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Seeing Rainbows

^ top: rhubarb!

It’s a gorgeous spring day in San Francisco, so I walked over to the farmers’ market at the Ferry terminal, saw lots of amazingly beautiful produce, and bought a a little of it.

honey treats

^Honey in a rainbow of flavors.


^ Flowering borage (yes, I had to ask) and tubers for tasting.

colorful potatoes

^ I don’t actually like eating purple potatoes, but they are awfully pretty.


^ The Rancho Gordo heirloom bean stand had this wonderful tub of “touching beans” – don’t you just want to run your fingers through all the shiny smoothness? I could see having something like this on my coffee table for visitors to play with.

Indian Cooking Videos

Making Jalebis

Jalebis are an Indian sweet (and, like most Indian desserts, horribly sweet).

shot Oct 30, 2004, 2:01 mins, 2.8 MB

Making Rumali Roti (“Handkerchief Bread”)

shot Oct 31, 2004, 0:52 mins

Making Naan

shot Oct 29, 2004, 1:15 mins, 1.8 MB

This was taken at an outdoor campfire feast, with a team of hired cooks. I think the darker balls of dough you see at the beginning are makki ki roti (corn bread). When you hear my voice, I’m speaking a mishmash of Italian, English, and Hindi.

Coffee Art

A cappuccino at Blue Bottle Coffee, San Francisco Ferry Terminal. Beautiful, and authentically Italian in flavor. These folks know what they’re doing.