Woodstock Nostalgia: 1980

The Twitter Diaries: 2009-08-02: TN, CO

  • Offline all wkd at a woodstock school reunion on a lake in tennesee. Fantastic time. We’ve gone in so many directions, yet are so much alike #
  • Arrived Denver after 5 weeks away. I can has sleep now? #
  • Vishal’s new film isn’t quite out yet, but the music’s great (and a friend is in it) Dhan Te Nan Aaja Aaja http://bit.ly/VrOwf #
  • reunion weekend was great, but bummed that my new O’Reilly t-shirt got lost (probably blew off the boat). I love that aye-aye critter. #
  • @lbridenne76 would those be my videos? in reply to lbridenne76 #
  • RT @Fassbinder: listening to “Squallor – Usa For Italy (1985)” ♫ http://blip.fm/~apfot ROTFL – translating now! #
  • “welcome home – now leave so we can show the house to a prospective buyer” – argh! #
  • @llcrowe and tomorrow I can look forward to REdoing the expense report from hell because IT was absolutely no help with the corrupted file in reply to llcrowe #
  • @timbray The condescending articles about Twitter seem to be written by people who have hardly used it. That kids don’t Tweet is not news. in reply to timbray #
  • airplane reading this last trip was “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.” Weird, gorey, funny – but it probably helps to be a huge Austen fan. #
  • my neighbors on Wisteria Lane wake me with their chat (and yappy dog) as they pass the house on their early-morning jog. Ah, suburbia… #
  • @LusciousPear re hosting video, maybe Kaltura? they were sponsors, should have an interest in #oscon material in reply to LusciousPear #
  • reduced to doing my expense report in sections – US$ first because that doesn’t involve an exchange rate, which would upset our system #
  • @monkchips and probably a few atheists, too… ; ) in reply to monkchips #
  • @Kaltura it’s @LusciousPear who needs help hosting a 1.3 Gb video of his #OSCON preso – thanks! in reply to Kaltura #
  • finally have time to see which of the 1300 items in each of my emails boxes (work and personal) actually requires action #
  • it’s very hard to make decisions about the future when you are wallowing in regrets about the past #
  • RT @mtuckerb: The SETI Institute is looking for a rare individual to support us as OSS Community Manager and Evangelist http://bit.ly/erux3 #
  • Way to split the country! Italy’s Lega Nord wd require teachers to test in “dialect & traditions” where they teach – http://bit.ly/11RxWN #
  • @llcrowe I should have specified that it’s not me doing the wallowing! in reply to llcrowe #
  • @llcrowe only in hot tubs or Calistoga springs mud! in reply to llcrowe #
  • any Italian history scholar care to respond to this comment? » Apologia del Fascismo, in Flagrante http://bit.ly/14yH2p #
  • good thing I wasn’t planning on sleeping late. Some noisy construction going on nearby. #suburbia #
  • finishing up the last of the expense report(s) from hell – it’s taken 5 separate reports to get it all through. Now ripping 33 videotapes… #
  • ANSA.it – News in English – League in school dialect row http://bit.ly/SYj7V #
  • @italylogue you can file me under “bitching about Italian politics tweeps” #Italy in reply to italylogue #
  • @juliebenz OTOH, Darla was pretty damned dangerous herself. Hers was the first kill of the entire series. in reply to juliebenz #
  • apparently Denver is having Portland’s weather, and vice-versa. #
  • Who’s afraid of Silvio Berlusconi? | open Democracy News Analysis http://bit.ly/f9VD9 #
  • See comments: http://bit.ly/153ckc – I begin to wonder if poor English teaching in Italy is yet another semi-planned form of oppression #
  • What’s really sad in this article http://bit.ly/153ckc are the comments by Italians – begging to be invaded and liberated! #
  • not having a good night here. #
  • How to decide how much to reveal about yourself | Penelope Trunk’s Brazen Careerist http://bit.ly/18VKws – okay, now I understand. Whoa. #
  • “… the Globe and Mail compares Italy to “a military regime,” while the Economist likens it to Colombia. ” http://bit.ly/dsUfc #
  • @davewiner I LOVED Hypercard, have several times sought and failed to find a replacement. in reply to davewiner #
