Aggiungi un Posto a Tavola: Notte Per Non Dormire

Continuing the story of Aggiungi un Posto a Tavola… God’s intention is that the inhabitants of the village will repopulate the earth after the imminent flood, and he wants them to get a headstart on it now, so he creates a magically seductive night in which love is in the air (along with a full moon and lots of stars), a…

Night for Not Sleeping

Don Silvestro must sing a seductive song to encourage the lovemaking in which he cannot participate. Clementina, too, spends the night alone.

Notte da non dormire Night for not sleeping
da fare giorno to turn into day
da stare in due to stay together [as two]
notte da innamorare night to fall in love
che dolce nido what a sweet nest
le braccia sue his/her arms
notte da far l’amore night to make love
come se fosse as if it was
la prima volta the first time
il primo si’ the first yes
e’ per voi… it’s for you
Notte da non dormire Night for not sleeping
da innamorare to fall in love
da far l’amore to make love
fatta per noi made for us
notte da ringraziare night to give thanks
stupenda notte stupendous night
e’ qui per voi it’s here for you
notte da naufragare night to shipwreck
nel mare caldo in the warm sea
degli occhi suoi of his/her eyes
magica e’ questa notte This night is magical
le stelle piovono the stars rain
su di noi upon us
tutto sussurra e grida everything whispers and cries
sussurra amore whispers love
e grida amore cries love
e a tanto amore and to so much love
non si puo’ dire you cannot say
di no no.

Note: The video shows both the first and second parts of Notte per Non Dormire. Go watch the next song Consolazione before you read on:

Night for Not Sleeping (Part 2)

Silvestro orders the men back to their wives. The only two people in the village not paired off are himself and Clementina.

SILVESTRO: Notte da non dormire Night for not sleeping
Nessuno dorme son tutti in due No one is sleeping, they’re all in pairs
Notte da innamorare Night to fall in love
Che dolce nido le braccia sue What a sweet nest her arms
Notte da far l’amore come se fosse la prima volta il primo si Night to make love as if it were the first time, the first yes
E’ per voi It’s for you
E’ per voi it’s for you
Non per me… not for me.
CLEMENTINA: Notte da malincuore, da rinunciare Night of heartsickness, to renounce
Da dire addio to say goodbye
SILVESTRO: Notte da malincuore, un malincuore che è solo mio Night of heartsickness, a heartsickness that is only mine.
INSIEME: Perfida è questa notte le stelle piovono su di noi This night is perfidious, the stars rain upon us
Tutto sussurra e grida, sussurra amore e grida amore All whispers and cries, whispers love and cries love
E a tanto amore io debbo dire di no And to so much love I must say no.
CORO: Notte da non dormire Night for not sleeping
Da innamorare to fall in love
Da far l’amore assieme a te To make love together with you.

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