In the Kitchen at Spankyville

Julia’s grandmother’s recipe for Chinese barbecued ribs, AKA “Sticky Chewy Ribs,” as demonstrated by Julia in her gorgeous new kitchen, presided over by the ghost of Spanky. Including the amazing KitchenAid mixer, custom-airbrushed with red hot chili peppers! buy the music You might also like: No related posts.

Good Food in Austin

No one should go to Texas without eating Mexican food, and we were fortunate to have my cousin Guy’s guidance to the good stuff. We ate at El Mercado (on Lavaca), some of the best Tex-Mex I’ve ever had. Standard enchiladas and fajitas, but the enchilada sauces (one green tomatillo, one red) were amazing. We… Continue reading Good Food in Austin

Moghul Shredded Chicken Curry

^ These are all Indian cookbooks that I own and use. To make the chicken broth for the scripelle, Enrico had boiled two chicken thighs. Which meant I had lots of cooked chicken, plus leftover white rice from several previous meals (I always manage to overestimate how much rice everyone will eat). So Saturday night… Continue reading Moghul Shredded Chicken Curry

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