart has long reminded me of Spinrad’s decades-old book, Bug Jack Barron. He has great power; he’s using it well. #
People seem to enjoy explaining things to me. This is a huge asset in my work (and I enjoy the learning, too). #
@khaybee Beautamous! #

The Twitter Diaries: Nov 14-Dec 7, 2010

@craigmorgan I’d love to do it for more than just us, but, while cheap, my guerilla video does have some costs and I do need to eat. # @mtuckerb @NomdeB Agree on that, too. If I were a conspiracy theory type, I would say it’s even designed to create sheep-like voters… # Ready for the Read More…

@craigmorgan I’d love to do it for more than just us, but, while cheap, my guerilla video does have some costs and I do need to eat. #
@mtuckerb @NomdeB Agree on that, too. If I were a conspiracy theory type, I would say it’s even designed to create sheep-like voters… #
Ready for the oven:  #

New! downloadable version: Markus Flierl’s Introduction to Oracle Solaris 11 Express – Oracle Solaris Summit at LISA10 http://bit.ly/eRSNnm #
@NomdeB You can download and read pdfs on the kindle, but they don’t resize well. #
@tgardner While singing loudly: Don’t you wish your girlfriend was hot like me. #
@dreamofitaly Website lovelly & full of info – except what town the place is actually located. Italian web designers miss important details. #
Vance George is sending homesick-making emails from Mussoorie. Oh to be in the foothills even with the well-known bone-chilling cold. #
the Himalayas (Bandarpunch) in winter, from Mussoorie/Landour:  #

Oracle Solaris Developer Tools – Oracle Solaris Video – sorry, can’t attach the slides right now, upload borked #
What a wonderful day to… stay home! #
@dreamofitaly Snide, but true – I’ve seen a lot of this in Italy, eg restaurant site that doesn’t tell you what day it’s closed, or phone # #
Now editing the Solaris Summit videos that did get UStream captured, so you’ll have downloadable versions. I know people watch on planes. #
The Harder They Come  #

@paolovalde See you next year! Buon viaggio. #
1st video of the day (Markus Flierl Sol 11 overview) uploaded, processing on blip.tv, 1st section of next (Bart on IPS) now compressing #
@glynnfoster Agreed, it looks like they’re trying to invoke the atmosphere of a seedy Vegas poker club. #
@Lisa827 @jscarp I like this idea, have signed up. #
Bart Part 2 compressing while Bart Part 1 uploads (Smaalders, not Simpson). #
The rich will always say ‘give us more money, we’ll spend more, it will trickle down.’ That has not worked – Buffet  #
@melanierenzulli cornbread stuffing with chestnuts is the BEST. #
RT @jdub: solution to enraged Whedon fans is a sharpened stick? – Stake is the word you’re looking for. It’ll take more than that, tho. #
It would make sense to move the major American holidays to a time of year when the northerm hemisphere is not absolute crap for travel. #
@jasonh He did. #
Amazon keeps wanting me to spend money to outfit my Kindle. I carry it around in a cloth OpenSolaris schwag bag. Got it free, works fine. #
@Roam2Rome @wanderingitaly Problem is, Italy is failing on both fiscal and humanist fronts. Hard to sustain la dolce vita on no salary. #
I really really really hate these robot phone trees that try to be too clever. Can you please say that another way? #
@wanderingitaly Guess I wasn’t furba enough. In fact got tired of needing to be furba. #
Just used iPhone self photo + Mms to get 2nd opinion on new glasses. Yay technology! #
Even if airline travel could be made totally safe, wouldn’t terrorists then just target other crowded venues? Then what? #
Starting to feel downright smug that I am Not Going Anywhere this holiday. #
@urbanturbanguy You have to do a bit of both, I think. The root causes are very deeply rooted, it’ll take time to fix those. #
@urbanturbanguy Yes. And we could start addressing the root causes effectively with just a small fraction of what we spend on security. #
@NomdeB Maybe Americans overreact because the news tells us constantly BE AFRAID. #
RT @flipcritic: There is no such word as Updation. There never has, and there never will. – but there /should/ be. Also upgradation #
Upgradation  #

RT @yesthattom: I predict this will be an instant classic:  Now there’s a holiday I can get behind! #

RT @GodlessAtheist: RT @nicktatebate: Only God can convince an atheist. <— Have him get in touch when he’s ready to party. – Doonesbury #
@DellCares I did the interntional tag transfer a few days ago. What happens next? Do I need to do something? #
@DellCares Thanks very much! #
Joan Baez – Oh Freedom – Turn Me Around – 1984  #

@wastedcarbon Congratulations! #
So where wd I find black Friday deals on Ugg boots? #

Bartender at Osha made me a special drink involving mango, basil, and Irish whiskey. Yum. But did he really say his name is Golf? #
@sogrady Almost always, except when the iPhone goes immediately to voicemail for no apparent reason. #
@sogrady …I did once use Twitter to interrupt a call from my mother (begged someone – anyone! – to call so I’d HAVE to answer). #
I’m flattered, Twitter, but is @ebertchicago /really/ all that Similar to Me? #
~12 year old girl with a t-shirt inscribed: Life is short, and so is your penis. Huh? Even on an adult, that would be disturbing. #
@portertech Ah, you hit some keywords I know. You might enjoy this #
Having fun editing an entirely new (for me) kind of video. #
Daughter & her friends making a full-on traditional American Thanksgiving feast in Italy. I’ll be having a non-traditional one in San Jose. #
I wouldn’t mind an iPad, but I suspect I’d use it mostly to play Angry Birds. #
The people of Naples are fed up with this story and perhaps with themselves, too.  #
Where’s @iamsrk ? Seems like I haven’t seen him on Twitter in ages. #
RT @ebertchicago: When did public stupidity cease to be a liability? – When public came to believe stupidty = sincerity #

@timoreilly Shareholders are happy when the bottom line looks good, no one cares what it cost the employees to get there. #
@davetong Assam is a proper noun, rasam hasn’t made it into an English dictionary yet, I suspect. #
@wastedcarbon Poor kid. Take it from one who knows: having a birthday around Thanksgiving… meh. #
RT @c_bright: @DeirdreS And what is the deliciousness that you tweeted?!? Here’s the recipe [for orange-lemon-olive oil cake]: And it IS delicious. #
@italylogue You know of at least two friends I’ve made by inviting strangers to my expat Thanskgiving feasts. 😉 #
@jeffreytaylor Not quite up to your standards of complex baking, but it’ll be tasty. #
I don’t think I’m going to mind that it’s not turkey  #

@vdotw Lamb, Moroccan style. Tanvir cooked it, it was delicious. #
@vdotw In Big Sur, cougars eat joggers. #
Great Thanksgiving with a Woodstock classmate (that counts as family), his family and friends – all great people. I probably talked too much #
@LiveForever1D @almightygod Huh? Just… huh? #
So today’s the day I’m supposed to leap out of bed and go stand in lines to buy stuff? #
@alecmuffett How does one put ducks to bed? #
Wood doves keep flapping accusingly about the balcony and staring pointedly into the window. Their food dish is empty. #
Why is every relationship in the world easier than those between spouses, or between parents and children? Or am I just lucky? #
@vdotw All valid points, and I think expectations also have a lot to do with it. We are far more forgiving of anyone else than our families. #
Italy’s decline began 20 years ago, economy not able to face globalization, every year production figures go down #
The Outlook for Italy? Rather bleak.mItaly is a country without direction. When a world expert on Italy expresses…  #
Dear Amazon: I need a single operation to change all my wish list books to Kindle editions of same. Please fix. #
Deleted all DVDs from my Amazon Wish List, added to Netflix queue instead (tho some were obscure – Netflix doesn’t know about them yet). #
Vance George keeps sending out gorgeous descriptions of his visit to Woodstock, Mussoorie, and environs. Such beauty. Making me homesick. #
RT @ilpost: Berlusconi claims he has resolved all emergencies, brought Italy out of economic crisis – I feel sick. #


