Bollywood, Bangalore

One of my reasons for coming to Bangalore was to work with the Sun Cluster team here on some short films. They had great ideas (no, I’m not going to tell you what they were – don’t want to spoil the fun before the films are edited and released), loads of enthusiasm, and the talent to back it all up.

This was my first attempt to direct anything: usually I just film what’s in front of me as best I can. I’m not sure they really needed me to do it, either, except perhaps as a catalyst. Now that the ball is rolling, I suspect the team will find inspiration to make plenty more films on their own.
Just call me Farah Khan, without the choreographic talents.

It was a privilege and a blast to work with these folks. Once we release these films, we’ll issue a company-wide challenge: I’d like to see whether any other team at Sun can do as well!

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