Paradise Lost

Back in November, an old friend from my Woodstock School days invited us (and several other people) to join him for Thanksgiving on his gorgeous property on Gouverneur Bay, St. Barthelemy. We’d visited once before for his 2001 New Year’s bash, but didn’t get to stay at his place then, and in any case he… Continue reading Paradise Lost

Leaving St. Barth’s

It’s an exciting ride in a small commuter plane from St. Barth’s to St. Maarten – though not as exciting as the ride TO St. Barth’s… You might also like: Helicopter Ride at Uluru and Kata Tjuta


Yes, Ross and I were in the car. No, no one was hurt. No, I wasn’t driving. You might also like: No related posts.

Island Wifi

The photo shows Ross because I was (as usual) behind the camera, but for most of the morning it was me in front of the computer. Some of that time I had company. This is Eduardo, who comes around to be fed. You might also like: No related posts.