Saw this in produce at Whole Foods. Who would eat whom?  #

RT @NomdeB: @DeirdreS THAT is creepy. No way to know if this is genuine concern or an abuser/stalker.. Dunno, but he also knocked on my door #
RT @billblum: Berlusconi’s interests do not extend beyond his zipper. – Sadly, no – they also include making more money, staying out of jail #
@frailgesture Expiring? They take stuff away?!? #netflix #
Now that I’ve found a perfect fit of jeans at the Gap, it’s not available at the store OR online. What gives? #
@vdotw Real Straight – the mind boggles that I would fit anything called Real Straight, but I’ll take it. They have em, but only in 2 styles #
@vdotw Damn, was hoping for corduroys. #
RT @wanderingitaly: I’d like an answer, too! RT: @italianescapes: Why do women love Italy? – It’s all the (myths about) Italian men. #
@wanderingitaly Perhaps they were mythical even then. #
@wanderingitaly It’s more US women (in particular) cherish an enduring myth of the Italian male, which adds to the whole dolce vita thing. #
@shawnferry @lskrocki Me, too, which is Shawn’s fault. #smugmug #
I’m up early on a Sunday (and my birthday), of my own free will, to… go discuss software with a bunch of drs. I must live in the Bay Area. #
@NomdeB That’s not myth – that’s fact. Goes for the girls as well, tho to a somewhat lesser degree. #
Thanks for all the birthday wishes on both Twitter and FB. So far not doing any of the normal birthday celebration stuff, happy nonetheless. #
Extraordinarily close relationship between Putin & Berlusconi causing US suspicion…lavish gifts, energy contracts…. #
Berlusconi a feckless, vain, and ineffective leader whose penchant for partying mean he does not get sufficient rest. #
Cablegate? I’m enjoying the refreshing honesty. When a world leader is a psycho criminal, I’d rather know about it and act accordingly. #
Tweetdeck didn’t scroll Mentions column, so I missed all the birthday wishes. Thanks, everybody! Spent the day on creative projects – fun! #
a song for my next year: It’s Getting Better All the Time  #

The Faces of Sun #
@macsun Sorry, I knew you were missing, but the only footage I could get hold of of you was so bad you were unidentifiable. So much was lost #
In case anyone was left wondering: yes, I did resign from Oracle today. Yes, I do have a very exciting new job to go to! #
…and, since at least half my world had figured it out already: yes, I’m going to Joyent! Very VERY excited about that. #
Feared YouTube would censor my use of a copyrighted song. Instead, they put links to you can buy the song. Smart!  #

– Yes, Bart Smaalders is in there – look again. 😉 #
Accidentally turned off comments. If I’ve filmed you & you’re not in the video or on the Missing list, please say so! #
@LudoMP Indeed it is. So where are you now? #
Reminder to self: you do NOT need more socks. Unless they’re really pretty and warm ones… #
@NomdeB I admit it, I have a sock fetish. Best socks I’ve found so far were from New Zealand. #
I’m told the music on The Faces of Sun is blocked on YouTube in some geos. If that’s your case, let me know. #
@Crescenzo As far as I recall, it’s a great film about growing up. why not? #
@flexrex Yup, didn’t even need a ring of invisibility. Just a circle of friends. Liked the vid? #
Taking back payments on my iPhone, and AT&T requires a credit check. Why? I was a customer in good standing for 2 years. #
@Cdash Glad to hear it’s going well for her. #
This is what I should have tweeted yesterday #

@Crescenzo I remember a body lying on the floor behind a desk, that was about it. (We’re talking about a movie, folks!) #
90 mins on phone with AT&T, perhaps 30 of which was I do apologize for the hold & bear with me. Maybe too polite! #
Life is good. Lunch is good. #

Interesting. 3 YouTube videos flagged for copyrighted content. 2 owned by Sony blocked in Germany only, WMG blocks worldwide. #
@tpenta Good point, have done so before. But takes research to find the right song, I didn’t have time for that + editing. Next one. #
@flexrex I probably did, but that was among the vast amount of footage I couldn’t get to in any usable format. #
Dear media: the plot of a TV show is not news. That Assange’s mother doesn’t want him hunted is not news. You’re being paid for this? #
@pelegri Was just noticing that myself. Funny thing is, I can still access email to see all these workflow notices go by. #
@pelegri … and I feel an unbearable lightness of being about it all. #
I know how you feel, buddy…# [somewhat overwhelmed]

Fell asleep at 10, exhausted. Woke up at 3, brain buzzing. This job will def keep my mind busy. #
Funny how everything fits together in the end. My visit to SuperNap back in April was almost accidental. #
Brendan Gregg’s talk from LISA10 is now available to attendees/USENIX members – check your LISA10 reg email 4 login #
Brendan’s LISA10 talk on Visualizations for Performance Analysis (and More) is now available to all  #
@gtirloni It was my pleasure, and I look forward to doing more with at least some of my favorite video stars! #
Getting my digital life moved onto a shiny new Macbook Pro. #
500 GB of HD right on my laptop, and a cloud at my disposal? Video processing and hosting nevermore a problem. <sigh of happiness> #
Okay, this is a bit bizarre… DTrace is a religion? I guess that makes @bcantrill a cult leader  #
The top 1 of Americans earn more than the bottom 50 COMBINED – Call me socialist, but I find that deeply wrong. #

@thinguy Yup. I think we saw trickle down not working under Reagan decades ago, why are we still stuck with that illusion? #
tired and weakened by scandals and a souring political atmosphere: in one meeting, Berlusconi fell asleep.  #
RT @rosannecash: Mr. L to me today: ‘You distort my sense of what’s normal’. #ThatsMyJob – Normal is overrated, I don’t recommend it. #
Reviving the company coffee machine (tried 4 kinds of Nespresso, didn’t like any of them). #
… Pop Tarts in the kitchen could be very, very dangerous. #
@pijewski Just brewed up a fresh half-pot to try it out – help yourself. Costco beans, I’ll get more if we all like them (I do). #
@timfoster I have at least once managed to set a Pop Tart on fire, merely by toasting it. #
Yes, my life is officially crazy again. YAY! #
What if her coach is 2nd class? She at least gets to travel – The Glamorous Life  #

@reiger When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro – Hunter S. Thompson #
Had a beer, but that’s not the principal reason I’m happy. #
One of the things I miss about Italy is an Argentine cartoonist: QUINO …who is well known in Italy, but not in the US #
RT @bcantrill: Alexander’s birthday present for me – Technology: a million new ways to embarrass yr kid! 😉 #

I’m the dream of all Italians. #
@jitterted Identifying a root cause is useful only if there is the will and ability to fix it, otherwise it’s just depressing & futile. #
@ryancnelson What, your birthday too? Lotta Sagittarians about. #
@wastedcarbon @brendangregg Intermittent Octopus? I guess that goes w the Rainbow Pterodactyl, and whatever new menagerie Brendan captures. #
@adamsbaldwin @Ben_Howe Exactly the same can be said of almost any religion. Any belief too fervently held can lead to violence. So? #
@Ben_Howe I would not go so far. I would say that *many* of the horrors of human history have been done in the name of someone’s god. #
@Ben_Howe Ture, most wars do boil down to resources. But religion is all too often the excuse, and used as motivation. #
@Ben_Howe Yes, there’s also patriotism, for example. But there is the odd juxtaposition that most religions claim to be about love. #
Breakfast, groceries, housecleaning… I need something a little more exciting in the calendar for today! #
Don’t know why I’m so resistant to vacuuming my very small apartment; it’s only going to take about ten minutes. #
Problem with feeding birds on the balcony is they most ungratefully poop everywhere. #
I wouldn’t mind TV/Hulu ads so much if there were more variety. I promise, I get the idea in only one viewing. #
@pborenstein Apparently I don’t watch nearly enough TV to have a clue what you’re talking about. 😉 #
Daughter is at the Lady Gaga concert in Milan, presumably having fun. I’ll bet (and have heard) she puts on a great show. #
It’s just the rain making me lazy, right? #
Was considering going out to a movie in an actual cinema, but it’s raining so hard I can’t be bothered. I’ll cook instead. #
Enjoy watching brilliant minds wrestle with interesting problems, even when I don’t entirely understand what I’m seeing. I’m a geek groupie. #
@hudsonette Saw the 6-hour adaptation of His Dark Matrials in London a few years ago, a truly stunning piece of theatre. #
@hudsonette His Dark Materials Part I 2003/04 – Productions – National Theatre  #
I dont care what picture you put on your FB profile. Take the extra 30 seconds to also do something worthwhile. #
Apparently my new sleep pattern is: collapse at 10, wake up at 4 needing to empty my brain. It keeps thinking when I’m sleeping, dammit! #
Damn. I always lose something in a computer move. This time it was a song translation in progress – many hours of work. Damn damn damn. #
@jgerst I’d like to know the converse: what do companies lose on employee stress-related illness? #
@wanderingitaly My daughter spent 6 hrs waiting in snow to get into the concert last night (dunno why that was nec), so I guess she cares ! #
RT @izs: OH: Sleep is a bad idea. Don’t sleep. Just do work. — @bcantrill – Does that constitute HR abuse? 😉 #
@droberts Congratulations! #ThoughtWorks #
Mmmm… eggnog. #
@jonto – Thanks! I’m the Director of Technical Education, which is mostly about getting knowledge out of our experts and into our customers. #
I am an awfully cheap date these days… #

