Minnesota Hot Dish

This week I visited my colleagues in Eagan, Minnesota, to capture on film their various expertise (don’t ask me to explain what they do, I stay behind the camera for a reason). There were several other visitors, so the Eagan folks organized a traditional Minnesota potluck, with traditional Minnesota foods such as Mexican lasagna, jello… Continue reading Minnesota Hot Dish

Visiting Sun Bangalore

After seeing my daughter graduate from Woodstock School last week, this week I’m visiting Sun’s engineering center in Bangalore, to meet colleagues – and film them! I haven’t been to Bangalore since 1980, when it was a sleepy little town. No more! The ride in from the new airport (just opened last week) took an… Continue reading Visiting Sun Bangalore

The OpenSolaris Developers’ Summit

I’m attending the OpenSolaris Developers’ Summit, held in Santa Cruz, CA, May 3-4, 2008. I’ve been working with and participating in various online communities for a long time, but I’m new to this one, and have a lot to learn about the people, technologies, history, present realities, and possible futures. This weekend is an excellent… Continue reading The OpenSolaris Developers’ Summit

The Evolution of a Technical Writer – Bringing Documentation Into the Web 2.0 Age

How has technical writing evolved in the age of the Internet? How have tech writers’ jobs changed, and how should they continue to change, in response to new technologies now available for sharing knowledge with our customers? Prologue: The Dead Tree Society My technical writing career began twenty years ago, with the design and writing… Continue reading The Evolution of a Technical Writer – Bringing Documentation Into the Web 2.0 Age