Green Veggie Lasagne

I have made variations on this recipe for years, most recently for my own birthday potluck the Saturday after Thanksgiving. My friend Mary, who knows a thing or two about good food, said she’d like to know how to make it. This isn’t a recipe in the strict sense, because I can’t be bothered to… Continue reading Green Veggie Lasagne

The Classic Indian Bun Omelette

This one includes tomatoes and probably green chilis, and was served on a bun with funky pink and green candied fruit. Recipe: fry onions in butter until soft (or brown, if you like) fry tomatoes too, if you’re using them add eggs lightly beaten with a little milk add green chilis (chopped into small rounds)… Continue reading The Classic Indian Bun Omelette

Moghul Shredded Chicken Curry

^ These are all Indian cookbooks that I own and use. To make the chicken broth for the scripelle, Enrico had boiled two chicken thighs. Which meant I had lots of cooked chicken, plus leftover white rice from several previous meals (I always manage to overestimate how much rice everyone will eat). So Saturday night… Continue reading Moghul Shredded Chicken Curry

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