Ben Rockwood, Deirdré Straughan, Brendan Gregg

^ Ben Rockwood, Deirdré Straughan, Brendan Gregg
I heat up, I cool down, when something gets in my way I go ’round it…  #

The Twitter Diaries: Oct 30-Nov 14, 2010

@tomcoates Yeah, we’re kinda stupid that way. No memory, short-term or long-term. # .@bcantrill I have long wanted to video my four Bs – @brendangregg @bcantrill Ben and Bonwick. All at once. Might require 8 cameras. # Hmm, first time I’ve gotten an expertise request through LinkedIn. Yes, I do have some. # … wait Read More…

@tomcoates Yeah, we’re kinda stupid that way. No memory, short-term or long-term. #
.@bcantrill I have long wanted to video my four Bs – @brendangregg @bcantrill Ben and Bonwick. All at once. Might require 8 cameras. #
Hmm, first time I’ve gotten an expertise request through LinkedIn. Yes, I do have some. #
… wait until the garages of Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore get up to speed. http://nyti.ms/bhDEGn #
@dboyll And more popular. Got some interesting stats to show you. #
@bubbva Love to. Shd be at SCA lunchtime Monday to empty my car of stuff that’s been stored in my apt for mos. Then on to LISA in San Jose. #
Re video stats, our most-viewed long-term were the least polished and professional. Execs in studios popular, but have a short shelf life. #
.@metadaddy Pleased to hear it. Using a puppet for tech material surprisingly effective. Pity we lost him, too.  #

…and, on the topic of video: Why Film Engineers? #
@craigmorgan Actually, Sun didn’t really approve of the puppet, either. But he was a lot more fun than the usual show floor demos at OSCON. #
People appear to be walking to the stadium. I suppose there’s a reason. #
@llcrowe I know, but there are definitely folks going there. <shrugs> #
@italylogue Where does one submit to? #travel #
@italylogue Ah, I see. Confusing – you’re talking about submitting to Boots’n’All and this site is not related in any immed obvious way #
Dunno exactly what’s going on out there, but by the sounds of it I should give myself extra time to /walk/ to my doctor’s office. #
Feeling out of kilter with the rest of the US. When y’all were complaining about summer heat waves, we were shivering. Now it’s hot in SF. #
@NomdeB Oh, I knew that. I was just puzzled as to why people kept coming by my place, which was not on the parade route. It’s all over now. #
Learn Italian in Song: Che Cosa C’e’ #
RT @ben: Yesterday, I ate donkey meat in Beijing – How was it? Italians sometimes eat donkey, but I haven’t tried it. #
@anildash The Economist ran an article on this years ago – check there. #
@ghc I was wearing my Women@Sun t-shirt, if that counts. #ghc10 #
by rejecting fiscal stimulus and debt relief, theyre perpetuating high unemployment. #
I’m not anti-Christmas, but I am not ready for it this early in the year, and I don’t intend to spend much on it. #
Bunch of my tweeps do podcasts, so I’m curious: why do you do audio instead of video? Or do you use the term podcast for either? #
Mutant lemon, possibly caused by garbage pollution in/near Naples #
RT @jessicacolley: Anyone else think it is too early for Starbucks to come in a holiday-themed cup? – It’s too early for all holiday crap #
I hereby vow: I will NOT buy ANYTHING holiday-themed until at least Dec 1st. I refuse to get into the spirit til after Thanksgiving. #
Recovered: An Introduction To Parallel Programming – Oracle Solaris Video  #
@jamescmcpherson Well, of course. Franklin Roosevelt was an evil, evil man, remember? #
How I do it: The Videoblogging Manual – a work in progress, but there’s a lot of material here already #
@nonstick What? You weren’t required to get the tattoo? #
looking forward to LISA, a chance to catch up with friends, colleagues, and former colleagues from all over. #
Sometimes I am perplexed as to whether I should be polite, or tell people what I really think. #
Thank you @nexenta for advertising on my website. 😉 #
Uh oh, down to the last Tim Tam. But I had help. #
@MissExpatria Same applies to Twitter. What if my non-numerous followers include important influencers in my industry…? #
@MissExpatria ps if the pope was following me, he’d be getting an earful and wouldn’t like it. #TBEX #
Definitely feeling better. Back to my normal mental state of relative optimism, irony, and general amusement with life. I’m probably crazy. #
@DonMacAskill like the new uploader, but miss the estimated time remaining, which is also a shortcut to tell me when it’s done. #
@jasonh Let’s hope your iPad doesn’t know better than you do. 😉 #
if you want to help me test the stream for Tuesday’s Solaris Summit, here’s the exciting view from my home:  #
testing, testing (with Celentano) (live at http://ustre.am/pSDm) #
planning a quiet weekend, more or less, but need to test the UStream software to figure out how to show slides along with video #
So much love to make up, everywhere you turn – love we have wasted on the way…  #

Learn Italian in Song: Dieci Ragazze per Me (ran across this in iTunes and was reminded what a great song it is) #
@standaloneSA Joining us at the Solaris summit Tuesday? Would love to meet in person. I’ll also be around Mon eve, Weds all day. #LISA10 #
in comments on Raising a Bilingual Child a mother asks for advice on helping her kids maintain their French – anyone? #
Feeling relaxed and restful, which is exactly what I need before a very busy week coming up. #
Just realized that, over the years, the few really vitriolic comments I’ve gotten on my site have been from… academic linguists. Huh. #
Raised the bed 6 inches on risers so I can store suitcases etc underneath it. Now need a bed skirt to hide all that stuff. #
.@wastedcarbon not quite Defense Against the Dark Arts, but… Little Shop of Performance Horrors #
@tpenta until security thinks it’s a bomb #
still testing UStream if anyone wants to see the weather in San Francisco today: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/solaris-summit-at-lisa10 #
@urbanturbanguy playing in my house, just so I can monitor that there’s something to hear. But there is a way to add in an audio stream #
Another thing I love about the Kindle: when reading while dining, I don’t have to find a way to make it stay open to the page I’m on. #
It would be nice to believe that someone in my family was ever normal, even if I had to go back a few generations to find them. But, alas… #
… okay, true – normal is overrated. But not completely crazy would be a good start. #
RT @melanierenzulli: So sad NYTimes: Pompeii Collapse Draws Charges of Official Neglect But, sadly, not surprising #
@lderezinski Coming to LISA? #
Really need to practice with this UStream software today, in prep for Solaris Summit streaming Tuesday, but the rain is making me sleepy. #
Sadly, this could be the source of America’s misunderstanding of Barack Obama: he’s a third-culture kid (like me) - #
Learn Italian in Song: Caro Amico Ti Scrivo http://bit.ly/9nBRW7 #
testing UStream again, here’s the Twitter feature – but does it include the URL for the media? (live at http://ustre.am/pSDm) #
here’s that URL: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/solaris-summit-at-lisa10 (live at http://ustre.am/pSDm) #
now playing on my UStream test: Rino Gaetano, Gianna (live at http://ustre.am/pSDm) #
Ahem, and you can probably hear me singing along… #
Kuch To Hua Hai from Kal Ho Naa Ho – yes, I regularly listen to music in about six different languages (live at http://ustre.am/pSDm) #
@NomdeB somehow I don’t think that acronym will catch on 😉 #
I’z in yr media, blowing away your business model. #
Need to extend our identities to think of the human race as our fellow sojourners – The Empathic Civilisation  #

My poor car is getting all kinds of dinged and battered in SF. Wonder what the leasing co will charge for that when I return it… #
@standaloneSA Aw, damn – won’t be there til tomorrow night. #lisa10 #
RT @standaloneSA: @DeirdreS That’s ok, I’ll probably be drinking then, too 😉 – I can do that any night, but I hate to miss karaoke! #
Dear #Ustream: completely changing the paradigm between locked and unlocked versions has just cost me hours of software learning. Not happy. #
Also not pleased with #ustream documentation. There’s got to be an easier way to learn this. #
wrestling with bad UI gives me a headache. Reminds me of a domain I haven’t done much with: http://www.usabilitybitch.com/ #
Green idea: Italian Dish Rack #
Dear #UStream : also, your documentation sucks. And I paid for this, dammit. #
@Ilho_Kim Yes, it will be recorded. #
Of course the state with the highest per capita purchase of online pornography isUtah. Of course. #
@MrSimonTaylor Not this American. I’ve probably eaten more Vegemite than donuts. But on toast, not bread. #
C.E.O.s of the largest American companies earned an average of 531 times as much as the average worker in 2001.  #
Didn’t wake up very long ago, and it’s already a win-some, lose-some kind of day. #
Tomorrow! Join the Live Video Stream of the Solaris Summit – Oracle Solaris Video  #
testing the video stream from a hellaciously good connection at the San Jose Convention Center. Tomorrow’s br (live at http://ustre.am/pSDm) #
@urbanturbanguy We crossed paths occasionally and liked each other, but didn’t really have occasion to work together. #
@urbanturbanguy would love to, especially now that I’m getting healthy and able to get out and about as usual #
love working with the Usenix folks #
@RaggedPoint Nope, I have 85 mbps ALL FOR ME. I think I’ll spend all of tomorrow on BitTorrent. 😉 #
@italylogue They’re fun, too. 😉 #
I am become death, destroyer of old-world media models. Fear me! #
Okay, guys, I know you like me and all, but this begins to look like stalking #

