Subscriber Comments About the Adaptec Discussion List

In response to complaints of censorship on the discussion list, Stan (a long time Adaptec/Roxio List recipient) wrote: Adaptec/Roxio has always ‘paid the freight’ for their own, honestly identified “moderated” <news group> & openly controlled forum. “Their” newsgroup exists as a wise, long term business decision to: 1) Cultivate real world user feed back –… Continue reading Subscriber Comments About the Adaptec Discussion List

The End of an Era

Yesterday I said goodbye to the subscribers of the Roxio newsletters. And the email came pouring in. Sure, I’ve heard from people about the newsletters before. I always knew I was doing something right there. But (in spite of my considerable ego) I didn’t expect the warmth and kindness of some of the messages I… Continue reading The End of an Era

Digital Photos – Display and Storage

“WILL BAKER’S digital camera has helped solve quite a few problems around the house. Several old PC’s that Mr. Baker would otherwise have placed in deep storage have been put to work in the capacity of dynamic photo frames or, as Mr. Baker likes to put it, “picture flippers.” Mr. Baker, a 46-year-old entrepreneur, cut… Continue reading Digital Photos – Display and Storage

Coupland, Texas – At Home in the Country

Ross can make friends with anything equine, including Rosie & Bill’s semi-wild donkeys. Even Bubba, the herd boss, fell to her blandishments. Maisie was a tougher nut to crack. Here they’re pretending to ignore each other. You might also like: No related posts.