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Kernel Conference Australia

Earlier this month, I attended Sun’s Kernel Conference Australia, where I did my usual social media production job, met a lot of interesting people, and introduced some of them to each other. You might also like: Joyent Retrospective What Linux Can Learn from Solaris Performance, and Vice-Versa That Marketing Thing Why a Systems Performance Book?

Earlier this month, I attended Sun’s Kernel Conference Australia, where I did my usual social media production job, met a lot of interesting people, and introduced some of them to each other.

Brisbane Walkabout

Sunday I walked around Brisbane – a lot. You might also like: Helicopter Ride at Uluru and Kata Tjuta Port Douglas: “Could Be Worse…” Parasailing Over Newcastle Beach Australia 2013 Calendar

Sunday I walked around Brisbane – a lot.

The Twitter Diaries: 2009-07-19: Brisbane

in Brisbane. Spent the weekend offline, which was very, very nice. # ^ during my Brisbane walkabout, saw, enjoyed, and bought the CD from a band called Jambezi social media planning for the Kernel Conference http://bit.ly/2DwHJQ – hope to stream live video for the first view of ZFS De-Dupe! # overhearing James trying to describe Read More…

  • in Brisbane. Spent the weekend offline, which was very, very nice. #

^ during my Brisbane walkabout, saw, enjoyed, and bought the CD from a band called Jambezi

  • social media planning for the Kernel Conference http://bit.ly/2DwHJQ – hope to stream live video for the first view of ZFS De-Dupe! #
  • overhearing James trying to describe to someone what I do: “she works in community on the OpenSolaris side and does, um, video stuff” #
  • <sigh> more wrestling with our horrible, horrible expense reporting system. #
  • NOT a rhetorical question: when was the last time you had good support for software, and how was it provided? (phone, email, Twitter…?) #
  • @c0t0d0s0 we did something similar in Brazil, too. Were you thinking of a specific magazine in Germany? in reply to c0t0d0s0 #
  • added a few photos to President Lula of Brazil Meets OpenSolaris http://bit.ly/3iECbx #
  • join the Kernel Conference Australia on USTREAM: tomorrow at 9 am Brisbane time (GMT +10) http://bit.ly/a9GCb – first up will be ZFS Dedupe! #
  • figuring out what sessions to attend at OSCON – suggestions? (Keeping in mind that I’m more on the people side of the equation.) #
  • “Maybe you’re already doing too much.” My daughter at times is wiser than I am. #
  • recent read: Vikas Swarup’s “Six Suspects.” Plotline a little too Bollywood with coincidences, but overall a v good and satisfying read. #
  • folks gathering in Brisbane for the Kernel Conf. Waiting for Brendan and Gavin to get to the office so we can have lunch #
  • @ElaineEllis not doing any of those things! In the Sun office in Brisbane, waiting for lunch #FOTR in reply to ElaineEllis #
  • wearing my social media producer hat: getting set up to stream the Kernel Confernce from Brisbane. We should be live in 30 mins #
  • providing text backup to a very poor video feed for the kernel conference, over a http://bit.ly/LH3oo #
  • > 40 viewers on the stream, ~100 people in the room #
  • really NOT having a good day here. I need to be doing about six fewer jobs. #
  • @lordorica these days, it’s pretty safe to predict that consistently bad service will sooner or later result in bad PR in reply to lordorica #
  • damn, damn, damn. Trying to do too many things at once = doing some of them badly. I hate it when I screw up! #
  • lessons learned today: 1. arriving to set up 1.5 hours early is not necessarily enough. 2. I need one of each kind of FireWire cable #
  • 3. I need a travel-sized laptop with FireWire. #
  • @ThinGuy no Best Buy close enough to this campus, I fear. Must remembr to gt a 9 v battery tonight in reply to ThinGuy #
  • @jonobacon » FemCamp: Sessions & Reflections http://bit.ly/PjBXS – I can try to find the name of the woman who spoke on opensource #
  • Italian bloggers on strike today against a proposed Internet gag law in Italy http://bit.ly/6c4Lo – would help if someone translated this! #
  • @jonobacon I could talk for hours. ; ) Start by asking why I left Italy… You should come to Grace Hopper in October, too. in reply to jonobacon #
  • another reason I left Italy: 1. that actually WAS my most recent salary in Italy and 2. rampant tax evasion (not by me) http://bit.ly/jBqQt #
  • just been advised that I should redo the expense report I have aready spent >6 hours on because it “may be corrupted.” There are no words… #
  • @AmberCadabra there is no canonical length for online text or video – use what you need to cover the topic – no more, no less in reply to AmberCadabra #
  • I am SO going to need a drink tonight. Or several. Let’s see whether my date makes it to Brisbane. #
  • there are many things I will miss about Sun. Our expense reporting system is emphatically NOT one of them. #
  • more lessons: slides full of text/busy diagrams work poorly in online streaming video, but also work poorly in the room #
  • ZFS panel with Bonwick & Moore now live at http://bit.ly/LH3oo #
  • this day just keeps getting better… #
  • gotta love the instant results with Twitter. It appears that 1% of my followers instantly jumped onto the Kernel Conference stream #
  • An unusually difficult conference: one speaker missed his flight, another quarantined for swine flu. #
  • @lbridenne76 problem with a small toolbox of A/V kit is it tends to add a lot to the 20 lbs of kit I’m already carrying in reply to lbridenne76 #
  • RT @seancarlos: Italy gag law: currently see small section in English + pdf: http://bit.ly/qUu1d + Google translate http://bit.ly/MJtRX #
  • I’e never seen slides using duplo blocks before – fun! #
  • re. Italian gag law, how will the law qualify “Italian blog”? hosted in Italy? written in Italian? by an Italian citizen? #
  • @plasticbagUK I used Twitter to work out how many days I spent where fr 2008 taxes in reply to plasticbagUK #
  • @divinacucina I suppose the Alfano gag law is designed to increase Berlusconi’s stranglehold on information in Italy. in reply to divinacucina #
  • @mschoenu There’s not a 2×4 big enough to hit them hard enough… You can also call them cretini provinciali di… #
  • trying to understand the proposed Italian law. seems it wd hold bloggers to same standards as big media to “rectify” mistakes w/in 48 hrs #
  • failure to rectify would lead to fines of >$5000. #
  • but who decides what actually needs rectifying? Berlusconi has already lost at least one defamation case (against the Economist) #
  • @mschoenu they haven’t figured out that you are not !00% Italian? in reply to mschoenu #
  • @mschoenu I know – that’s why I’m surprised that people would be surprised at your son’s “foreign” name. Boh. in reply to mschoenu #
  • @webmink see you soon, arriving from the opposite direction! in reply to webmink #
  • @zalez I’ve auditioned 3 new countries this trip: Brazil, NZ, Oz. All cool, but Internet in NZ & Oz sucks in reply to zalez #
  • reading on @BrazenCareerist about happiness. I’m actually pretty happy, tho tired and stressed and uncertain… #
  • @zalez re #internetausdrucker – we generally used Luddite http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Luddite in reply to zalez #
  • streaming has started again at http://bit.ly/LH3oo #
  • @dfugate OTOH, just saw a slide on Sun/Intel collab featuring multi-ethnic people who don’t work for either in an office I don’t recognize in reply to dfugate #