@jimpick to clarify: that is in the closet of my hotel room. I don’t know why. #
1st time I’ve been in a hotel in months, or had to pack for a trip. Naturally I forgot stuff, but nothing critical. Up early to film tomw. #
Join the Live Video Stream of the Solaris Summit today at 9 am PT – slides available #
Oracle Solaris Summit at LISA starting NOW http://www.ustream.tv/channel/solaris-summit-at-lisa10 (live at http://ustre.am/pSDm) #
Bart Smaalders on Image Packaging System in Solaris 11 – live NOW from the Oracle Solaris Summit at #LISA10 (live at http://ustre.am/pSDm) #
@wally_245 What coffee? I need some badly… #
Dave Miner on Deploying Oracle Solaris 11 in the Enterprise LIVE NOW (live at http://ustre.am/pSDm) #
Running this video stream is hard work. #
Getting started again with Nicolas on Networking and Crossbow at the Solaris Summit #lisa10 (live at http://ustre.am/pSDm) #
@AndreasJantos Thanks for going to the extra effort to join us! I know pacific time is less than ideal for a lot of the world. #
You can ask questions via chat during the Solaris Summit live stream (will require a UStream login, sorry). (live at http://ustre.am/pSDm) #
@jeffhuber was around 90 earlier, not sure now, I’m told some people are attending other sessions but watching the stream of this. #
@webmink and people wonder why I worry about the influence of religion in this country… #
Interesting (tho tiring) to be a one-woman video recording and broadcast studio – with social media. #
.@webmink Tom Lehrer – National Brotherhood Week #

Oracle Solaris Containers in Oracle Solaris 11 Express, by Dan Price LIVE NOW (live at http://ustre.am/pSDm) #
@bsousapt yes, I am blessed with incredible bandwidth today, 85 mbps symmetrical #
Coming up in ~10 minutes: ZFS Features in Oracle Solaris Express, by Cindy Swearingen (live at http://ustre.am/pSDm) #
@almightygod Aww… total hypocrisy is just so CUUUUUUTE @davinci_beau #
Remember that slides for the Live Video Stream of the Solaris Summit can be downloaded here:  #
Cindy on ZFS speaking NOW (live at http://ustre.am/pSDm) #
@jeffhuber yes, it’ll take me a week or so to get all the videos out, depending what else is on my plate. All will be on blogs.sun.com/video #
I am so wearing jeans the rest of this week. #
up next: New Security Features in Oracle Solaris 11 Express, by Glenn Faden (live at http://ustre.am/pSDm) #
@craigmorgan Thanks. Paddling furiously under the surface. 😉 #
@willbldrco Corp standard is that if meeting customers u can’t wear jeans, only dress slacks/khakis. I will therefore avoid customers. #
last preso of the day: Deploying Applications Using SMF and Other Solaris 11 Features, by Liane Praza (live at http://ustre.am/pSDm) #
Ah, the beer got here early. If you’re not in the Solaris Summit at #lisa10, you’re missing out! #
@craigmorgan I prefer it this way – I would rather chase a speaker with good energy than sit there twiddling my thumbs #
@craigmorgan I prefer it this way – a lot more fun chasing a high-energy speaker than twiddling my thumbs #
if you’re here at #lisa10, join us for BoFs tonight in Salon 1 – Oracle Solaris 10and BeyondVendor BoFOracle SolarisEngineer Panel #

…followed by Where’d BigAdmin Go?Vendor BoFRick Ramsey, Oracle #
Filming a panel of solaris engineers #
At this point I have been on duty for 13 hours and I am very tired. But also hungry. #
@shawnferry yes I’ll get the videos up on blogs.sun.com/video #
@jamescmcpherson all of LISA? You’d have to ask them. Today’s slides are on blogs.sun.com/video #
It’s been a while… #

(some) Video of the Solaris Summit (Tuesday, Nov 9th) – Oracle Solaris Video  #
Never been to this office, but I have some responsibility for the logo  #

@bloatedlesbian – We can say we knew him when… Adelajda e Bjordi – Nuk betohem dot  #

Imagine there was a cure for meanness. Well, maybe there is.  #
Busy couple of days at #LISA10, constantly running into people I know from previous editions and elsewhere. Fun! #
About to film solaris BoFs at #lisa10 Marriott Blossom Hill 3rd floor. First up Dave and Bart on install. #
Got a question on Solaris 11? Come ask our extended panel of experts at #lisa10 #
Jim mauro and Brendan Gregg on DTrace #lisa10 #
Will be heading over to #lisa10 to see Brendan Gregg’s invited talk this morning. Then go home and sleep. #
@billblum it will be available to Usenix members for sure. Brendan/Joyent will have to ask if they want to distribute it#


McDougall, Gregg and Mauro: #

Conundrum: Very hungry but too tired to do much about it. #
Solaris 10 Security Essentials Book – Oracle Solaris Video  #
Science Cheerleaders – In other words, you can have a bosom AND a brain.  #

Content with this week’s work, except that it’s not over yet. Editing Solaris Summit video all weekend – big demand for it, internal and ext #
ps That does mean I’ll be uploading video as it’s completed, all weekend. If you want to know more about Solaris 11, watch this space! #
Updated list of Oracle Solaris Storage-related video:  #
@LISAConference @amyrrich If I’m an attendee but not a member, what do I use for username/password? #LISA10 #sysadmin #
#LISA10 videos at http://www.usenix.com/events/lisa10/tech/ for members and attendees #
@bcantrill So sorry – he was a beautiful cat. #
Miner on Solaris 11 install finally compressed after several failed attempts, now working on Droux on Crossbow & other networking topics. #
This apple crisp recipe… twas yummy! #
@kvadratmeter Found and fixed a few; please let me know if there are others, which ones specifically. #
@webmink If you’re actually in Italy, my site can likely help #
Video: Dave Miner on Solaris 11 Deployment #
Solaris 11: Advances in Solaris Networking with Crossbow and Beyond #
Finished uploading Nicolas on Crossbow, now compressing first half of Dan Price on Zones (with gratuitous post-lunch exercise). #
Funny, I live in a small apt and have very little stuff here, but still feel the periodic urge to get rid of anything I’m not using. #
Dear Facebook: just because I am female does not mean I care about dieting (said she, munching the sad and lonely last Tim Tam). #
RT @tomcoates: Daniel Radcliffe is awesome nerdy: – singing Tom Lehrer! Truly awesome. #

@bubbva I harvested yet more tomatoes today, and the plant is still flowering. Love the California growing season! #
Learn Italian in Song: Ti Voglio #
2nd part of 3rd video uploading …and I think that’s enough editing for the day. #
Solaris 11 Express: Zones #
@bubbva my balcony gets so much sun and is relatively sheltered, it’s practically a greenhouse #
@rpfree I’m told that back in his Harvard days, Lehrer used to get all the girls. But I doubt Radcliffe needs help there… #
After 7 yrs waiting for a real job, Italian journalist on hunger strike #
@vittoriopasteris Sara’ che preferiscono essere ottimisti: i problemi della Birmania sembrano piu’ curabili di quelli dell’italia. #
I agree it’s all theater, but is having your man-parts touched by a TSA agent really so terrible? Women have annual mammograms, gyno exams.. #
…hell, to give birth in a hospital means having a roomful of people staring straight into your crotch. For hours. #
Having translated much of an Italian musical, have just received from the author a copy of the book it’s based on. #
@vdotw @NomdeB – V, meet S – both owners of beagles and, apparently, Snuggies for beagles. Them’s my tweeps. #
@jasonh True; we are all just unwilling players in security theater, and every player knows it’s fiction. #
@ProfOrganizer a pat-down by military personnel (women for women, men for men) has long been routine in Indian airports. #
.@jjmnolte What I love about the right is they’re so humble and open-minded. #
@LISAConference @amyrrich Hey, the audio is messed up on @brendangregg ‘s video – who can fix that? #
Dear student asking via blog comment whether Italy has a constitution: Wikipedia is your friend. #
@ericmortensen I have a skype phone that connects directly to a router. Bought from Skype ~2 years ago. Worked fine, tho don’t use it now #
another Sol 11 video uploading, I think I need a nap… #

