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  1. I am a 74 woman and would like to take a trip into Northern Italy. I have PTSD and am somewhat of a loner so am more interested in getting off the beaten path. My last name is the same as merchants in Roma who sell distinctive foods from various parts of the world I believe to be related in some way. I know only a few Italian words and don’t make gestures with my hands as my father could not talk without his hands. I also noted the members of The Sons of Italy also had this distinction. I suppose I should also learn this talent to enrich my immersion into my heritage. However to be safe it would probably be prudent to understand what certain gestures to avoid. Perhaps you may know of a resource that might guide me on the right path. I think you are a remarkable individual. You have persevered in sadness and I believe you are a real neat person. Thank you for providing the lessons of Italian culture and language. Janelle

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