Of course while we were in Porto Alegre we had to go to a churrascaria. This method of cooking  originated with the gauchos of southern Brazil and is mostly about all kinds of very good meat, though there’s also a buffet of salads and vegetables, and you can get grilled cheese (in large, melty chunks,… Continue reading Churrascaria

Minnesota Hot Dish

This week I visited my colleagues in Eagan, Minnesota, to capture on film their various expertise (don’t ask me to explain what they do, I stay behind the camera for a reason). There were several other visitors, so the Eagan folks organized a traditional Minnesota potluck, with traditional Minnesota foods such as Mexican lasagna, jello… Continue reading Minnesota Hot Dish

High Water (Not Hell) in Venice, part 6

Venice’s Bad Karma On Saturday morning, I learned what a macchiatone (“big spotted one”) is: it’s basically a caffé macchiato (coffee “spotted” with steamed milk), with a bit more milk – so, somewhere between a macchiato and a cappuccino, served in a cappuccino cup. I had it with a delicious little torta di riso (rice… Continue reading High Water (Not Hell) in Venice, part 6

High Water (Not Hell) in Venice, part 5

When in Venice, Eat… Curry In St. Mark’s Square, Jeet bought some necessary props (above). We returned to the apartment to greet Andrew and Victoria, arrived from Paris. Jeet and Andrew set to work making a fantastic Indian meal. Which they served in appropriate national costumes: (Hey, I just live my life, in all its… Continue reading High Water (Not Hell) in Venice, part 5