The Twitter Diaries: Oct 14-30, 2010

YouTube video: When did you choose to be straight? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QJtjqLUHYoY # @ATTJenn Thanks, the confusion was mine, tho it’s puzzling why AT&T wd send a disconnect notice to tenant from 6 mos ago # @NomdeB The problem isn’t lack of ideas, but lack of energy to carry them out. # @NomdeB Both are the assumed Read More…

YouTube video: When did you choose to be straight? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QJtjqLUHYoY #
@ATTJenn Thanks, the confusion was mine, tho it’s puzzling why AT&T wd send a disconnect notice to tenant from 6 mos ago #
@NomdeB The problem isn’t lack of ideas, but lack of energy to carry them out. #
@NomdeB Both are the assumed default options. 😉 #
@italylogue I’ve gotten so used to seeing an orange Milan tram on the streets of San Francisco that it’s now confusing to see one in Milan. #
@italylogue Entire Italian families used to go on road trip summer vacations in those. #italy #
SAGE Reps Ruth Brodeen and Nathan Scott will be visiting East Coast Oct 16 – 24 for India Beyond the Classroom #
Is someone doing a twitter marketing push for country music? I do listen to it, but that’s not obvious anywhere in my online life. #
Living in the moment. #
RT @ericmortensen: I want this photo to be made into a movie.  – Saw 14, Revenge of the Lumberjack #
Pumpkin pie for breakfast – yum. #
RT @NomdeB: Atheists debate how much to speak up > Didn’t realize there was an atheists’ closet. Guess I’m well out #
@ebertchicago Seems like Christians who say God loves you even if you don’t believe in Him – kindly meant, but somewhat condescending. #
RT @NomdeB: near Mussoorie in the Himalayas – this is a shameless shoutout for friend’s quaint new hotel: http://bit.ly/d3nQOA #
RT @ninapaley: Happy Dussehra! Ram’s victory over Ravana begins at 1:13 in this clip. #

Learn Italian in Song: Sei la Fine del Mondo #
@jasonh Oops. Was just considering repurposing my older-generation iPhone as a baby toy. Now seems wiser than letting him play w new one. #
an Italian poem dimly remembered from childhood – can anyone help? see comments here #
971 followers. By a fine old Twitter tradition, I should beg you all to get your friends to get me to 1000. Nah. Quality, not quantity. #
DTrace and Performance with Oracle Solaris 11 Express – BoF at LISA 10 (Brendan’s also giving a talk at LISA) #
Is deep bench a sports term? What does it mean? I wish speakers wd realize that much of the world knows zilch about US sports. #
@shawnferry So… a very important concept was lost in translation, I wonder to how many people besides me? Gah! #
@zaps and @wanderingitaly are, according adjacent tweets in my tweet stream, both in Istanbul at this moment. Are you aware of each other? #
RT @msgilligan: Serving Cocoa with Grails! – Should that be cocoa in grails? As opposed to mugs? #
RT @b6n: I have an idea. – Or is it a cunning plan? #
RT @ProfOrganizer: @NomdeB In other words, smart is sexy? 😉 – Absolutely! #
Learn Italian in Song: Ti Amo #
Hoegaarden beer goes well with pumpkin pie. #
Got thru yesterday with only Tylenol, hopeful that I can resume normal life soon. Or whatever passes therefor. #
my new eye doc, Dr. Bert, also does this: Tibet Vision Project – like! #
RT @OTN_Garage: Solaris Summit all day Tuesday, Nov 9, at LISA 10 in ballrooms A4-A5 of the San Jose Conv Ctr  #
@thomasvsteele It’s officially Oracle Solaris, I don’t think that will change. #
Eyes dilated for checkup, can’t read text very well. Video works much better for me in this moment. #
@MissExpatria Yes. Look at the ticket prices. #
You’re telling me that’s in the First Amendment? #
@MissExpatria 12 vs 400, no. #
@dboyll This photo’s a little scary, but I do like the beard on you. #sfgiants #playoffbeard #
@TalentSynch @nilofer I’m still learning, and don’t plan to stop even at 80. Don’t plan to die then, either. #bobaubrey #foti2015 #
Oracle Solaris Summit at LISA conference 2010 – full details  #
Work being done in the apt below sounds like dentistry. My teeth hurt in sympathy. #
Learn Italian in Song: Porta Portese #
How do Democrats run against this?  – I’d like to think that being sane would be a good start… too optimistic? #
I’m you, except with bigger…  #

Young people saw religion as intolerant, hypocritical, judgmental and homophobic. …not for them.  #
Koch Industries and Network of Republican Donors Plan Ahead – NYTimes.com  #
RT @stevenbjohnson: I will be doing my own small part in Keeping Austin Weird at BookPeople at 7PM. Come out and talk #goodideas! #
Wondered why this page getting ^ hits this week. Keyword searches on Bangladesh (and other countries) 犋ⶺ�  – huh? #
Oh joy – new kinds of nose torture. #
Thank you, tweeple, for making me laugh. As you so often do. #
@b6n Define influenced. Has most impact, whether I like it or not? In today’s America, that’s probably the Bible, bcuz of others’ beliefs. #
The nose – it hurts. #
@thepartycow umm… where? #
is pumpkin pie a cure for insomnia? #
@llcrowe What? There’s another game?!? #
2 drs highly recom’d on Yelp, both turn out to donate much time & expertise. Coincidence that they’re also great with patients? I think not! #
@bubbva I’m quite fond of my nose, thanks, and trying hard to keep it in place and the same shape it’s been all along! #
@llcrowe So would you prefer them to win the next one and be done, or keep it going/drag it out? 😉 #
RT @NomdeB: Three tough American truck drivers drive in India:  I’ve been on many such roads – too many memories 4 me! #
RT @llcrowe: Republicans recently set a record number of filibusters. Vote to get things done this Nov.  (@jpcaponigro) #
@dboyll Thanks for the LOL. How do you manage to have the same scary expression every time? #sfgiants #playoffbeard #
Try not to get worried, try not to turn on to problems that upset you…  #

@angelcamacho It’s the airport jog, the airlines’ way to help us get in shape. So we can fit their tiny little seats better. #
@NomdeB this is not a recent photo, is it? #
My ex was right about one thing: when you read news stories about something you know well, you realize how ignorant and lazy the press is. #
My new theme song  #

Learn Italian in Song: Io Vagabondo #
@vdotw Yes, technically brilliant. Also resonates for me for both historical and present reasons. That was the soundtrack of my HS days. #
@bubbva @gtirloni The plan is to film it (I don’t miss this kind of opportunity!), maybe stream if we have the bandwidth. #
RT @fabianenardon: GlobalCode has a special code for getting 10 discount at JavaOne Brazil. Deadline: Oct.30. Enjoy! http://bit.ly/clL0WG #
@wcpreston Or OpenOffice for 0 #
Goodnight and Thank You  #

