Making Chutney

I had been saying all summer that I was going to make tomato chutney during this season, while the tomatoes are at their best – and, in Italy, that is very good indeed! My favorite fruttivendolo was selling pomodori ramati – tomatoes on the vine – at 3 euros for 3 kilos, so I bought… Continue reading Making Chutney

Craving Flavor

New studies every year show that Americans are becoming fatter and fatter. It’s something Europeans remark on every time they travel to the US (and Canada): “I saw more truly obese people in one trip to the supermarket than I’ve seen in all my life in Italy!” an Italian friend said to me. Conversely, Americans… Continue reading Craving Flavor

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Italian vs. American Diet

^ ravioli at Lanterna Verde – yum! One of the most boring things in the world is listening to people talk about their diet (hearing them complain about their weight runs a close second). However, in America today there’s nothing to discuss, because everyone is on the Atkins diet (no carbohydrates, but you can eat… Continue reading Italian vs. American Diet