Rats! (and Mice)

Ikea sells some charmingly weird stuffed animals, including the rats above. And mice: …which I had to add to the family because the white one is clearly the result of a genetics experiment gone wrong; I think his father was Gonzo from the Muppet Show. A rat also found its way into my office: You… Continue reading Rats! (and Mice)

Home Update

A touch of Texas: Bob the dangerous weapon now lives with me, at least until Ross returns to live in the US (whenever or if ever that may be). In the “small things make me happy” department, my fridge now sports some cards bought in New Orleans, a Simon Drew card sent by my stepmum,… Continue reading Home Update

Wouldn’t Surprise Me a Bit

Someone took this photo of Ross in Sydney, my Woodstock classmate Deepak Peters refined and embellished. As a model? Hmm. As a woman of influence… she will be! You might also like: No related posts.