  • @Roam2Rome – there is lots to compliment in Italy, but the waste (of human capital and everything else) is appalling. in reply to Roam2Rome #
  • my video kit has just come back from Australia, with the remaining tapes. 4 more hours of Brendan? didn’t know he talked that much #
  • RT @DeirdreS: New blog post: Who’s a Guy? http://bit.ly/3FgNIU @jonobacon – you’ll enjoy the irony here #
  • @jonobacon it usually does… in reply to jonobacon #
  • trying to figure out what to do for vacation with Enrico, exploring the USA. Suggestions welcome, starting from CO, no planes! #
  • @markingegno I’m married to a nice, smart Italian mathematician! in reply to markingegno #
  • @thepartycow re “How are you?” , it’s funny how people freak out if you give anything other than the expected “Oh, fine” answer. in reply to thepartycow #
  • @plasticbagUK I first ran across you years ago when I found your UI design for collaborative TV watching. Guess I follow you out of habit. in reply to plasticbagUK #
  • Microsoft @saraford and Sun @bubbva Guitar Heroes at OSCON 2009 Exhibit Hall. http://bit.ly/vFaxy #
  • This is why Sun gives away so many t-shirts http://bit.ly/3qzxfc #
  • RT @chrisfaron: Watching: YouTube – #Twitter Cops lol.. ( http://bit.ly/ajAPj ) – HUGE LOL, thanks! #
  • @ben I realized upon looking at the schedule that there’s 1.25 hours of DTrace alone – I wasn’t there that day, had gone to CA for OSCON in reply to ben #
  • @adambusch you men do have curious ways of bonding in reply to adambusch #
  • going to film FROSUG tonight – students presenting on how to do an installer during a 6 week internship #
  • @Slowfinger quando Ferrara sara’ in grado di diventare incinto (oppore renderlo qualcuno), la sua opinione in merito mi potrebbe interessare in reply to Slowfinger #
  • want to do something very, very cool this weekend? Project Bandaloop: Workshop Aug. 1-5th http://bit.ly/11wSt7 #
  • okay, not streaming FROSUG because UStream crashes both Firefox and Safari. WTF? #
  • I enjoy hearing from people who are clearly reading my (Sun) blog and asking for help with video. #
  • OTOH, ?s from my personal site like “How much money do I need for a week in Italy?” are getting old. #
  • @italylogue weird sort of spam. Are you sure it’s not just one confused individual trying to get help? in reply to italylogue #
  • one highlight of this weekend’s Woodstock School reunion: t-shirts saying “Om Schooled” #
  • @saraford unattractive? Something wrong with their eyes? Or is it the scary fact that you could kick their butts? ; ) in reply to saraford #
  • @llcrowe I was the source. We tried it on a different Mac and it still crashed. in reply to llcrowe #
  • @italylogue Weird way to fill a site, but whatever… in reply to italylogue #
  • @llcrowe Clay has seen this with changes to Flash – UStream may not test on Macs as quickly as on Windows (it worked on a Lenovo) in reply to llcrowe #
  • RT @jeffhuber: Happy SysAdminDay. “Thank you for all that you do to keep Corp America and the Internets flowing.” Amen to that! #
  • @debworks how are they handling the “didn’t want to go to church” part? in reply to debworks #
  • finally upgraded my iPhone, in hopes of curing a “calls don’t ring” problem #
  • @BeckyKnightly you are spamming up the wrong tree – I’m a married atheist, and heaven forbid Christians should date each other! ; ) in reply to BeckyKnightly #
  • @debworks I don’t think this is going to make him like church any better in reply to debworks #
  • @Shamu gee, I wish I was a celebrity so I could meet the stars at SeaWorld in reply to Shamu #
  • taking it easy this morning – coffee in bed, finishing a blog post, snarking on Twitter #
  • @jeffreytaylor “doom porn” – love it! Exactly captures what I’ve been feeling about media coverage of “the current crisis” in reply to jeffreytaylor #
  • Countries Beginning with I » Woodstockers Afloat: Class of ‘79 Reunion http://bit.ly/2qE9jR #
  • oh, it’s lunchtime. That would explain why I’m ravenous. #
  • editing video of a beatnik engineer… puppet #
  • @ajkeen why shouldn’t a girl want to be a geek? in reply to ajkeen #
  • @Slowfinger credo di essere su FF, ma non ho ancora capito come utilizzarlo in reply to Slowfinger #