Moscone being readied for some new event. I feel sorry for those guys on the scaffolding in the rain. #
Drinking Maker’s Mark, making pasta sauce, singing along to Wild Women Don’t Get the Blues #
End of File: Mike Shapiro leaves Oracle #
oh, that’s what the big X on Moscone center is for… #
@webmink This is where you not following me is a problem. #
@ZackFord If I were within reach, I’d hug you (I could use it, too). #
What a day. And i wasn’t even supposed to be at work. #
Today is Worldwide Woodstock Day, so here’s background on this extraordinary international school in India’s Himalayas #
RT @psycho_lady Can’t believe I ever thought it would be cute and clever to marry a European. It’s expensive as hell is what it is. [snort] #
Brendan Greggs’ invited talk at #LISA10 will be on Thursday, November 11  – at 9 am?!? #
@sogrady and writing. #
@Penguin Whoa. What? Congratulations! #
Not up to going to either of the Woodstock Day events in the Bay Area, but enjoying the monsoon-like rain on my windows. #
@adamsbaldwin Who is Joe the Plumber that thou art mindful of him? #deem #
@kbeninato At least she wants to know. Which is more than I can say for my mom, who does not have Alzheimer’s. #
@kbeninato Ours is a family saga worthy of a Tennessee Williams play. <wry smile> I’m glad your mom still realizes what she’s got! #
Good thing last night’s pasta sauce (made for 2 visiting colleagues) turned out well – having it again for dinner tonight. #
@Danjite Sadly, prices going up and service levels dropping. People don’t use it enough. Or something. #
THE PERIPATETIC PARENT | More Intelligent Life  #
working on a video that several of you have asked for, but between compression and upload times it won’t be available til tomorrow #
Learn Italian in Song: Agnese #
@sogrady Amen to that. Thought giant margaritas that you can walk around on the street with alleviate much pain. #
@jimgris It’ll be great to see you! #
RT @themayorpete: The city just had a giant fucking sportsgasm – LOL. Judging from the sounds I can hear outside, it’s still going on. #
@yesthattom That sure puts a lot on the shoulders of the Giants. Are they up to it? 😉 #
US vice-consul seeking Italian lessons for a 4 year old, in Italy, next year. Can anyone help? See the comments on  #
Glad I don’t have to go anywhere, but can just enjoy the rain pelting my windows. #
Dammit, this was supposed to be 16:9. Did I forget something about using blip.tv? #
Murphy’s law of automatec thumbnails: they will always make your subject look as weird, dorky, or unreliable as possible. How do they do it? #
NEW: How to Build Better Applications with Oracle Solaris DTrace – Oracle Solaris Video  #
RT @hudsonette: a-u-t-u-m-n – why is there an n at the end anyway? – because the adjective autummal would sound weird. #
oldie but goodie on my site (with videos): A Travelling Show of Italian Classic I Promessi Sposi #
I hope the #PayPalX organizers are grateful to the guys out on scaffolding in pouring rain putting your sign up on Moscone West. #
.@adamsbaldwin UN not the best example, but perhaps if we all considered ourselves global citizens, we’d spend less time killing each other. #
.@adamsbaldwin …and here’s an example of global citizenship that works a good deal better than the UN #
@bubbva @alecmuffett Mulled wine? Perfect idea for a rainy, windy day in San Francisco! Now to find a recipe… #
RT @bmangh: Chart: National Debt Goes Up under GOP Presidents, Down Under Democrats #
NEW: Introduction to the DTrace Book – Oracle Solaris Video  #
@cote In SF they’re kinda schizo – same day I’ll see women wearing books, heels, sandals, flip flops… #
RT @NomdeB The most saintly non-believer doesn’t stand a chance of winning office in much of America.That’s sickening.  #
@JoyceSolano The dryness of Denver made me feel the cold far less, but I was thirsty and had dry skin all the time. Prefer the humidity. #
was going to make mulled wine, but got distracted by this instead: Hot Buttered Bourbon and Cider #
@drostova I left out the sugar – cider is sweet enough – and half the butter (just because) and it’s yummy! #
@vdotw On the scale of secrets parents keep from kids, Cocoa Puffs is pretty innocuous. 😉 #
RT @GodlessAtheist: Jack Black shows how Glenn Beck works.  #glennbeckn – Bethany’ had a bright future, hope not w Fox! #

@Gundryggia Haven’t actually tried any yet, made the cider and bourbon instead. #
G’Day and Goodbye : Brendan Gregg #
@NomdeB What? Did hell freeze over or something? You decided to get a Mac?!? #
NEW What’s in the DTrace Book? – Brendan Gregg and Jim Mauro give a detailed overview of the contents.  #
Saturday was miserable, Sunday pretty good, waiting to see what today brings in sinus-land. #
@lindseyfowler Thanks, I’ve heard that, tho in this particular case there was a specific bacterium involved. #
@NomdeB @PeterKretzman He could also learn a lot of other Italian on my site. 😉 #
@StopBeck Next they’ll probably get after you for being a disloyal Italian-American #
@corey_latislaw Not sure what CSA stands for but know the concept. How do I get one? #
@monkchips With me, it keeps suggesting I am like or should follow people I’m already following. #
Hate it when FB tells me about others’ birthdays. Feel like I’m cheating if I then say happy birthday, like a heel if I don’t. #
@vdotw Good! If you’re open with them, they’re more likely to be open with you when it really counts. #
@amyrrich We may have to wake him up first. Not famously a morning person. #lisa10 #
@hudsonette Beautiful, and explains much. Korean/Indian marriage very unusual, even more so then! They had courage. #
@hudsonette Only ? is – your sibs don’t already read your blog? Not surprised, but it’s ironic: my family doesn’t read my stuff, either. #
Had the notion to privately diarize everything that has happened this year to date. Only in mid-March and I’m already exhausted remembering. #
@hudsonette I see we share at least some musical tastes – but this one seems more appropriate now #musicmonday #

I was never much for material possessions. When I have money, I spend it on people and experiences, not things. Things just weigh me down. #
@bklein34 Thanks, though I wouldn’t go so far as to compare myself to Thoreau. Just the legacy of a lifetime of moving around,.. #
@bklein34 …tends to pare life down to essentials. I’ve lost many things, but can choose not to care about that. Hurts more to lose people. #
Supremely Bad Judgment – NYTimes.com http://nyti.ms/aeRN9U #
@italylogue Bring back lots – Pocket Coffee was always very popular among my engineering buddies #italy #
Please welcome @brendangregg to Twitter! #
Home Improvements #
Want! Ganesh Doll | Ganesh Mall – also love the fact that there’s a Ganesh mall #
Italy below Rwanda and above Georgia in rankings of perceived corruption in the public sector.  #
Fiat would do better if it could ditch Italy #
Feeling… seditious. #
@bklein34 Perhaps I’m weird, but this actually sounds interesting to me. #
Comments have become forum for people trying to translate their immigrant grandparents’ Italian idiom – need help! #
@PeterKretzman Acronyms aren’t the only problem. Many non-American or non-sports types have trouble with sports jargon. Meaning gets lost. #
@lowbit I like the way your kid thinks! #
RT @StopBeck: Well, my ability to process just shut down. Glenn Beck: I am not afraid to be caught in a lie. – Kinda stating the obvious #
Friendly Atheist Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs Disparages Atheists #
@adamsbaldwin Unclear: do you mean that the statists’ faith in mankind is disturbing, or that they live by disturbing it? #
@markwilliams Picturing you in lingerie and hiking boots… umm, no, let’s not go there. #
@markwilliams The Victoria’s Secret models don’t seem like camping types. #
@MrSimonTaylor Try being named Deirdré #
@StopBeck the page seems to be there (I can see it), but the wall posts are gone #
Watching Visioning Tibet – High incidence of cataracts due to high altitude UV exposure. SF drs train local surgeons #
@StopBeck Haven’t seen it yet – no TV and no cable. #
Forced solitude is REALLY not good for me. I’d had enough of that in my life already. #
@pennjillette Ben Stein? Ooh, wish I could watch. Surely you will take him apart? #
this one’s for JT: Learn Italian in Song: La Fisarmonica #
What wd be the decline in twitter usage if there was no tv and no sports? #
Time for more torture. No, not #sfgiants – nasal. #
The enemy approacheth [bad photo of the Rangers’ family bus going to the stadium] #
Ah, apropriate pathetic fallacy weather here in SF. #
A question about Italian streets that are named after dates – can anyone help? (I know they are historic events). #
Mailed in my ballot yesterday. So can everyone stop calling and emailing to remind me to vote? Thanks. #
RT @camanpour: What message is the Tea Party sending the rest of the world? how different countries view the Tea Party.  #
I wish the doctor would quit poking around in my nose. It seems to make things worse a day or two later. Owies. #
voters think taxes have gone up under Obama, when in fact, Obama cut taxes by 240 billion since taking office.  #
Finally, a use for all the parsley on my balcony: made Piemontese salsa verde http://bit.ly/b48rd8 to go with the bollito. Yum. #
RT @davidpaulyoung: Did I say Go #Rangers! – Very quietly, we hope. 😉 #
RT @MythicTechno: Brendan Gregg is now at Joyent – . leave some for the rest of us… LOL! #
I might even have the energy to do something for Halloween. SF suggestions, anyone? #
Y’know, this week has pretty much majorly sucked. I wish I could just sleep all weekend. Back to work (from home) on Monday! #
@bubbva I’ve never really learned to use parsley, so thanks for the tips. Took a lot of washing to get all the aphids off yesterday… #
@rosso I’ve got beef stock from yesterday’s bollito; it will become onion soup. #
@rosso Yum! In Italy, I used scamorza affumicata for the croutons in the soup. Here, it’ll be gruyere. #
No matter how hard people pray, other people keep behaving like, well, people.  #