^ James, Brendan, Jake

  • I need to make a video of a bay of hard disks shouting back at Brendan Gregg. (who really is, BTW, a sexy cub) #
  • @NathanFillion OMG! Spoiler! in reply to NathanFillion #
  • note: the most useful thing in my A/V kit, after the camera, is the wireless mics. A million ways to use ’em… #
  • @lbridenne76 I think quiet is to be expected today. Kinda glad I’m at a conference in reply to lbridenne76 #
  • I don’t care what your corporate colors are, black text on a blue background for slides is just illegible. #
  • about to return to streaming with “x86 Fast Reboot”Sherry Moore at http://bit.ly/LH3oo #
  • @dfugate re. creativity, they could have got a photo of some of the actual people, tho maybe we’re not as pretty as the models in reply to dfugate #
  • had dinner last night with a lot of smart people. Learned interesting/scary things about the film industry. #
  • @davest you’ll be at Oscon? Cool! See you there. in reply to davest #
  • Flying out of Brisbane tomorrow. #
  • …and we’re back, with “Linux Kernel Security Overview”James Morris – http://au.sun.com/sunnews/events/2009/kernel/agenda.jsp #
  • I wish I wouldn’t keep losing bits and pieces. Where did that extra camera battery go? It’s been floating around my luggage, now can’t find #
  • one of the things I love about engineers is that they’re problem-solvers. Was fun watching them get their teeth into a problem last night. #
  • @nonstick no, for that I have the handheld in reply to nonstick #
  • coming up “Boomer: the new OpenSolaris audio system”Garrett D’Amore – http://bit.ly/LH3oo #
  • the comment spammers are running out of ideas “My mother’s name is Italian.” And that’s all it says. Blah #
  • @shamu – more whaley stuff for you: Countries Beginning with I » Opotiki http://bit.ly/2sZzWx #
  • had to unplug the Air, poor grounding in the plug it was sharing caused the videocamera to give me mild shocks thru every metal part #
  • @SaraD I’m really hoping there’s more Alan Rickman in this one. Maybe I’ll stay awake long enough to find out tomorrow night. in reply to SaraD #
  • via zoomata.com: Italian movie about social media called Feisbum! http://bit.ly/9Lxqq – song may be the most interesting thing about it… #
  • OMG, I’ve married into another species http://bit.ly/veWNA #

