Sun’s SC08 Student Party

The SuperComputing conference every year attracts computer science students from all over the world who participate in various ways: as volunteers, as competitors in things like the Cluster Challenge, as part of SC’s Education Program, and in a Broader Engagement initiative, run by Livermore Labs’ Computing Applications & Research Department. It’s a large and fascinating… Continue reading Sun’s SC08 Student Party

Minnesota Hot Dish

This week I visited my colleagues in Eagan, Minnesota, to capture on film their various expertise (don’t ask me to explain what they do, I stay behind the camera for a reason). There were several other visitors, so the Eagan folks organized a traditional Minnesota potluck, with traditional Minnesota foods such as Mexican lasagna, jello… Continue reading Minnesota Hot Dish

Visiting Sun Bangalore

After seeing my daughter graduate from Woodstock School last week, this week I’m visiting Sun’s engineering center in Bangalore, to meet colleagues – and film them! I haven’t been to Bangalore since 1980, when it was a sleepy little town. No more! The ride in from the new airport (just opened last week) took an… Continue reading Visiting Sun Bangalore

Building the OpenSolaris Developers’ Community

A team-building exercise at the Open Solaris Developers’ Summit, 2008. Part of the Go Games package is that you get access to all the photos and video shot during the game. So I had a little fun with it… Here’s the full gallery of photos from the game: You might also like: Archived Technical Videos… Continue reading Building the OpenSolaris Developers’ Community

The OpenSolaris Developers’ Summit

I’m attending the OpenSolaris Developers’ Summit, held in Santa Cruz, CA, May 3-4, 2008. I’ve been working with and participating in various online communities for a long time, but I’m new to this one, and have a lot to learn about the people, technologies, history, present realities, and possible futures. This weekend is an excellent… Continue reading The OpenSolaris Developers’ Summit