The Twitter Diaries: Sept 29-Oct 14, 2010

a new 3.4 billion-pixel image of the painting allows for an amazingly detailed look at an old master’s work # Its a very important thing to learn to talk to people you disagree with.  – words from a true American hero # Here’s a final word for those who went to #ghc10:  # wasn’t Dilma Read More…

a new 3.4 billion-pixel image of the painting allows for an amazingly detailed look at an old master’s work #
Its a very important thing to learn to talk to people you disagree with.  – words from a true American hero #
Here’s a final word for those who went to #ghc10:  #

wasn’t Dilma Rousseff that woman I filmed on the FISL show floor with Lula? Minister of Ed or something at the time? #
one of the nice things about being an adult: if you want to have a cupcake and ice cream for dinner – you can. #
@ebertchicago FlashGot is your friend. #
two new followers with almost identical tag lines in one day? I think NOT. #
I don’t see how FB can be a threat to Google’s ad-based business when FB is so very bad at targeting ads. Has anyone seen anything relevant? #
@tpenta FB makes a lot of assumptions simply based on me being female. Dumb ones. #
Experiences in the last year have given me far more empathy with my parents. Unfortunately, that hasn’t improved communications any. #
@NomdeB classic dog in the manger! #
@seancarlos You two work together now? Cool! #
@melanierenzulli I wore a purple raincoat because it really upset everyone on the Milan metro. With yellow rain boots. #insidejoke #
Subscription-Based Firefighters Watch As Family Home Burns Down #
@craigmorgan This is new and unusual – and worrying – in the US. I believe Terry Pratchett took this to its logical conclusion in Discworld. #
When you hit rock bottom, you’ve got 2 ways to go: straight up, or sideways.  #

Oh, Fleet Week starts Thurs. Should be able to see the Blue Angels from my balcony, post-surgery. #
@NomdeB I never did track down that National Geographic centerfold of Joe… bet it was worth pinning up. 😉 #
@melanierenzulli Caution: the Air is fragile. Apple fixed mine out of warranty, hinge broke spectacularly. Avoiding class action suit? #
As for the MRI, for now assuming that no news is good news. Oh, and: god bless modern pharmacology. #
@NomdeB no she’s more on FB, I did point her o one of their posts. #
RT @OTN_Garage: Updated feature article: enabling boot from SATA DVD on SPARC systems running Solaris 8/07 or 5/08 #
Coping Strategies for the Hidden Immigrant Countries Beginning with I  #
wish I cd find Kindle editions of Camilleri and Fruttero & Lucentini in lingua originale #
RT @zaps: Berlusconi usa l’iPad – e pensare che Apple non permette le apps pornografiche #
ok, there is officially nothing wrong in my brain. At least nothing that can be seen on an MRI. 😉 #
@riccardo_iommi So am I, believe me! Now just another 2 days of pain management until… more pain! But maybe the end is in sight. #
I can now resume my normal brand of crazy. Thanks, everyone. #
RT @michaelverdi: Last day in NYC – heading home tomorrow but not before a stop at B&H this evening 🙂 – oh I love that place. Esp conveyors #
@melanierenzulli Before & during Buenos Aires-Auckland last yr, witnessed an entire fling: beginning, makeout, airport goodbye… Wild. #
@davetong Not even sure I need a first one, may give up entirely when lease is over. #
Is it time for drugs yet? #
@craigmorgan We know what’s wrong (sinuses), just needed to make sure there wasn’t something else (besides stress). On to surgery Thursday. #
It’s easy to lose weight when your appetite is completely screwed up. However, I don’t recommend it as a diet method. #
aka: if any of my American colleagues are wondering why I’m such a weirdo: Coping Strategies for the Hidden Immigrant #
@bubbva @leapingwoman There was a shortage? <big grin> #
@craigmorgan It’s amazing how much trouble these empty places in the skull can cause. #
Twitterpated – now there’s a word that needs reviving. #
@sogrady one of the best presos I ever saw was all photos, by Jim Grisanzio #
Even when I’m too ill to leave my damned apartment, I can still help people via social networks. Gladwell is just flat wrong. #
RT @jscarp: I’m a survivor! #fb – Damn right! #
I’m voting Republican because… #

Every life deserves a dramatic soundtrack, so here’s what’s running thru my mind – (having surgery, not a revolution) #

RT @Zee: Unlogo What happens when you remove logos from everywhere? – love it! #
@melanierenzulli True because United boards from the windows in rather than by rows. On others, sit in the back to ensure overhead space. #
If someone wd just grab me by the ears and slowly twist my head off… that would probably feel better than what I actually feel right now. #
@craigmorgan LOL. They tell me I cd use VirtualBox to fix that, but so far I’ve managed to get by. #
@miglsd I’m taking painkillers, but don’t like the side effects, not allowed booze because of antibiotics. Sucks to be me. 😉 #
@miglsd I don’t think these painkillers actually make the pain go away, they just make me not care that I’m in pain. Or anything else. #
@lskrocki It would be seriously disturbing if they did! #
Is there a day, week or month of the year that HASN’T been declared Official Something-or-Other Day ? We should celebrate that one. #
Vote for me, because I’m you. Huh?  #
BTW my daughter showed me something pretty effing amazing she made yesterday, but I can’t show you yet. #
Tiziano Ferro: the first Italian pop star to come out as homosexual.  #
People mag in waiting room claimed George Clooney needed translation to understand his maybe future in-laws. After all these yrs in Italy? #
RT @llcrowe: You just can’t have a campaign ad where you state, I am not a witch. You. Just. Can’t. (via @SuzyWelch) – ah, but she does! #
RT @GarlandGrey: What do you call a case of Champagne? I know there is a word for it. – A party. #
to take my mind off things, looking at photos of home – Mussoorie. I was so lucky to grow up in such beauty. #
@Flipbooks As if those employers were paragons of good behavior themselves. Oh, the hypocrisy… #socialmedia #
Need a word for obsessive imaginings which are not happy. Fantasy has too-cheerful connotations. #
RT @StopBeck: For those that don’t know: @GoToMyPC/@GoToMeeting returned to Glenn Beck. Odd decision, no? – Very. #
@NomdeB Yup, it’s today. #
I am not hungry. And I do NOT need coffee. I don’t even need water. This had better be true, because I’m not getting any of those things. #
I am not yet dead. #
The Blue Angels are in town. #
@NomdeB Too early to tell if I can smell more, but everything went fine. Now just need drugs and cupcakes for a few days (being provided). #
I guess they must have stuck a tube in me, roof of mouth and back of throat are sore. #
I have two kids, I’m not so sure I’d want them looking at these images – yr priorities are seriously screwed, lady. #
adult members of any culture are capable of deciding what they want to assimilate from a foreign culture #
An old but sadly still relevant post of mine: In America, high school is hell.  #
@vdotw Chuckle. I’m on drugs, what’s your excuse? 😉 #
@elizadushku You wear heels to assemble furniture? Not sure if that’s admirable or scary. #
@standaloneSA Why not just make a videocast, live via UStream and recorded for later? #
@standaloneSA ps do NOT rely on UStream for your video capture – crap quality on recordings. #
Drugs and cupcakes are on their way. For which I am very, very thankful. #
@lbridenne76 Hmm, how can you be sure? Maybe someone has access to my Twitter account. 😉 #
@standaloneSA Don’t sell yrself short. I’ve filmed lots engrs who think they aren’t videogenic, but are. Expressions, gestures convey much #
@ProfOrganizer This makes my brain hurt. #
@creepyed you pack an amazing amount into one night! But I shouldn’t be surprised – you’re an amazingly energetic person. #
@ProfOrganizer Hallowchrstmas #
In Italy, there’s no wind. Everything is stopped.  #
@riccardo_iommi I gave Italy 17 years, some of which I was very lucky (working for Adaptec, remotely). Finally had to give up & come home #
@Sumazi How they can help/be useful to each other #goodintros #
Daughter never heard of the Blue Angels. When I tweeted about them yesterday, she called – concerned that I was hallucinating. #
America will never reach the greatness it aspired to at its founding until it provides health care to its people. #
Made it through the day without any painkillers, for the first time in how many weeks? Don’t remember. So something’s working, tho I’m tired #
@jimpick That book just hasn’t been written – yet. #
How will I learn how the game ends? Will I hear it first from the crowd on the street, someone on Twitter, or Google? #
@myinnervoice read it many yaers ago, after seeing the film. #
Doodled around in Google maps y’day, comparing satellite pics of Australian (Newcastle) vs Italian (Adriatic) beaches. Population density… #
there must be a shortcut to get interesting blog posts onto a Kindle without paying Amazon for free content. #
@c_bright @NomdeB hmm, yes Instapaper might be it, thanks. Experimenting. Now just need a way to auto-sync over wifi w/out paying Amazon #
Actual sailors in actual sailor suits! #
Sat on the balcony to enjoy the sun. None of the birds would come near except the hummingbirds, fearless and curious as always. #
Reminder to self: you are NOT well yet. REST, dammit. #
Okay, I get why Google is showing Nexenta ads on my site. But Taiwanese egg donors??? #
Some Lesser-Known Places to Visit in Italy #
India Vlog: Jaipur Amber Fort #
Been uploading years & years of photos to smugmug. Now it will take years to get them captioned and organized… #
Post-op, the doctor said I’d tell you to take it easy, but I know that’s not in your nature. Well, I am /trying/… #
One of my favorite video postcards – India Vlog: Jantr Mantr astronomical observatory in Jaipur #
@Boh had a 2nd sinus surgery Thursday, will still take some time to resolve the mess inside my skull #
SFGMC: Rockaria #
a video postcard from Villa Monastero: Varenna, Lake Como #
Why do they come here? she asked. What do they get here that they cant get at home? #
RT @WinnieWongSF: When I think of forever, I get upset. – Don’t worry about it, there’s no such thing. #
experimenting with Calbre’s download news feature. Seems to work well enough, obviates need to pay Kindle subscriptions. #
strange to reflect that, 6 years ago at this time, I was moving house in Italy, dealing with the attendant bureaycracy  #
@TheInDecider I believe this is what you’re looking for: Christopher Columbo Song #
Using downtime to work on blog, but afraid I don’t have the concentration to do some of the trickier stuff. Someone wanna come hold my hand? #
@TheRedElm @marlitah Interesting discussion: Cultural Hegemony – Thanks, would love to see yr thoughts in the comments #
Ross wanted her juvenilia moved off her site in prep for something new, so her India Diary is back with me:  #
video: The Blue Angels Over San Francisco #
Day 4 without painkillers, though not entirely without pain. #
Seems like there oughta be an option to buy a discounted Kindle copy of a paper book you own, at least the ones bought from Amazon! #
Learn Italian in Song: Luci-Ah #T6CM #
All the knowledge and expertise I developed about Italy, what good is it now? Seems odd to have invested so much and not even miss it. #
@glynnfoster I’d have to practice to make pizza dough, but, yes, I make excellent pasta. Useful because good Italian food is expensive here #
@cote Hey, we’re Americans, these are American priorities. 😉 #
For a change, Google advertising on my site for something I actually use: kayak.com #
@timfoster needs a photo of David Korn actually wearing it. #
RT @grantimahara: Your IP address or mine? #geekpickuplines – static or dynamic? 😉 #
Caved, took a painkiller. Yes, for pain. Now not liking the stoned feeling, but it is marginally better than the pain feeling. Choices… #
@willbldrco Thanks, it did – hence the stoned. Which I don’t like. I am an absolute failure as a druggie. #
RT @wma01606 SNIA tutorials at snw standing room for virtualization. 3 more days of tutorials. Over 40 in total. Download at www.snwusa.com #
RT @Zee: Huge. The iPad is officially the best-selling gadget of all time http://tnw.to/16tJs – Dang, why doesn’t someone buy me one? 😉 #
Gonna be hot again here today, need to think of something that gets me out of my hot apt without tiring me. Yesterday it was mani-pedi. #
Hmm, judging by my twitter followers, I’ve joined the cloud crowd. #
@NomdeB Funny to me is how different SF’s weather is from everywhere else. It’ll be hot here today, after coldest summer in 25 yrs #
Trying not to worry about the things I cannot change. It’s hard. #
I have never used a pseudonym in MANY years online. WYSIWYG, and if you don’t like what you see, I probably wouldn’t like working for you. #
RT @yesthattom: USENIX first LISA ’10 Ustream chat with Matt Simmons (@StandaloneSA) at 1pm (PDT) http://www.ustream.tv/channel/usenix #
Someday there will be a political movement that is willing to say this but not that. http://nyti.ms/aEa7vs #
I’ll bet those miners have been better taken care of while trapped and in the public eye than at any other time in their careers or lives. #
videoblogger cred: I attended Vloggercon 2005 #
RT @macsun: #snwusa Join Mark Carlson, at 3:05pm in TX Ballroom 4 as he discusses Interoperable Cloud Storage w/ the #CDMI standard #
@bubbva both, of course #
RT @italylogue: On the tram, en route to see @seancarlos @rosso & @newsfromitaly & drink margaritas. – Salutami tutti! #
Learn Italian in Song: Brava! #
@ZackFord Maybe paranoid straight guys think they need training to resist all those gay advances they’ll be getting… #DADT #
@ZackFord Need to show them this #
@nico_mar Heh, I coulda done that. #iPods #
Apparently what I do in my downtime nowadays is edit other people’s writing. Which is fine. More mad skillz to revive, along with web stuff. #
trying to dress both for the heat and for possibly having something messy done to me by the doctor. No, you don’t want to know. #
For the record: ow. #
Dr says all is well. What I’m feeling now is expected after effects of him driving a bulldozer thru my head. #
Near Indianapolis? You can see The Road Home, a beautiful short film shot where I grew up in India’s Himalayas  #
@vdotw Yay for glimmers of hope! #
@marchamilton This is great new, congratulations! #
I swear I’m a friggin’ human rolodex. With a most bizarre and diverse network. Storage industry? Gotcha. Bollywood? Yup. Anything else? #
You’ll get out of high school and you’ll never have to deal with those jerks again if you don’t want to. #