^ birds (including parrots) flock to their evening roosts at the Queensland University campus

  • one more hour of conf, then reception, dinner and… cricket? #

^ now I know why Terry Pratchett called his Australia-analog “Fourecks”

  • Panel – Secure Software Engineering / in-kernel SecurityCristina Cifuentes, James Morris, Fernando Gont – live on http://bit.ly/a9GCb #
  • lively discussion on computer security and education #
  • “Everything’s written in C eventually.” Gets a big laugh from this audience. #
  • glad the conference day is almost over. Very tired. #
  • Brendan talking about kernel engineering culture shock in the US: http://bit.ly/LH3oo #
  • awaiting my flight at Brisbane airport (to SFO via Sydney). Was up til 3 am watching cricket. I may have learned a thing or two. #
  • ending the overseas portion of this trip. My favorite part has been getting the right smart people together to make wonderful things happen #
  • what I learned about cricket last night did not include the definitions of “googley” and “hat trick”. #
  • Note: Aussies really do say “No worries” a lot. And you can taste wine in Brisbane airport at 9 am (no, not gonna). #
  • @ThinGuy I did, but about to board a plane to head back. Met lots of great people, hung out with some great “old” ones. Kernel Conf great. in reply to ThinGuy #
  • Waiting to board flight in Brisbane at 10:30 am Friday. I will arrive in San Francisco on Friday at 10:15 am. Let’s do the time warp again! #
  • Landed sfo. Confused. #
  • Waiting for airport shuttle to take me to san jose. Starving, but will need a shower before food. Who’s in town already? #
  • Appropriately? watched part of “Australia” on flight fm Sydney.Answers the burning question
    “does Huge look better w or w/o beard?” #
  • NB: Huge definitely looks better w/o shirt #
  • seat partner on the flight from Sydney is doing her PhD in social media, with a thesis on fan vids. how did Qantas know to seat us together? #
  • wearing my geek cred: overheard someone in Brisbane airport say “OpenSolaris!” Then a guy chatted me up in the line thx to Wikipedia bag #
  • slept funny on the plane and seem to have pinched a nerve in my neck/shoulder. Need a massage! #
  • @jonobacon is the plan still on to meet at 7 to decide where to have dinner? #cls in reply to jonobacon #
  • @metadaddy with Ambien, I can sleep, even on planes. This stuff has changed my life! It’s a whole new order of jet lag management. in reply to metadaddy #
  • asked Ross about her impressions of Italy this trip. She’s alarmed by a rise in anorexia, including a couple of friends of hers. Scary. #
  • Milan first city in Italy to make alcohol illegal for under-16s (in Italian) | Reuters http://bit.ly/k4CEQ #
  • Lessee… everyone is meeting at 7 in the lobby. I have two hours to nap! #
  • Marriott fail: no makeup mirror. Even the Quality Inn in Porto Alegre had one! #
  • @lskrocki I’m so blind that I can’t see to put on makeup unless I’m about 3″ from the mirror. This is hard with a bathroom counter 3′ deep. in reply to lskrocki #
  • okay, that’s it, lack of sleep has officially caught up with me. Dinner at Mezcal was good, blood orange magarita aside (too sweet) #
  • @glynnfoster one margarita hardly counts as alcohol! in reply to glynnfoster #
  • @Silona be careful. A HS bully found me via internet years ago, motives were not entirely (if at all) to apologize for the past in reply to Silona #
  • RT @Silona: HS bullies friending on FB http://is.gd/1DjYb – fortunately, after bullying in earlier grades, I went to the right HS #
  • @mtuckerb hey, look me up! will be back in a few minutes #cls in reply to mtuckerb #
  • interesting org I’ve just learned about at #cls : http://www.freegeek.org/ #
  • @markwilliams I definitely want to attend your cmty metrics talk – I’m a stats geek #cls in reply to markwilliams #
  • @markwilliams we’ve learned from stats that traffic to a project can be v diff from *perception* of project’s health. Always measure! #cls in reply to markwilliams #
  • @deirdresm met Rick #cls today. Hope you can join us for dinner tomorrow! in reply to deirdresm #
  • @italylogue i think I’ll see @rosso first, tho! in reply to italylogue #

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