  • I go thru cycles of repeating meals I like. Right now it’s Indian-style omelets (with onions and cilantro), served Indian style on a bun. #
  • @nonstick dead easy, too. Fry onions til soft (brown if you prefer) in a little butter, add beaten eggs + a little milk, add fresh cilantro in reply to nonstick #
  • @nonstick finely chopped hot green pepper if you like as well. Make the omlette thin; when cooked, fold into quarters and put on toasted bun in reply to nonstick #
  • @nonstick nb – good with ketchup. in reply to nonstick #
  • @Smokeeater37 the Indians I’ve seen eating them are usually sitting on chairs in a tea shop. Best served with sweet, milky tea. in reply to Smokeeater37 #
  • pool party today with people who torture fruit flies for a living (CU bio lab). Want to make a summer pasta, can’t find little mozzarella #
  • Sexist bosses in Italy could face jail: http://bit.ly/fj9Zy – prob w/maternity policy is cos. then don’t hire fertile married women #
  • RU-486 made legal in Italy – but will it really be possible to get it? based on previous experience… http://bit.ly/8N7U9 #
  • RT @ringae: Not your father’s javascript: http://bit.ly/mQT5N – funny! #
  • I really shouldn’t start the weekend reading news about Italy. That just raises my blood pressure. #
  • planning some actual vacation, starting soon – yay! I adore my job, but admit to being a little burned out right at the moment. #
  • RT @Britopian: Companies want applicants with social-media skills – Atlanta Journal Constitution http://bit.ly/sCvVe <raising hand> #
  • did find the mozz – why is cheese in 4 different parts of my local supermarket? grape tomatoes marinated in olive oil, salt & pepper #
  • tomatoes added to fresh-cooked fusilli, will put fresh basil and mozz in closer to eating time. Also bringing fresh peaches in Merlot #
  • reminiscences about last weekend’s reunion include: “I always tell people that when I think of home I think of Mussorie.” True for so many. #
  • @dave_enz LOL! Didn’t mean to catch you out that way. in reply to dave_enz #
  • the peaches in Merlot were a big hit with the 6-year-old. I DID warn his parents. #
  • the kid’s name is Logan, apparently popular these days. His parents had not figured out the Wolverine/Hugh Jackman reason for this. #
  • @reiger up to @macsun Mark, I believe. Out of my hands, I’m afraid. in reply to reiger #
  • tsk, tsk – these Aussies are so disrespectful
    http://bit.ly/T1enY #
  • cool things Woodstockers are doing: Necessary Angels — National Geographic Magazine http://bit.ly/wkdE5 (Shobha Arole) #
  • Cool things Woodstockers are doing: Joe Pilaar – Bhutan Adventure Guide – National Geographic Adventure Magazine http://bit.ly/HYsen #
  • cool things Woodstockers are doing: YouTube – project bandaloop http://bit.ly/6a5ZF #
  • cool things Woodstockers are doing: Chris Anderson shares his vision for TED | Video on TED.com http://bit.ly/JiYa #
  • @bklein34 I always want to go /back/ to India. <wistfully> in reply to bklein34 #
  • the relaxing Italian vacation starts with a 30 km traffic jam on a beach-going highway http://bit.ly/7rGII – what’s Italian for “lemming”? #
  • a man living apart from his wife is pitied and invited to dinners. a woman living apart from her husband eats a lot of meals alone. #

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The Classic Indian Bun Omelette

This one includes tomatoes and probably green chilis, and was served on a bun with funky pink and green candied fruit.


  1. fry onions in butter until soft (or brown, if you like)
  2. fry tomatoes too, if you’re using them
  3. add eggs lightly beaten with a little milk
  4. add green chilis (chopped into small rounds) and fresh cilantro/coriander
  5. flip to cook the other side
  6. when cooked, fold in half and serve alongside bun as shown above or (better) fold into quarters and serve ON bun. Bun should be toasted in the same pan so it gets nice and greasy.
  7. Have sweet, milky tea with it.

Above omelette courtesy of Mussoorie’s Tip Top Tea Shop at Char Dukan:

Tip Top Tea Shop

In case you’re wondering: cheese noodles is Ramen or Wai Wai noodles with cheese stirred in so it melts while the broth is good and hot.