@myinnervoice I am /connected/ to many people & can connect them to each other, don’t claim friendship w all. See wikipedia also #
RT @deirdresm: Great blog post on bullying (justifiable profanity, imho) – completely justifiable. #
RT @lushbucket: Love how Canadian TV reports Chilean miner rescue as feat of engineering and American TV calls it a miracle – I hate it #
RT @ruchikabhalla: Someone please give this guy a Bhangra record deal #

Apt complex water will be off 11-6 for repairs. So now I discover that my bucket leaks. Filled the tub and a large pot instead. Prepared! #
Umm, folks, if you want me to follow somebody, give me a reason besides so they can reach n followers. I don’t long to be in that number. #
Italian speakers – can anyone help Rose translate her Nana’s mysterious word? comment on Italian Slang and Swearwords  #
@myinnervoice I am fortunate to have both. Indeed, I am very rich in my friends, and happy and grateful for that. #
.@nonstick I later learned that some bullies grow up to be messed-up, unhappy people – but still manipulative and dangerous. #
Sinus Update #
@shawnferry Not as yet; I had to use the web interface. I haven’t been in the office for a while, so it hasn’t been an issue. #
@cote OpenWorld was a green conf, had an app you cd use to scan QR codes at booth into your iPhone & be directed to materials online. #
@craigmorgan Thanks, feeling mostly positive. And I really had no choices left, except continued extreme misery. #
RT @JustinHaggerty: @davidu: How not to do it:  wow – Sysadmin horror! #
I would like there to be a steady, linear progression from sicker to weller, but the facts appear otherwise. #
Replacing my classic lit (Austen, Dickens, Dumas…) with free ebooks instead of rebuying or shipping will more than cover cost of Kindle. #
…and I’ll have less paper in my home to gather allergy-inducing dust. #
Hmm. Just looking current Kindle freebies, the line between romance novels, erotica, and pornography has pretty much vanished. #
@c0t0d0s0 Maybe I should open-source my sinus treatment? 😉 #
Hyperventilating over this YouTube video of the same surgery I had. Now I get why it still hurts. #
@planspark This is a bit old, but may help: on DVD region codes #
@deirdresm This is why I don’t watch horror movies – too squeamish. And knowing it was done to my own personal nose… #
@llcrowe I think 3 times about what I even put in DMs. Or in writing anywhere. Way too many slips have occurred. #
@whitehouse Obama administration asks judge to stay ruling blocking don’t ask, don’t tell – CNN  – WtFUCK?!? #
@willbldrco I’d ask you to marry me, but I would put on 100 lbs within six months… #
sigh #
And the three men I admire most:The father, son, and the holy ghost,They caught the last train for the coast…  #

@ZackFord All I can figure is they think entire military will be instantly infected with teh gay and dissolve into nonstop orgy #DADT #LGBT #
RT @ZackFord: @DeirdreS I’ve been infected for years and I haven’t had any orgies (yet). – Slacker. 😉 #
@bubbva There are many steps to take before surgery, and I guess I tried them all. It may not be the worst option, tho #
@NomdeB @madhuri567 what do you need? I happen to know and have photographed some photogenic engineers #
@pfuetz Heh. Showing your true colors, eh? 😉 #
@bubbva If thre’s too much irritation and swelling, the rinse can’t get anywhere to do you any good. FWIW I strong recommend my sinus doc #
WTF? Postcard from AT&T says we have received your request to cancel your internet service – I MADE NO SUCH REQUEST. #
Now I’m on hold because online account management is not available for this type of account. Is there no company that gets service right? #
and if you spell out your UNUSABLE URL one more time I am going to scream in the ear of whoever does finally answer the damned phone #
Ah, it was to the previous occupant. This is what happens when I’m too ill to pay attention to details. #
@bubbva ‘fraid not. #
@Zee I found a bunch of floppy disks in Sun office moves, using them as drinks coasters now. #
RT @melanierenzulli: Eurochocolate, Italy”s top chocolate festival, starts October 15 in Perugia, a … http://ht.ly/19sie0 #
Bored, bored, bored… #