Early Tourist in Nepal

We visited Nepal in 1969 or ’70, when I was about seven years old. The country had only recently been opened to tourism, after a Russian named Boris Lisanevich persuaded the then king that this would be a good source of income for his impoverished country. Boris himself ran the first hotel, called the Palace because… Continue reading Early Tourist in Nepal

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Reflections on Brand and Homogeneity

My daughter’s school year ended in mid-June (with three intense weeks of tests, quizzes, and papers), and we left Milan almost immediately for a trip up the middle of the United States. We started in Texas, where I have relatives, and pleasant memories from my days at the University of Texas (Austin). I love that… Continue reading Reflections on Brand and Homogeneity

Coupland, Texas – At Home in the Country

Ross can make friends with anything equine, including Rosie & Bill’s semi-wild donkeys. Even Bubba, the herd boss, fell to her blandishments. Maisie was a tougher nut to crack. Here they’re pretending to ignore each other. You might also like: No related posts.